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Computer applications.
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Computer applications.


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. “APPLICATION OF COMPUTERIN VARIOUS FIELDS”Created by:- Ms. Priyanka RastogiDepartment of IT
  • 2. Use of computer in different fields Education. Banking Sector Medical. Embedded System Computer AidedDesigning Computer aidedManufacturing. Business E-commerce Defence. Simulators Tourism Engineering andRobotics. Entertainment. Communication Space programsCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 3. EDUCATION Higher education Online education Self-Learning at your own pace. Interactive so increaseunderstanding. Faculty usage increase by videoconferencing. Library:- no need to buy everybook if it is available online. Youcan get plenty of information onthe same subject. Used to generate reports anddocuments. Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 4. BANKING SECTORTransaction fromATMs.Internet bankingBank provides 24×7online services.Maintaining and storingthe record instead ofmanual record.Centralized BankingCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 5. MEDICAL Research :-Used in differentpharmaceutical companies and innew inventions related tomedicine. Hospitals :-Mainly computer isused for keeping the -record ofpatients.-Inventory of medicines.-Surgeries. Online Medical AssistanceCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 6. MEDICALDiagnosis :--CT scan.-Ultra-sound.-Blood test.-Electro-cardio gram.Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 7. Embedded systemsDEVICESCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 8. Computer Aided DesigningCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 9. Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 10. BUSINESS Stock Markets:- Up to dateand immediate information aboutfluctuation in prices. MARKETING :- Computer ismainly used for sales promotion,e.g.-Designing of advertisements.-Internet marketing (e-marketing).-Comparing the sales figure.Studying the demand graph.Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 11. Business……. Human Resource:- Computer is used inkeeping the records of all the employees.Recruitment and Selection. FINANCE :--Helps in making the financial statement.-Comparing the financial statement of twoyear.Preparing the “BUDGETS”.- Electronic fund transfer.Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 12. E-commerce - M-commerce Buying and selling through internet . 24X7 available Large variety Low cost Global marketCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 13. SimulatorsSpace SimulatorsCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 14. Tourism Railways,Airline :- Computerizedreservation and cancellation is done,Schedule, Availability and fare,Position of the train/Aircraft. Transportation. Hotel Booking Places to be visited, when and how.Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 15.  All the fighter planes, Aircraft,submarines are equipped with computersystem for targeting and navigation. With the help of computer only,“PREDATOR” an unmanned fighter can becontrolled. Autopilot mode Gentle men uses computerized “ROBOT” inthe battle field.DEFENCE( Airforce, Navy, Army)Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 16. ENGINEERING AND ROBOTICS Software. Design of buildings and maps. Designing VLSI chip and many more. Robotics research.Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 17. ENTERTAINMENT Music/Videos Games Movies Net Surfing Reading (E- News paperstories,thesis etc…) Live TV (Cricket match, serials,news channels, discovery etc…)Created by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 18. CommunicationInternet callingVideo conferencingE-mailChattingSocial NetworkingwebsitesCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 19. Space programsCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi
  • 20. THANK YOUCreated by:- Ms. Priyanka Rastogi