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Its a collection of some important data on mobile penetration across the globe. How indian mobile users preferences are changing towards smartphones

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  • Mobile Age

    1. 1. There Are Nearly 7 Billion Mobile Subscriptions worldwide Source: International Telecom Union
    2. 2. That’s Equivalent To 95% Population Of The World Source: International Telecom Union
    3. 3. On Average People Check Their Mobile Phones Atleast 150 Times In A Day Source: International Telecom Union
    4. 4. Asia Pacific region will remain the world's fastest growing mobile phone markets and is expected have 2.4 billion unique subscribers by 2020 Growing 5.5% annually, with the main markets being China, India, Japan and Indonesia The region's mobile subscriber base accounted for half of the world's, which stood at 3.4 billion unique mobile subscribers at the end of 2013 Source: GSMA STUDY
    5. 5. India Has Second Largest Mobile User Base In The World Source: Informa Telecoms & Media
    6. 6. India Has 904.1 Million Mobile Connections Source: TRAI 2014 Data
    7. 7. 58.9% Subscribers Are In Urban India Source: TRAI 2014 Data
    8. 8. 41.10% Subscribers Are In Rural India Source: TRAI 2014 Data
    9. 9. 0 100 200 300 Delhi Tamil Nadu Punjab Himachal Pradesh Kerala Karnataka Maharashtra Gujarat State With High Teledensity Delhi Has The Highest Tele-density In Indian States Source: TRAI 2014 Data
    10. 10. 0 50 100 Bihar Assam Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Odisha State With Low Teledensity Bihar Has The Lowest Tele-density In Indian States Source: TRAI 2014 Data
    11. 11. Smartphone sales showed strong growth worldwide with 1 billion sold in 2013 Source: Gartner Report
    12. 12. In 2013, 78.6 percent of Smartphones sold, shipped with Google’s free Android OS. That is more than five times the number shipped with Apple’s iOS (15.2 percent) Source: IDC Report
    13. 13. Overall Indian mobile handsets shipments in Q1, 2014 touch 58.9M units The smartphone shipments crosses the 14.5 million units Source:
    14. 14. •Internet User Base In Our Country Is Projected To Touch 243 Million by June 2014 •IAMAI Expects Mobile Internet User To Touch 205 Million by June 2014 •Urban Internet Mobile Users Are Pegged At 85 Million Users Source: IAMAI Report
    15. 15. Factors Contributing To Growth Of Mobile Internet Progress and advancements in ICTs impact on speeds and capacity. Wireless technology y and mobile broadband revolutionize the way in which consumers access the Internet People under the age of 30 are the most technologically savvy, and their demands shape internet development itself. Rich Internet content is most popular and increasingly consumers are going online to network, shop, engage and inform themselves. Adult literacy rates still impact on the Internet usage. The number of Internet users in many emerging countries will rise alongside with economic growth. Source: ETC-Digital Study
    16. 16. Mobile User Demographic As per demographic study in 2013 by Unicef 1 in 5 women own a mobile phone while 1 in 3 men own a mobile phone On an average house hold income of mobile user household is 2.3 times more than the non mobile user household As per Nielsen report 2013 almost half of the mobile users in India are below age of 25 Source: Nielsen & UNICEF 2013
    17. 17. Mobile Internet Consumption 85 Million Urban 25 Million Rural Total Mobile Internet Users 110 Million Source: IAMAI Study
    18. 18. People Using Mobile Internet 45% For Text Messaging 26% For Social Networking 15% For Web Browsing 13% For Application Source: IAMAI Study
    19. 19. Most Popular Content Surfed On Mobile Firstly news media content is increasingly consumed online The prevalence of shopping websites and portals drives the trend towards online shopping Source: IAMAI Study
    20. 20. Smartphone Demographics 2013 huge surge in Smartphone users India Smartphone have 20% penetration among males in under 18 age group as compared to women 11% Source: Nielsen Informate Mobile Insight
    21. 21. Smartphone User Preference Indian love music apps and spend 8 mins on an average on music apps Source:
    22. 22. Smartphone User Preference Indian Smartphone users spent a total of 33 minutes on entertainment daily in 2013, out of which 23 minutes (or 69 per cent) was spent on multimedia Source:
    23. 23. Smartphone User Preference What’s app is the most popular app followed by Facebook In 2013 Source:
    24. 24. Mobile Phone Handset Ranking In Metros Samsung the most preferred handset in Mumbai and Chennai Source: Nielsen India Consumer Ranking
    25. 25. Government Using Mobile • M-Education • M-Health • M-Information Source: Unicef –Mobile Social Study
    26. 26. Mobile For Education Mobile for Education: Project Lets go to school by Radio Namaskar Location Konark Odisha • Program for getting school drop out especially girls to school through a radio program and a dedicated mobile number for listeners to get help. • 9040904904 special number was spread through radio • Radio team also started sending SMS to village Panchyat members and women self help group leaders • The interaction on the special number was made part of the on-air radio show Other Projects • The IVRS based daily meal monitoring system in UP • BridgeIT India project powered by Nokia in Chennai • Mother and child health education in Maharashtra Source: Unicef –Mobile Social Study
    27. 27. Mobile For Health Mobile for Health: Project E-Mamta –Mother & Child Tracking System by State Rural Health Mission –Gujarat • Mother & Child Tracking system designed to manage and help women to take care of newly born. To bring down the Infant motility rate. • The application is supported by mobile SMS system which provides timely valuable information. Other Projects • Maternal health care services in Kanpur • Nokia-Arogyam Diabetes-Nation wide • Mobile Kunji By BBC -Bihar Source: Unicef –Mobile Social Study
    28. 28. Mobile For Information Mobile for Information: Project Sakhi a women helpline in Kutch. • Helpline that engages at 3 levels, listening to there problems & counseling, refer them to nearest counseling center, facilitate caller to engage for legal counseling and filling FIR • Project uses mobile applications like portals, voice sms and conference call facility Other Projects • Kisan Samachar-Interactive platform for farmers –Rohtak Haryana • Nano Ganesh –Farmer oriented irrigation alert system-Pune Source: Unicef –Mobile Social Study
    29. 29. Mobile Brand Campaign Brands are engaging with customers through various modes of engagement with mobile being the driving the campaigns. •Miss call Campaigns •Interactive IVRS Campaigns •Out bound Calls to consumer base •Mobile Coupons • Mobile Contest
    30. 30. Mobile Brand Campaigns Hindustan Unilever's Kan Khajura Tesan Axe Boat Party Red Label Tea Meet Sonakshi Maggie Guess The Taste Indian Mobile Campaigns in recent time
    31. 31. Mobile And Social Media •Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in India stood at 93 million at the end of December 2013, of which 75 million logged in through their mobile phones. •2H-36M is the average time users spend on mobile internet •57% of mobile users are engaged in social media apps •12% of Smartphone users watch video content every day Source: Avendas Report 2013
    32. 32. Smartphone & Mobile Content Consumption 49% Watch Video Clips 50% Watch UGC On Youtube 21% Watch Live Content 14% Full Length Movies Source: Avendas Report 2013
    33. 33. Mobile Shopping Trend 32%Consumer use mobile to browse or research Products once a month 15%Consumer complete transactions using mobile device 50%Transactions lead to purchases Source: Avendas Report 2013
    34. 34. Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014 •Personalized Messaging : With advent of Apple iBeacon the mobile opportunity to target customer with personalized offer which fit their immediate demand will take lead •Location Based Marketing: Targeting customers with relevant offers according to their location will make mobile marketing more relevant. •Narrowcasting: Targeting fewer customer who are most likely to benefit out of the offer, instead of targeting a huge size of consumer base. Source: CIO Mobile Study
    35. 35. Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014 •Rich Media Messaging : The RMM is growing at 40% Y-O-Y as it adapts to specific device receiving the message . RMM also delivers exact demographics information which can be used for further marketing purpose. •Even Shorter Content: Shorter content is attracting consumers, Vine a video looping app with maximum time of 6 second or Snap chat where photo lasts only a day are becoming a rage with Youth •Gamification of Mobile Ads: People like competitive content and many mobile apps and brewers will use gamification as a hook to engage customers to their ads Source: CIO Mobile Study
    36. 36. Created By: Priyanka Arora Feedback: Thanks