promotional programs launched by Tanishq in the last one year


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This report includes all the new advertising and promotional programs launched by Tanishq in the last one year.

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promotional programs launched by Tanishq in the last one year

  1. 1. Properties : Tanishq Tanishq A leading retail jewellery brand from the house of the Tata Group This report includes all the new advertising and promotional programs launched by Tanishq in the last one year.Submitted to: Submitted by:Dr. Anil Gupta Priyanka Sharma Roll no: 38 MBA-102
  2. 2. Properties : Tanishq1. Fashion show organized by Tanishq in Patna to unveil their Gangacollection, inspired by the Ganges. Brand manager of the company, SanovarManar explained the reason for adopting the theme as Ganga.News source: Sat, 7 Jul „12, The Indian Express.2. Aimed at the teenagers in the country, Tanishq has launched a collection ofaffordable diamond jewellery with prices starting from Rs 499. Targeting theworking women, the company has launched Mia, a collection with prices startingfrom Rs 5,000.News source: Kochi, DNA3. Tanishq announces diamond activation offer, consumers no longer have towait for a special occasion to buy jewellery.Giving customers “the freedom of choice along with value”, between July 29 andAugust 26, at all Tanishq stores across the country, customers can avail a discountof up to 20 per cent on all Tanishq diamond jewellery and flat 20 per cent off onpurchase of diamond jewellery worth Rs 2Lakh and above.News source: Srinagar, July 26 ‟12, GK NEWS NETWORK4.1st Anniversary Celebrations at TANISHQ Jammu, Invitation to Anuttramembers:Come be a part of the celebrations: Get a Gold Coin FREE on Every Purchase*from 28th to 30th (Thursday/Friday & Saturday) June 2012.At the time of billing please present a copy of this mailer to get a specialSilverware gift from us.Best Wishes, TEAM TANISHQ, JammuSource: mailer5. Tanishq introduces the Golden Harvest scheme: Buying happiness ininstallments. Under the golden harvest scheme; you can buy for more than whatyou pay because Tanishq will add a special benefit at the end of the scheme. Underthe scheme, a member is required to pay a monthly installment of a minimum ofRs.500 or in multiples thereof for 11 months with one installment free at the end ofthe scheme period.News source: Tuesday, Jul 17‟12, 8:42,.By Khushboo Motihar | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA6. Tanishq launches Taj Collection: Tanishq jewellery brand has launched anexquisite range of jewellery „Taj Collection. Inspired by the sculptural beauty ofthe Taj Mahal in Agra,a total of 110 pieces are available in the collection, allMBA-102
  3. 3. Properties : Tanishqreminiscent of the Taj Mahal in one way or the other, be it in the curvature, or inthe engravings.News Source: The Hindu, Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad7. ‘Free gold coin offer’ by Tanishq : Tanishq has announced „free gold coinoffer‟ campaign, this novel offer entitles customers to gain a half gram gold coinfree on their purchase of every 15 gms of plain gold jewellery or studded jewelleryworth Rs 15,000 and above.News Source: July 15, Deccan HERALD, Mangalore.8. Tanishq launches new range of diamonds: Tanishq has come up with an„affordable alternative, for common man,priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000News Source: Srinagar, Apr 3‟12, GK NEWS NETWORK.9. Tanishq celebrates 11 yrs in Srinagar launches special offer: Celebrating 11years of its retail operations in Srinagar, Tanishq announced a special anniversaryoffer of a gold coin free on every purchase of 8-gram gold jewellery or Rs 8,000worth diamond jeweller. The offer is valid from June 18 to 20 in Srinagar.News Source: Srinagar, June 17, GK NEWS NETWORK.10. Lowe Lintas launches new TVC for Tanishq: The 75 seconds TVC depicts astory between a bride-to-be and her friend. During her sangeet it starts rainingthereby potentially ruining the day. Seeing her friend in distress, the lead goes outof her way and turns this rain spoiled event into a merriment filled rain danceparty. The film ends with the bride and her friend exchanging glances with theformer acknowledging her friends generous act.News Source : Mumbai, 3 January 2012 ,8:54 pm, ,Indiantelevision.coms Media, Advertising,Marketing Watch.11. Tanishq taps demand with promotions on Akshaya Tritiya:Offers a freegold coin on every purchase :Akshaya Tritiya is an Indian festival celebrated onApril 24, 2012. The promotion is being activated between 13th April to 24th April2012 across all Tanishq stores in the country.12. Tanishq launches its ‘Golden Wedding Offer’: The brand is offeringdiscounts on diamond and gold jewellery collections. Consumers can avail of adiscount of up to 20 percent on the making a charge of gold jewellery , from June15 to June 30 „12.News Source: Jun 16‟12, 12:43 pm, Diamond World news Services.13. Tanishq launches Rs 999/- worth diamond jewellery collection on theoccasion of Valentine’s Day. All the product pieces of this collection are designedMBA-102
  4. 4. Properties : Tanishqkeeping the valentines theme in mind .Valid from Feb. 12 to Feb. 14.News Source: Feb 11,2011 ,The Indian Express.14. Amitabh Bachchan Launches New Tanishq Store: Inauguration of newTanishq Jewellery Store in Andheri by its brand ambassador and screen iconAmitabh Bachchan .News Source: 28 April‟12, web.15. Tanishq launches Gold Exchange Offer :Buyers can exchange their goldjewellery/coins for Tanishq jewellery and have the options of selecting jewelleryfrom Tanishq‟s latest collections and a wide range of local designs in jewellery.Buyers also have the opportunity to gain 1 extra karat on buying gold jewelleryand 2 karat extra on buying diamond jewellery. NewsSource: Jun 10‟ 2011, 3:56PM, Diamond World News Service.16. Tanishq launches ‘New Tales of Tradition’ campaign: It highlights theprogressiveness of the Indian woman who is very strongly connected to her rootsand yet knows how to express her individuality. The television commercialshowcases on one of many such instances in the Indian woman‟s life..News source: Company Release, October 4‟11, NEW DELHI17. Tanishq Golden Harvest Jewellery Purchase Scheme Lucky Draw held: Itwas attended by all the customers who had been invited to be a part of the event.The prizes which were up for grabs included a Sony LCD TV, Refrigerator,Microwave, and others electronic appliances.. Tanishq has decided to do another ofthese lucky draws in the month of September and increase the number of prizesand will also be giving out gifts on all Golden Harvest enrolments for the nextthree months.News Source: Friday, 08 06 2012 09:24, GK News Network.18. Tanishq targets daughters of marriageable age in new campaignConceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the TVC breaks out on 8th August, with theIndia International Jewellery Week (IIJW), taking place currently. Based on the ideaof “Father not in debt”, the commercial is targeted at young working womenprofessionals of today, that like to share the burden of their marriage cost alongwith their father.The prime objective of the campaign is directed to get moreenrolments into – Golden Harvest scheme GHS scheme of the company.News Source: Neha Saraiya | Delhi | August 4, 201119. Amitabh, Jaya signed by Tanishq as brand ambassadors:The companyrecently rolled out its first TVC featuring the couple created by Lowe Lintas.MBA-102
  5. 5. Properties : TanishqSandeep Kulhali, vice president, Tanishq said, “It is indeed an honour for ourbrand to associate with Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan,we needed someone whowould reflect the brand‟s stature and standing, someone who would connect withpeople across a wide spectrum.News source: Fri May 06 2011, 17:16 hrsEvents older than one year:20. Tanishq launches - The smallest Bhagwad Gita:Riding on continuousproduct innovation in design Tanishq now launches the smallest Bhagwad Gita!Worlds Smallest Bhagwad Gita entire 18 chapters of Gita inscribed on a 1cm sq.24-karat gold Pendant.News source: Buzz Reporters , Tue 21 Apr, 200921. Giving that filmy glint to Tanishq jewellery collection: A range of jewelleryTanishq-Paheli collection has been introduced, using the film Paheli, leadcharacters played by Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee as a platform.Jewellery from this collection is actually worn by Rani Mukherjee in the movie.Tanishq contest on Star Plus. In this film, the protagonists from various K-seriesserials are shown wearing Tanishq jewellery and the voice-over also havereferences to the Tanishq brand. The lead female character from the soaps likeKumkum, Bhabhi and Kasauti Zindagi Kii present it. Viewers could SMS answersasked through the contest to a number or log onto the Star website to enter thecontest.25 lucky winners will be selected and will be given exclusive Tanishqjewellery set worth Rs 50,000 each.Published: Wednesday, Jul 12, 2006, 17:43 ISTMBA-102