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Grenade Launcher
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  • Rifle grenade warheads can be projected from a rifle to a much greater distance than typical grenade launcher rounds. A rifle grenade can carry a larger, heavier payload a greater distance than a hand-thrown grenade. A rifle grenade is more accurate than a hand-thrown grenade, and is much more accurate when used against distant targets. A rifle grenade has the advantage of detonating upon impact, as compared to a hand-thrown grenade which commonly uses a timed detonation. Offsetting these strengths are the heavier weight and bulk of rifle grenades compared to most hand grenades, combined with very high levels of recoil. In comparison to a dedicated grenade launcher , the rifle grenade has four advantages


  • 1.
    • Hand grenade
    • Mortar
    • Rifle grenade
    • Rocket propelled grenade
    • Smoke grenade
    • Recoilless rifle
    • DEFINITION:A hand grenade is an anti-personnel weapon that explodes a short time after release.
  • 4. HISTORY
    • The first grenades appeared in the Byzantine Empire , not long after the reign of Leo III (717-741). [2] Byzantine soldiers learned that Greek fire .
  • 5. Characteristics
    • Hand grenades have five characteristics:
    • Their employment range is short.
    • Their effective kill radius is small, roughly 5 meters.
    • Their effective casualty radius is large. Approximately 15 meters.
    • Their delay element permits safe throwing;
    • Their hard shell enables grenades to ricochet off hard surfaces, like walls, before detonating.
    • Hand grenades have:
    • A body containing filler.
    • A filler, the chemical or explosive for fragmentation.
    • A fuse causing the grenade to explode by ignition or detonation.
  • 6. Mortar (weapon)
    • A mortar is a muzzle-loading indirect fire weapon that fires shells at low velocities, short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories. It typically has a barrel length less than 15 times its caliber .
  • 7. History
    • Mortars have existed for hundreds of years, first seeing use in siege warfare. However, the early incarnations of these weapons such as the Pumhart von Steyr were large and heavy, and could not be easily transported. Simply made, these weapons were no more than iron bowls reminiscent of the kitchen and apothecary mortars from where they drew their name.
    • An early transportable mortar was invented by Baron Menno van Coehoorn (Siege of Grave, 1673 [3] ). Coehorn-type mortars of approximately 180 pounds (82 kg) weight were used by both sides during the American Civil War .
  • 8. Cntd…
  • 9. 120 mm MORTAR
  • 10. Functions Of Mortar
    • A mortar is relatively simple and easy to operate
    • A modern mortar consists of a tube into which gunners drop a shell.
    • A mortar can also be a launcher for fireworks , a hand-held or vehicle-mounted projector for smoke shells or flares, or a large grenade launcher .
    • Light and medium mortars are portable, and usually used by infantry units .
    • Heavy mortars are typically between 120- and 300-mm caliber.
    • A mortar can be carried by one or more men
    • DEFINITION:A grenade launcher is a weapon that launches a grenade to greater distances, more accurately, and faster than a soldier could throw by hand. Man-portable grenade launchers can either come in the form of a standalone weapon (either single-shot or repeating weapons), or mounted under the barrel of a rifle . Alternatively, many rifles have been designed to fire rifle grenades from their muzzle.
    • Most grenade launchers are man-portable, shoulder-fired weapons, usually mounted on a rifle such as the AK-47 or M16 .
    • These are almost always single shot, manually reloaded weapons firing 30–40 millimeter caliber grenades which rarely resemble hand grenades, but look more like miniature artillery shells .
    • The most standard grenade round today is the 40mm grenade, which has a wide variety of applications in man-portable and vehicle mounted weapons systems .
  • 13. A 25mm automatic grenade machine gun
  • 14. The M203 (in left hand), a modern grenade launcher
  • 15. Cntd….
    • The M203 and GP-30 , which mount to service rifles .
    • Another type of man-portable grenade launcher is the M32 'six shooter' grenade launcher and its cousins.
  • 16. Cntd…
    • Multi Shot Grenade Launcher, or MSGL. Automatic launchers include the Mk 19 , AGS-17 , and the HK GMG .
  • 17. Cntd…
    • The XM25 .
    • the XM307 ACSW automatic grenade launcher.
  • 18. .50 BMG
    • capable of being set to explode at a certain distance from launch or at a certain height above the ground. This gives the ability to hit targets inside of rooms or behind hard cover that would normally not be reachable by small arms fire.
  • 19. Rocket-propelled grenade
    • A rocket-propelled grenade (also known as RPG or Rocket Launcher) is any hand-held, shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon capable of firing an unguided rocket equipped with an explosive warhead.
    • RPGs are very effective against unarmored or lightly armored vehicles such as armored personnel carriers (APCs).
  • 20. History
    • The RPG has its roots in the 19th century, with the early development of the explosive shaped charge . The development of practical rocketry provided a means of delivering such an explosive. Research, occasioned by World War II, produced such weapons as the famous American bazooka , and German Panzerfaust , which combined portability with effectiveness against armoured vehicles such as tanks.
    • The Soviet Union -developed RPG-7 is the most widely distributed and used RPG in the world.
  • 21. Cntd…
  • 22. Smoke grenade
    • Smoke grenades are canister-type grenades used as ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling devices, target or landing zone marking devices, or a screening devices for unit movements. Smoke grenades are normally considered non lethal , although incorrect use may cause injury or fatality .
  • 23. Cntd…
    • Smoke grenades should not be confused with smoke bombs , which are typically started with an external fuse rather than a pin. Smoke grenades often cost much more at around $40 USD compared to smoke bombs, which can often cost just a few cents. Smoke grenades generally emit a far larger amount of smoke than smoke bombs that are sold as fireworks .
    • Smoke grenades are sometimes used in paintball or airsoft events, though these are not necessarily of military grade. Some devices utilised for the purpose of generating concealing smoke are high-volume smoke candles .
  • 24. Cntd..
  • 25. Recoilless rifle
    • A recoilless gun or recoilless rifle (RCLR) is a lightweight weapon that fires a heavier projectile than would be practical to fire from a recoiling weapon of comparable size. Technically, only devices that use a rifled barrel are recoilless rifles [ citation needed ]. Smoothbore variants are recoilless guns . This distinction is often lost, and both are often called recoilless rifles.
  • 26. Cntd…
  • 27. HISTORY
    • The first recoilless gun was developed by Commander Cleland Davis of the US Navy , just prior to the First World War . His design connected two guns back to back, with the backwards-facing gun loaded with lead balls and grease of the same weight as the shell in the other gun. His idea was used experimentally by the British as an anti- Zeppelin and anti- submarine weapon mounted on an Handley Page O/100 bomber and intended to be installed on other aircraft.
  • 28. Cntd…
  • 29. THANK YOU