Social Networks: Hype Vs Reality

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A brief introduction to Social Networks, their history, a reality check about the so called Bubble 2.0 and some ongoing trends

A brief introduction to Social Networks, their history, a reality check about the so called Bubble 2.0 and some ongoing trends

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  • 1. Social Networks: Hype vs Reality Piero Rivizzigno
  • 2. Social Networks Defined • Web-based services that allow individual to: – Define public or semi-public profile – Articulate a list other users with whom the share the connection – View and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system source: danah boyd
  • 3. Some Reality Check source: mary meeker,
  • 4. Bubble vs Boom Bubble vs Boom The 2000 bubble was driven by IPOs Today the cost for running an Internet company is less than 1/10 compared with 2000 Online Advertising, e-Commerce and Brodband usage are steadily increasingover the last 6 years
  • 5. SNs: Hyped but Not so New source: danah boyd
  • 6. Wired and the Hype Mashu-up Generator
  • 7. Personal Self-Interest Precedes Network or Social Value
  • 8. Money in the “click economy” is made by access to Communities
  • 9. Some Conversations are Going On Platform vs Applications White Label Social Networking vs Custom Solution Open Graph vs Walled Garden SNs Ego-Centric vs Social Object SNs
  • 10. Platform vs Application Most of times platforms win in the proprietary world Innovators and Entrepenuers in the long run strikeback
  • 11. Open Graph vs Walled Garden Who owns the data of the Social Graph ? How do I port my social graph data across different SNs? One Social Graph or Multiple Social Graph?
  • 12. Ego-Centric vs Social Object Photo Video … Self-expression Communication
  • 13. White Label vs Custom Solution Complex effort Expensive Full blown capabilities Simple to Start Very cheap Constraints on customization
  • 14. The Hype Risk is Always There
  • 15. CREDITS PHOTOS IDEAS chris anderson 384/in/set-72157594281373515/ danah boyd 158808736/ stowe boyd 2/in/photostream/ jiry engestrom 286/ reid hoffman 8740/ joshua porter 51902264/ david recordon cars/50789396/ cristine wodtke 8955/