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Influence Search Engine Ranking
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Influence Search Engine Ranking


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Learn to influence search engine ranking to get best visibility for targeted keywords by avoid bad practices.

Learn to influence search engine ranking to get best visibility for targeted keywords by avoid bad practices.

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Influence Search Engine Ranking
  • 2. Index Website Optimization. Improve Google Indexing Improve Search Engine Visibility Track Keywords Ranking Aviod Bad Practices
  • 3. Website Optimization On-Page Optimization Website Content Off-Page Optimization Submissions Blog Submission URL Structure Internal Linking Keyword Research Keywords Optimization Header Tags Profile Creation Pinterest Promoting Backlink Forum Posting Video Promotion Local Listing
  • 4. Improve Google Indexing • Verify website with Google Webmaster Tool. • Blog Posting: Posting related blogs with attractive images on site will help to improve google indexing, as it gives fresh content to Google Crawler. • Create a XML sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tool. • Generate Links from high PR sites linking to your site. This way we are generating links from trusted sites. Internal links: linking to other pages from relevant content or specific keywords is also considered as good SEO practise.
  • 5. • Remove unwanted URLs from getting indexed Google Webmaster Tool has option called “Remove URL”
  • 6. • Give unique title to all internal pages including home page, as Google crawler do read and target them while ranking. (with Titles, keywords can be targeted more effectively to improve ranking). • Unique description including keywords will help Google Crawler and Visitors to understand what is page all about.
  • 7. Improve Search Engine Visibility • Improve relevancy for targeted pages by adding keywords in page description. • Promote Internal Pages submitting on high PR(Page Rank) sites. • Help search engine/s to find your site by submitting xml sitemap to Google webmaster tool. • Create a site blog and submit relevant, unique and knowledgeable content.
  • 8. Track Keywords Ranking • Create a list of targeted keywords. • Keeping a record of ranking with their search ratio. • Create a separate monthly report listing searches for targeted keywords and update existing keyword list accordingly.
  • 9. Avoid Bad Practice • Stay away from keyword stuffing. • Avoid duplicate content, as Google considered them copied content and may penalize the site for this. • Flash based websites are difficult to crawl. • Don’t use reciprocal link method. Reciprocal link: exchanging links to increase page rank and keywords ranking.
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