132 kv gss jalore ppt


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132 kv gss jalore ppt

  1. 1. A Presentation on 132 KV G.S.S. By Pritam Solanki
  2. 2. Rajasthan Rajya Vidhut Prasaran Nigam Limited(RVPNL) • RVPNL is a company of Rajasthan State Electricity Board(RSEB) establised by gov. of Rajasthan.Aim of RVPNL is to provide reliable Xmission service to customers. 132 KV G.S.S.,Jalore is a part of RVPNL and power comes from SSTPS.
  3. 3. Components of a sub-station 1. Primary power lines 2. Ground wire 3. Overhead lines 4. Transformer for measurement of electric voltage 5. Disconnect switch 6. Circuit breaker 7. Current Transformer 8. Lightning arrester 9. Main Transformer 10. Control building 11. Security fence 12. Secondary power lines
  4. 4. Sequence of components
  5. 5. Lightning Arrester(L.A.) • Lightning arrester is a protective device which provides protection against high voltage surges. A lightning arrester has two terminals viz a high voltage terminal and a ground terminal.
  6. 6. Capacitive Voltage Transformer
  7. 7. Wave Trap (Line Trap)
  8. 8. Power Line Carrier Communication(PLCC) • PLCC for exchange of data and transfer of messages between substations, voice communication is necessary. For this purpose high frequency carrier current is transmitted over same transmission line on which power is transmitted. Hence this communication is called as power line carrier communication.
  9. 9. Isolator • It isolates the devices from live line when there is a maintenance. It operates when there is no load. It is also used to change bus bar line from main to reserve or vise versa.
  10. 10. Current Transformer(C.T.) • C.T. is used to measure high value of current. C.T.`s secondary is connected to relay to protect the system against overcurrent.
  11. 11. Circuit Breaker • Ckt breaker Today, two most popular ckt breakers are used in substation which are: Vaccum ckt breaker & SF6 ckt breaker. Oil and Air blast ckt breaker was used in earlier decades.
  12. 12. BUS BAR
  13. 13. Power Transformer
  14. 14. Mian Parts of Power Transformer
  15. 15. Protective Relays
  16. 16. Thank You
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