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Exec coaching-intro-generic

  1. 1. Think Talent Services Executive Coaching –broad framework March 2013 Mumbai 1Think Talent Services Confidential
  2. 2. Contents 1 Background and Objectives 2 NEWS Coaching Model 3 Some tools 4 Think Talent and NEWS 5 Our Customer’s View 2Think Talent Services Confidential
  3. 3. Background  Executive coaching is a key developmental intervention for senior executive and act as a catalyst in their own leadership journey  Senior executives benefit from 1-1, private interactions, where trust and relationship play a key role. Adult learning principles are used, which support the whole process. Senior executives also benefit from the personal focus and attention, as well as being able to chart out a development path owned by themselves  The process also allows senior executives to learn new development techniques and tools which can be use by them for developing their own second line.  Think Talent uses and promotes a globally tested coaching method (NEWS) which has been used across the globe and across several fortune 500 companies. Think Talent Services Confidential 3
  4. 4. Think Talent Services Confidential 4 Objectives of our coaching interventions  Broaden self understanding and horizon of senior executives  Work on and develop in specific identified areas of improving leadership maturity  Build a coaching culture to promote learnability and talent development  Help iron out behavioural elements which may be coming in the way of personal and professional growth * The exact developmental objectives would depend on specific individual needs post questionnaire analysis and 3 way meeting.
  5. 5. How the process works • The coaching model works on the principle of the NEWS framework(next slide) • The coach works with the coachee with the help of a web questionnaire to identify progress areas and challenges. Prior organization data and manager feedback is input into the process. • Development/Organisational goals set in a 3 way meeting between coach, coachee and manager, there could be different solutions/strategies/tools applied as illustrated in the 12 box matrix on slide no.14 • Examples of some tools and frameworks used for solutions are given in subsequent slides. • The coachee is provided a kit which has the different frameworks and solutions, and the coachee works with the coach on some of them depending on the actual needs. • The total no. of sessions planned for this intervention are in the range of 8-10 spread across 6-8 months Think Talent Services Confidential 5
  6. 6. NEWS - A globally tried and tested Development Framework HOW? How do you plan? How do you execute? WHY? What motivates you? What are your drivers? WHERE TO? Where are you going? What is your direction? What is your strategy? WHY NOT? What are your limiting beliefs, stoppers and difficulties? Think Talent Services Confidential 6
  7. 7. OrganizationalInterpersonalPersonal Strategic LinkTeam Leadership Personal Leadership Compatibility with the Organization Team MotivationSelf Motivation Organizational Execution Team Management Self Management EmpowermentTeam Development Personal Development The “12 Box” structured Solutions Think Talent Services Confidential 7
  8. 8. Uniqueness/ Specialty Passion/ Interest Contribution The “Greatness Model“ Core Competence Think Talent Services Confidential 8
  9. 9. The “4 Gaps" Model The Integrity Gap The Awareness Gap The Execution Gap Center The Courage Gap Think Talent Services Confidential 9
  10. 10. Existing Perform ance Needed Perform ance Gaps Action Plan TimeAttitud es SkillsKnowle dge 10Think Talent Services Confidential What is stopping me from the outside? What is stopping me from the inside? What stories do I tell myself which always stops me? What is the source of these stories? Where in my past do they come from? Capabilities Goal Work Plan Marketing Know How Work Prerequisites Material Budget Connections In the future ,You will retire… Imagine that you are having your retirement party and people are talking about you and your many contribution throughout the years. What could you like them to say about you and what were your contribution through out the • Your Manager • A peer • A Person that you can managed • A client (external and internal) Planning/Mapping Identifying Internal BlockagesT.A.S.K Map Identify Your Values Different Strokes for Different Folks: Few NEWS tools to address specific development needs
  11. 11. Benefits and uniqueness • A structured and innovative Organizational Coaching and facilitation Model • Powerful and user-friendly tools arranged around a compass with three levels – Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational. • Navigation with clear results, measurements, road map and a kit. • Web based Questionnaires and analytical tools. ROI measurement. • Customized, adaptable and practical Coaching & Training approach • “One language” in the organization and ability to deploy large scale programs • The overall direction is for the coachee to find ‘practical’ solutions’ in his or her context and being able to apply them. It also encourages the person moving in their chosen career direction having understood their own limiting beliefs and stoppers. Think Talent Services Confidential 11
  12. 12. About Us • We are an end to end solution provider in leadership and capability development and have a unique position that is based on our beliefs and values • Our strengths lie in co-creating simple yet effective, implementable solutions. Our core solution offerings are in areas of Organizational Purpose , Leadership and mindsets • To deliver tangible results, we have a best-in-class network of resources who have been business and HR practitioners and coaches for several years with hands on experience in change management • Our delivery model is built around “how” to do things rather than only “what” - we believe functional managers and leaders have a sense of ‘what’ but do not know ‘how’ and many times ‘why’ • We believe in customized solutions and implementation approaches that would be based upon the specific client situation Think Talent Services Confidential 12
  13. 13. Our Global Alliance • The NEWS framework is a global (systemic) self-navigation process that is results oriented. It is designed to assist managers and executives in navigating through difficult situations, to accompany and coach them in achieving their unique potential for greatness and fulfillment within the organization context. • Over 2000 executives and managers coached successfully, NEWS Coaching & Training programs have been adopted in 40 countries by over 2500 organizations, including several “Fortune 100” companies • It is particularly useful in the following organizational situations: – Transition – Starting a new role, new project, new team, new organization etc. – Performance or behaviour challenges for the manager or the executive – Development of future management, leadership or key talents. Think Talent Services Confidential 13
  14. 14. NEWS Global Reach (as of March. 2011) Paris Chicago Singapore Israel Montreal New York London Grenoble Italy Finland Romania Germany Malaysia Australia India Moscow Brussels ™ Shanghai Think Talent Services Confidential 14
  15. 15. -Co Founder, Chief Executive of a leading e-learning company “We asked Think Talent Services to coach two of our key senior executives. We have seen appreciable changes in both their attitude and outlook towards personal and professional life during and after the coaching period. I would highly recommend their coaching services for senior executives." “Process of evolving my Career direction is a life changer. The NEWS module and the way my coach has coached is commendable. The program helps you to achieve your true potential with good work life balance”. -Head manufacturing of a leading Indian conglomerate "The NEWS coaching was extremely well-structured-right from the assessment process across four core interlinked career dimensions to the tools and assignments that enabled me to relate to my career and personal goals. In addition the process was extremely flexible in terms of allowing me to plan the coaching sessions around my work schedule, while ensuring that I could visibly feel the progress being made" -Director IT consulting of an American MNC “While I am still undergoing the process, I feel encouraged to question myself on milestones achieved, defining future directions, execution process. Coach is full of passion with clarity on what to extract and deliver. I am delighted to be a part of NEWS coaching process “. - Director of a HR consulting firm What Our Customers Say.. "In our hectic schedules we rarely find time to reflect on ourselves and think through what we would really like to do. It is at junctures like this that I approached Think Talent to help clarify my thought process. The NEWS coaching model that was introduced is a holistic approach to guide the thought process through a structured approach which makes so much sense rather than getting confused in thought and ideation. This coaching helped me break a lot of emotional baggage I was carrying and take a fresh and directional approach to my life and career. I sincerely wish Think Talent all success in this endeavour." -Director HR of a Global manufacturing company "My coach has completed the NEWS Coaching process with me. He has been an excellent coach and guide to me in my journey to seek and pursue my career and personal goals. He has been a good change champion and has been able to give me the right direction in life. This process made me think and plan systematically and logically. I could identify my passion and work on my strengths to pursue both my long term and short term objectives.“ -HR Head of an insurance Company with PAN India presence 15Think Talent Services Confidential
  16. 16. NCR Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 619, 6th Floor, ILD Trade Centre Sector-47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122001 Phone: +91-124-4106325,+91-124- 4055375 Our Coordinates Bangalore Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 1568, 1st Sector, Outer Ring Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 102 Phone: +91 80 64006888 Hyderabad Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 301, 2nd Floor, Vaishno Kuteer, Puppalguda, Manikonda Hyderabad Phone: +91 90400 84006 Our Website - www.thinktalentindia.com Write to us- info@thinktalentindia.com Pune Think Talent Services Pvt Ltd 102,Quartz,Niyati Empire , Kharadi , Pune Phone: +91 9999025525, +917774009961,+91-202-7003079