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Bb baru

  1. 1. Bring Your Ideas to LifeBring Your Ideas to LifeBring Your Ideas to LifeBring Your Ideas to Life The Black Berry Application Platform
  2. 2. Why develop for Black Berry? The Black Berry R Application platform is centered around the creation and distribution of compelling mobile application.This creates a word of opportunity for the entire ecosystem ,including developers, content providers,advertisers,IT administrators,and people using mobile .flexible devolepment tools and application distribution options with over 46 million active Black Berry smart phone users makes it easy for everyone .Approximately 530 carriers in 170 countries .Variety of Aplication distribution options including Black Berry App Word ,With a revenue share model of 70% .Development options leverage current developers skill sets with JAVA and web technologies. TM R The Black Berry Aplication Platform Is key a word of opportunity,allowing developers to create content,and distribute innovative mobile application for Black Berry smart phones. with industry -standard development tools,research in Motion (RIM) provides developers with the resources enabling them to develop first class application and themes for the Black Berry Smart phone.
  3. 3. Application Development Approaches Rim Provides develophment with a wide range of tools,enabling them to design,test,and diostribute first class appliication efficiently and effectifely. Java development approach The JAVA aplication Development Approach allows developers to create feature-rich client application with the utmost flexibility and power,.enabling developers to: -take full advantage of Black Berry Smartphone. Black Berry JAVA plug-in for Eclipse for java develophment who development application using the Eclipse intergrated development Environment(IDE),the free Black Berry Java plug-in for eclipse offers familliar way to develop and test rich mobile application that are opptimized for Black Berry Smart phone. Themes And Animated Graphics Rim Provides development and designer with the tools needed in order to create custom graphic and themes for Black Berry smart phone. BlackBerry Theme studio BlackBerry theme studio is a suite of graphic design tools that alow graphics desaigner and software developers to create colorfull and interractive Black Berry themes,splash screen,graphics and animated content optimized for the mobile Black Berry Enviroment.Black Berry Themes are a popular way customers To personalize
  4. 4. Platform Services BLackBerry aplication platform service enable developers to create a wider range of application that enhance the BlackBerry experience for blackBerry smartphone users. BlackBerry connectivity service Web signals Web icons Push Service Tansport Service BLackBerry commercial service Payment service Advertising service BlackBerry location service Locate service Maps service BlackBerry simulators BlackBerry smartphone simulators Email and conectivity simulation
  5. 5. Distribution & Support Design and test your applications using a host of easy to use tools within the BlackBerry Application platform. Distribution BlackBerry app World BlackBerry enterprise server Support service Rim provides developers with top nocth resources, documentation,and developers tools-helping developers design and create first class application,and resolve any issues they encounter in the development procces. videos issues trackers,articles,tutorials,sample codes and much more are designed to support and empower developers. the BlackBerry blog and community forums and enable developers to connect with the development community to stay conneted with the development community to stay conneted with the latest news and happenings in the industri.
  6. 6. To stay about the latest Black Berry Application Platform Tools and resources,please sign up for the Black Berry newslatter at: or visit the Black Berry Developer Blog at