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Trailer overview

  1. 1. The following film trailers are made to promote the horror films within the supernatural/possession sub-genre. I will be comparing the trailers by finding the common feature in each of them which will allow me to establish repeated patterns. All six trailers follow the general convention of a film trailers such as; religious imagery, strap, iconography of the sub-genre, and many more. Horror trailers present audiences with enough of a film’s narrative to allow them to understand what the film is about and to make them curious and scared.
  2. 2. The Possession Insidious 2 In two of the trailer, the convention within the Supernatural/Possession sub genre. of portraying a normal family looking house in order to conceal the evil spirit that is hiding inside the house. Another reason may be because the film is interrupting the saying of not to judge a book by its cover; in other words the house may look usual but inside is the complete opposite, there's all kinds of trouble that beholds the house. The Possession and Insidious 2 trailer both represent this convention very well in their trailers. It creates a dramatic effect upon the audience because it comes as surprise that a family living in a normal sub-urban area would be cursed by an evil a spirit. In both trailers, this particular scene is lead by non diegetic sound of music along with dialogue from a character in he film. There are a series of fades o shows more elements of the narrative; this is slowed down to sync along with the music. But as i goes along the sound transfers into a daunting effects, this gives the perception that on the outside the houses look normal however there is something evil that is hidden on the inside which reflects the sub genre of the film with it being possession.
  3. 3. It is a common theme for horror films to use props that in reality are symbols of innocence due to their connection to childhood. In the Insidious 2 trailer, there is a particular scene where all things are silent and then all of a sudden there is diegetic sound coming from a baby walker, in the last few seconds; there is then an alteration of sound as it goes from above suspicion music that convey children to a sinister non diegetic sound. This gives the idea that sometimes the most innocent and childlike related substances are not always as they seem. Evil comes from the most unexpected things. Also the make-up and costume of the character gives a conservative and feminine look with a her clothing being of pale and pale colour it distracts any thoughts of evil coming from her quite like the baby walker. In addition the normality of the family has been emphasised the use of props. Ambient lighting is used in this particular scene so that it looks natural and realistic in order for the film to be more believable for the audience.
  4. 4. Sinister It is common for a Horror trailer to strap line that tells the audience what previous films that the director has been involved in also This is used to convince he audience that the particular movie will be as successful as the others. For instance in the ‘Sinister’ trailer uses the strap line reads ‘From the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious’, both Paranormal Activity and Insidious are Supernatural horror films therefore fans of the sub genre are drawn to film which have similar elements. However in The Woman In Black’ instead of telling the audience other horror film the produce or director has been associated with, it gives information of the actor which is rare because the genre of horror is not famous for having well known actors or actress. So this means that this particular film is more focused on the main character to gain a wider audience. The Woman In Black
  5. 5. The Woman In Black Within the supernatural/possession sub-genre, the use of religious iconography is popular as possessions and supernatural sprits are linked to the devil. In both ‘The Woman In Black’ and ‘The Devil Inside’ trailer show this iconography so that the audience will be familiar with the contents of film. The Devil Inside
  6. 6. Insidious 2 It is significant for horror trailers to show some horrific imagery in order to keep the thrill and energy of the audience high. In the ‘Insidious trailer when the scary imagery is presented, the effected of non diegetic stab sound improves the fear because it creates a jumpy moments. This also occurs in the ‘Sinister’ trailer. Usually within the trailers horrific image is for a few seconds which then makes it more fearful because it makes the audience feel some mystery of evil element that possess the film therefore creating a curiousness. During these scenes the lighting is very dark, ambient which emphasizes to the audience that evil is coming. Sinister
  7. 7. Sinister In the Sinister trailer the tagline on the poster is used again in the trailer to show the symbolic link. The use of direct address give a effect because the audience feel like they’re being talked to therefore giving them a connection to the trailer; this may also make them feel more scared because they feel they are the main aim like the victims in the film. ‘Once you see him nothing can save you’ this is a supernatural film so there is an evil sprit in the film that will be revealed to the audience so this indicating that when the audience see ‘Him’ nothing in reality or within the film can save them from its presence. The typography also matches the one on the poster.
  8. 8. The Possession In ‘The Possession’ trailer, let the audience know that the film is in fact based on a true story. This will boast the fear factor even more thus succeeding in their aim because it means that something like this could possible happen to them and also their belief of supernatural elements in fact exist. This is convention of this sub genre as they usually use this strap. The conjuring trailer gives evidence of who the film is based on so that it makes their statement more believable. The Conjuring