Todays Shift


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  • Collectively we have blindly redefined functionality out on the hills and in the city, the meaning of comfort, without sparing a thought for the ocean, the trees, the birds and the bees, the you’s and the me’s.
  • Knowing has taught us anything it is that battling without legs will lead to nothing more than an angry march from the sidelines.
  • -no standing for continued reckless consumption -no standing for environmental pollution -no standing for ignorance -no standing for cynicism
  • No standing for this man or another man who performs songs wickedness with instruments of torture and malice.
  • Dear diary I too have traveled the world and felt the sand between my toes, swam with turtles and listened to their song of time, I have walked the cobblestone streets and seen the longing in Londoners eyes as the doors close on the crowded Piccadilly Line.
  • Dear diary I too have traveled and seen the shades of men's eyes and they are still the shape of the world we all live on.
  • Dear baby girl Why is it you sleep under the stars of thoughtless disregard? You were once loved by someone, somewhere but now you’re a rapid infection of our land.
  • Come walk with me, we’ll play hide and seek among the mountains of negligence and the years of lack of responsibility.
  • Beware of the monster that feeds and gauges itself daily on the tangible world we line in. its among you, me, her, him
  • Pandora’s box is now open and while the skeptics and cynics play roulette in the autumn fields, the yellow brick road will go on forever.
  • A shovel, a ladde, abd buckt and few sticks of dynamite, this thirst is growing and the need to fulfill my thirst is overwhelming
  • -it is time that we start working along with the mechanical complacency of nature. When 2x2=4x4=16 and 16 is greater than 2 but at least 2 eyes leaning here tonight more conscious, more aware, more inspired to go green, will open 4 eyes in tomorrow morning.
  • it has taken Jan van Riebeek, Mandela, Evita and the countless unnamed to get us to where we are today. But history is still restless and it is the tomorrows that we get to make the marks that taint the streets that stretch the lands we call our home.
  • It is our creative challenge to convince the lazy to walk, the gluttons to rest ones who seldom think out loud to become part of this renewed cycle. We need to shift the consciousness to the edge of the table si that it falls and breaks creating the sounds that feeds the beat that echos out for all to see.
  • Iit is said that we are the dreamers of dreams and the makers of music. We conceptualise, visualise and set the wheels in motion of the latest trends dn cause the sidewalks to jump and erupt with street culture.
  • Photography, design, drama, music, poetry is our alchemy.
  • Choice is the greatest gift to all of us who use the soft matter between our eyes to digest the knowledge with open mindedness as 2 separate helpings.
  • At schools we are taught maths, science, geogrpahy, biology, history and how to speak and act in a world which is all forgotten when 2 hours of traffic and a boss who doesn’t know your name waits for you at the end.
  • Green trends are becoming popular overseas. Popular=pop=mainstream. Green trends are the equivalent to responsible consumerism and should be viewed as nothing less than or other than our merri-go round
  • It is the artists and the musicians who are going to re-stretch the canvases and create the beat that will echo through the mountains of change. It is the conscious shift of the entire the world. Never in the history of time has man collectively forgone religion, race, colour and sexual preference for the greater good of today.
  • Todays Shift