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  1. 1. HOME WELCOME VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM GET MONEY Subscribe to RSSWHAT IF YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM HOME?by Priscilla Dea | on October 6, 2012 0 TweetHow do you see yourself ? THE ROAD LESS TRAVELEDHave you ever done something, said something or worst “Not” and then wondered to yourself,” What the hell was I thinking? Have you ever made a decision that makes you feel uneasy. Youknow that feeling, that queazy sick feeling deep down inside telling you or at least trying to tellyou to “Hold on a minute sport, you’re getting ready to go down the wrong road” but you goanyway, or “NOT”. That’s me and that is why two words in particular should be tattooed onthis block resting on my shoulders in big, bold, red letters, “NUCKLE HEAD”.CHANGE CAN BE GOOD FOR YOUI consider myself to be a relatively intelligent person, I’m no genius by any means but I’m no converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. “Dummy” either. So what’s my problem? Somebody tell me, please. When I should go up I godown. When I should turn right I turn left. I swear often times “I can’t stand being me” and thenI realize I’m all I’ve got:) We’ve often heard the saying it’s never too late. To late for what? To latefor something like maybe “change” So if you want relevant change in you life you have tomake it yourself. Because I gotta tell you, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to changeyour financial life. How many times have you missed a great opportunity because you weren’ton your ‘A’ game or what’s worse you chickened out. For me there are so many I’ve lost count.But I confess there are times when I can be my own worst enemy. I’ve got to keep it real evenwhen I’m talking about myself. I want to become a better me.“IT’S TIME TO BECOME YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND”#1 FIND YOURSELF A CALM PLACE INSIDE OF “YOU”)So here’s my plan. First of all I will “Stop”, shut up for a change, and breath, slowly but most ofall listen”! Find a quite place and just be still. That what I’m trying to practice every day. Let ahigher power guide my steps rather than continuing to stumble through this short adventurecalled life. As you and I know life is way to short to keep making the same mistakes over an overagain. There has to come a point when you just have to say to yourself I’m done. I can’t and Irefuse to live like this one more day. I had to except in my heart that there was a better life forme, a more prosperous life for me. Why didn’t I see it before now? In order to change we haveto see ourselves as we really are before you can become that person we want to be. “PriscillaDea”#2 BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF WHEN NO ONE ELSE WILLCase and point. I have wanted my own business for as long as I can remember. I now have thetime and this great opportunity to do just that. For a very short while I put on the breaksthinking of all the reasons why I shouldn’t join this particular organization. #1. I don’t haveenough money, #2. What if I can’t do it, and my absolute favorite #3. “WHAT IF I FAIL”.That’s the one that keeps me up at night. Oh yea, I forgot I don’t sleep at night so it gnaws atme relentlessly. But then again I say to myself, but “WHAT IF”, WHAT IF I DO GET THEMONEY, WHAT IF I CAN DO IT, but most importantly “WHAT IF I SUCCEED”. “WHATIF YOU SUCCEED” ? Just imagine, what if you don’t take a look inside. What if you don’t?Here’s another chance you might let slip right through your fingers. I’m just saying.NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUTThat one statement changes everything. What a difference a spin on the negative can make.Turning a negative into a positive can put you, me, any one on the road to success. Thatdecision alone changes everything. I feel better knowing with hard work and consistency I willlive where I really want to live which is Costa Rica. I know I’m getting off the beaten pass butbear with me. I’m not kidding. I have been wanting to live in Costa Rico for the past five years. Ihave been talking to a relative of mine who has lived there for five years or more and she lovesit. Gail keeps saying “Come on girl what are you waiting for”. She has been giving me all thisgreat information on this beautiful country since the beginning of last year. I go on their “I loveCosta Rica” site on a regular basis doing my research for the last two years. When I read thatDavid W. lived in Costa Rica I said to myself ” Oh man, a sign” Yes I believe in signs !# 3 AND YES ! SOMETIMES IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!I want, no let me clarify that statement, I need to live in a calmer more tranquil environment andbuild my home. To watch Sam and Sadie run and play in a natural environment, to me is prettyclose to perfect. To wake up in the morning and be at peace with myself, heavenly. But the onlyway that this is ever going to happen, is for me to make lots and lots of money in to live the lifestyle in which I want to grow accustom.So you know what I did day before yesterday? I joined Empower Network. I am going to learnthis business and be successful because “I HAVE NO CHOICE”. And maybe you don’t either.I’m not giving myself a choice on this one. I’m standing up to the plate, taking my chance at batand making that home run swing and quit being such a “WUUSIE” Yea, I said it. I’m going toput my humongous ego aside and listen and learn from the best for a change. I can become mybest me. There are way to many successful people in the this company willing to help me, youor anyone else who honestly want to put forth the effort to succeed. I’m going to startcollecting mentors like marbles. Did I say WHAT IF I FAIL? I don’t remember saying that. I converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. rest my case.BE BRAVE, TAKE YOUR NEXT STEPWhy Empower Network? Here’s why! I personally love the Empower Network Softwareprogram and I know you will too because it is so easy to use. You can write articles and profitfrom them just like me. Really. So if you are some one out there who wants or needs to makemoney from home, maybe you don’t want to place your children in day care while you’re atwork. Maybe finding a job has been difficult for you like it was for me. Or maybe you are lookingfor a quick way to make money or at least make more money faster then you would waiting onyour employer or company to decide to give you a raise. What if you are a care giver to afamily member and you can’t leave them. What do you do then? There are hundreds ofreasons why this program will work for you or anyone else needing a way out of financialdistress. This is just the program to teach you how to make money quickly from home.And like me maybe just maybe you are sick and tired of being broke, never having enoughmoney to survive let alone pay all your bills from month to month. Here you will determine yourworth. You will determine just how much money you need, how much you want. It doesn’t getany better than that.IT’S YOUR DECISION NOWSo how would you like to share your stories and get paid. Here is what I do. I write and postblogs on any subject I want on any given day. Then I share them on social media. People readthem and if they click any of the banners, watch our video, you can decide right then and thereto change your financial circumstances. It’s your choice. I’m actually teaching people how to dothis so if you’re interested click any of these banners. You can write your story in this blogformat and get paid. You will be using the “Empower Network” blogging format thoughbecause it ranks high in the search engines. You just write an article on the subject of yourchoice and then add “buy this blogging system writing articles”. Here are the blogs I’ve writtenso far. Click HERE.PRISCILLA DEA’PS: For those of you spending your precious time reading my blog I thank you. I reallyappreciate it. Share it with your family and friends. You never know, they might want to joinyour team. Come on in, click here. Type in your email address. Watch the video, Sign upand increase your income! You won’t regret it. If I can do this, you can do you can do thistoo.JOIN A WINING TEAMBe blessed and Prosper, PriscillaReally, seriously (CLICK HERE): TAKE YOUR SHOT!This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: affilliate marketing, empower network, make money fast, making money fromhome« Previous Post Next Post » About The Author: Priscilla Dea I have alw ays w anted my ow n business. A business that gave me the freedom to live my life on my terms. Thats hard to do w hen youre punching someone elses clock. Along the w ay I w ant to encourage and help others fulfill their dream of being an entrepruer. The secrete is to know exactly w hat you w ant and hanging in there to w atch it grow , w atch your bank account grow and still be happy. W ho says money cant bring you happiness. Now that I have the perfect vehicle theres no stopping me. The skys the limit.0 comments Sign in 2 people listening converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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