SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) for Hospital Service Line Marketers


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SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) for Hospital Service Line Marketers

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  • BBAgendaBrief overview of how PPC and SEO work together - Discuss how hospitals are tracking success with their search marketing programs beyond just increases in traffic to the website-Look at other ways to prove your SEM program is bringing in patients.- Tips on setting up PPC and SEO and pitfalls to avoid.And briefly touch on budget expectations and how to tie a SEM program in with your traditional marketing effort
  • BBBefore we get started… Why is SEM important in healthcare… because health content is being consumed more than music, banking, gaming, and a variety of other types of media and they are finding it via search engines and their social networks.We all know the health care industry is facing challenging times. The industry is awash in regulation, suffering from declining resources and facing impending health care reform. Hospitals operate in an uncertain reimbursement environment, yet have to excel in clinical care, scientific discovery and innovation, reputation management, brand exposure, patient satisfaction and appointment generation. However, despite these hurdles, the public still views hospitals as the most trusted industry according to a Harris Interactive study (“Oil, Pharmaceutical, Health”) where 60 percent of all consumers stated they trust hospitals and they are proving that by turning to search engines and social media with their questions. There are many stats out there that I am sure you have seen at SHSMD events and blogs. You already know there is opportunity for your service lines. You are likely looking for ways to capture more of that traffic or convert more visitors into patients and that is what we will discuss today.
  • BBYou do that through… We are focusing on Organic SEO and PPC today
  • BBBefore we move on. Want to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • JD
  • JDLet’s look at it from a cost perspective
  • JDJason to modify for more practical GA tips such as goals, sources, etc.
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  • BBQuick Poll: Not surprising. Next time you are asked to show the success of your work, this is your opportunity to ask for a CRM or PRM. Not only can you use them to mass personalize your marketing efforts, you can also use the data to create micro targeted campaigns and reports because of the confidence you will have in your success. You can test relentlessly to find what works and what doesn't. Web analytics, interactive marketing, offline marketing, call center and many other touch points intersect. Marketers can cross-reference all marketing initiatives -- traditional and non-traditional – to glean insights from results for future planning. Advanced CRM modules enhance the patient caller experience by linking individual calls to patient records, pulling up records by caller (phone number) identification. They can even link a referring physician to a patient for reporting purposes and integrate with marketing reporting to reference the campaign source.From an SEM perspective you can tie a .99/cent PPC lead or a weeks worth of organic web site traffic back to # of patients who signed up for a beratric seminar and then undertook elective surgery.Chris Boyer and Gabriele Detora. Good quotes in the TLP book.
  • BBRecency- Get a content calendar in place for your service line specifically for SEO. Drip optimized content onto the site and off the site on blogs, and other relevant sites. Having the calendar specific to SEO will allow you to get it through the longer approval process without it falling through the cracks.Content challenges- When developing your keyword strategy make sure the team you are working with understands healthcare and vet the keyword strategy by sampling their search terms for medical jargon. You can quickly test the relevancy of search results by doing a search for that keyword phrase and seeing what comes up. It should be content your target audience would be interested in.Discomfort with social mediaYou simply can’t ignore social media. It is a growing driver in your SEO strategy and at the very least you can encourage social sharing of your content via social networks and ideally you should have a social strategy in place for engaging with your community and driving them back to relevant content on your site.
  • JD Jason,Any organic here?
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  • JD Jason,Any PPC or SEO stats that tie into this?
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  • See the local results dominate the organic results. Also, Houston Emergency Room ad is using location extensions which show on local results. Importance of an integrated search marketing strategy: local, PPC, SEO.
  • Another example: see the local results dominate the organic results. Also, Houston Emergency Room ad is using location extensions which show on local results. Importance of an integrated search marketing strategy: local, PPC, SEO.
  • BB
  • Here is an example of how having a content strategy for SEM can pay off.
  • 4/4-5/27 (54 days) = Search sent 101 non-paid visits via 59 keywords5/28-7/20 (54 days) = Search sent 380 non-paid visits via 181 keywords= 376% increaseAnnualized: Before = 683; after = 2568; difference of 1885
  • SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) for Hospital Service Line Marketers

    1. 1. SEO AND PPC FOR SERVICE LINE MARKETERS Brian Bierbaum, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Sales Jason Douglas, Interactive Marketing Strategist The Webinar Will Be Starting Shortly… Have a question? We’ll be checking the chat window.
    3. 3. YOUR HOSPITAL WEBSITE SHOULD BE A KEYDRIVER IN YOUR PATIENT ACQUISITION EFFORTS Attract Engage Convert Organic SEO Content Events/Classes PPC Seminars Social Media Health Physician Relationship Assessment Management Tools Traditional Marketing
    4. 4. QUICK CHECK: WHAT IS SEM, PPC AND ORGANIC SEO Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Organic SEO Results PPC Results
    5. 5. RELATIONSHIP OF SEO AND PPC Image Source: The Technology Studio
    7. 7. TRACKING SUCCESS Awareness: Impressions: easy to obtain in SEM Interest: The first action: clicking on the ad Desire: The level of interest in what you are offering Action: What you want the visitor to do Some metrics of note: – Traffic Source/Medium – Time on page/site – Bounce rate – New visitor percentage – Conversions/goals.
    8. 8. TRACKING SUCCESS Multi-channel funnels
    9. 9. TRACKING SUCCESS - CRM “To measure is to know. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” “ROI is best measured by tracking early and for a longer period of time, and CRM databases are a great tool for this. While many of your conversations may not yet be patients, if they are engaging with your Lord William Thompson Kelvin hospital, we can still gather valuable data about their behavior.“ Quick Poll: How many of you have - Chris Boyer – Inova Health Systems, access to CRM (consumer focused) or Thought Leaders Project : Hospital PRM (physician focused) data in your Marketing marketing?
    10. 10. SEM CHALLENGES IN HEALTHCARE (AND HOW TO OVERCOME THEM) Recency – More frequently updated sites rank better – Long approval processes are common in hospitals Content challenges – Physicians and legal often use/require medical jargon in copy • PPC has character limits. May not fit official medical jargon in ad copy – Real people use other words in search. i.e. coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest = heart disease • PPC: Bid on all variations of terms. Learn about how your visitors search. Discomfort with social media – Start simple – Make sure user guidelines are established PPC: Must be careful with your message – What is your conversion point? • Newsletter sign up • Survey • Schedule an appointment
    11. 11. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM LOOKS LIKE Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Objectives: Increase awareness of Children’s; Social Media fan/following; increase online giving Tactics: – Facebook Advertising – Google AdWords (grant and paid) – LinkedIn Advertising – Dedicated landing pages – Microsites
    12. 12. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM LOOKS LIKE Facebook Ad Strategy: target men and women, 22+, college graduates within five state area. Results: – Facebook: • 110M impressions • 15K clicks • 4,200 fans • CPM: Eleven cents
    13. 13. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM LOOKS LIKE LinkedIn Ad Strategy: Use compelling images of children, copy to promote Children’s Annual Gala. Target business managers and higher to buy individual seats or tables at gala. Land people on event microsite. Results: – LinkedIn Advertising: • Sold 900 total seats, resulting in a sold-out event raising $1.3 million, 160% above the target goal. • 172K targeted impressions to high-level decision makers, age 35+ in Minneapolis/St. Paul
    14. 14. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE MARKETING PROGRAM LOOKS LIKE Google AdWords Strategy: Use Google Paid to aggressively bid on service keywords above $1.00 per click. Land visitors to condition or service line specific pages. Use Google Grant to bid on low-cost keywords such as brand and geo-qualified words. Results: – Google AdWords: Used grant money to help Children’s reach goal on GiveMN day; placed in top 1% of total dollars – Google AdWords: Top positioning for all service based keywords; accounted for 15% of site traffic. Focused bid strategy on all seasonal giving keywords resulted in Children’s reaching their online giving goal of $800K
    15. 15. LOCAL?Localizing search is becoming a focal point forsearchers. It is easier to relate to an ad that speaksto their area.Facebook ads allow the use of images and morecopy. Highlight a doctor and clinic at the same time.
    16. 16. LOCAL?Jason,Any thoughts on a slide about importance of localsearch for finding hospital locations, services, andphysicians that work out of a particular hospital?Could we pull visuals from Northfield’s FB ads?
    17. 17. LOCAL?
    18. 18. HOW MARKETING MANAGERS CAN IMPROVE SEM Working closely with PR and  Make sure departments are social media teams to linking whenever they can. coordinate content Give them a guide to provide accurate anchor links Develop an SEM content strategy to support overall  Become good friends with your content plan web development team. Ask them for help making the site Ensure your keyword more “search friendly” strategy is being used by all departments when  Work with your CMO to get a communicating about your CRM in place that ties to your service line web analytics. The data will be invaluable to you and your Spearhead social media search team initiatives that include social media optimization
    19. 19. CONTENT AS A LINK BUILDING STRATEGYTwo off-page keyword- … linked to landing page optimized articles ...
    20. 20. OVERALL RESULTSNon-branded inbound keyword traffic to the targeted page increased by376% in the 8 weeks following the implementation of the test.
    21. 21. ROI FOR SEM MADE EASYTraditional Marketing Channel SEM Pilot ProgramNumber of pieces sent: 200 • Carve out 10% of your total budgetCost for printing and for an SEM pilot programpostage: $1.44 VS.Total cost to send 200 • Ensure each channel in the strategypieces: $288 drives to a landing page with a call toResponse rate: 0.5% action and goal tracking in placePatients acquired: 200 piecesmailed x 0.5% response rate = 1 • Compare cost per patient acquirednew patient
    22. 22. QUESTIONS? The presentation and highlights of the presentation will be available on our blog. Brian Bierbaum Twitter: @BrianBierbaum 952.920.9909 Jason Douglas Twitter: @JasonDouglas