5 Rules of ATM Installation according to Principle Group


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We are a team of ATM implementation experts,
full of experience and proven track record of
success. We are passionate and enthusiastic
with a straight forward approach to getting
things done right, rst-time, everytime.

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5 Rules of ATM Installation according to Principle Group

  1. 1. Get in touch... If you would like to talk to us about your needs, please contact us on 01527 590950 Email: adrian.croome@principleglobal.com Website: www.principleglobal.com simple, e ective, Principle Contract 4 Pound Court, Weights Farm Business Park, e cient rules Weights Lane, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 6RG United Kingdom of ATM installation...OV4225
  2. 2. Who weare? We are a team of ATM implementation experts, full of experience and proven track record of success. We are passionate and enthusiastic with a straight forward approach to getting things done right, rst-time, everytime. To achieve this we have ve clear, simple and e ective rules...
  3. 3. Plan it like amilitarycampaign...Big complex and terrifyingRoll out projects can seem distinctly scary. It’s not uncommon to be faced with multiple sitesacross the whole of the UK - and they all need nishing yesterday. Meticulous planning is theonly answer.Top project managementGetting it right calls for detailed logistics and top project management – not half way througha project but right from the start. It’s essential to understand the challenges and pitfalls inadvance – otherwise you’re in for a rough ride.Concept to completionYou’re often starting o with nothing more than a budget and a list of priorities – yet you needto turn concepts into practical reality. That involves several stages: site audits, designengineering, project speci c schemes, production and installation.
  4. 4. Do it now,do iteverywhere... Speed You won’t have much time replacing or installing new ATM’s, which normally need to be completed fast and you want to make a splash, you’ll probably need several sites at a time up and running. Often they have to be transformed overnight and with minimum disruption. Coverage You need people with specialist knowledge of the building, construction and installation process. We work with experienced and professional people who do everything to our high standard. Problem solving In any roll out or upgrade work you’ll be faced with no end of practical challenges – from submitting local planning to routing data cables. Let us take the pressure as we are experienced and will often have local knowledge, which is worth it’s weight in gold!
  5. 5. Cuttingthe costdramatically...Local productionWe use regional suppliers to ensure we are supporting the local communities and this also cutsthe cost dramatically.Value engineeringClever approaches to bespoke design can also keep costs down. We develop practical solutionsthat make the site installation quick and painless, reducing disruption to normal business.Planning and programmingGood communication and planning from the start is essential. E ective management reducestime spent on delivering projects and quickens your speed to market.
  6. 6. Get it rightevery time...QualityIt’s all too easy to drop the quality when the volume of sites increase. Getting the quality rightevery time requires using individuals who take pride in their work.FlexibilityBy working alongside the designers, engineers and customers we understand the detailsrequired which leads to any changes being accommodated easily.Uncompromising commitmentA successful job is completed on time due to total commitment.We promise uncompromising commitment to every client and every task.
  7. 7. Maintainand recycle...Keep it freshYour branded ATM and signage are a major investment and represents a signi cant part of thevalue of your company. It stands to reason that it should remain as fresh and bright as when it was rst installed. Don’t allow it to start looking tired.Plan for maintenanceMaintenance should be part of your care plan. You need to run regular checks particularly whereelectrics are concerned (for example with illuminated signs). Pick up faults early and restoreeverything to the original level of quality.Manage the decommissioningWhen it’s time for change make sure that you manage the removal and disposal of the old ATMe ectively. Don’t hand it over to the contractor without ensuring that there’s a proper audit trail andproof of disposal in an environmentally sound manner. The last thing that you want is bits of yourbranded ATM machine sticking out of the top of a land ll site or even y tipped.
  8. 8. A little aboutPrincipleGroup... Fit Out Start-to- nish t-out to the retail and banking sectors. Major projects. Minute details. Total commitment. Consulting Specialist help in the planning, design and installation of your ATM’sWe are an international brand implementation graphics. High quality vinyl graphics for glazed shop front, interior signage, exhibition and display work.company that brings global brand to life in anyenvironment anywhere. Signs Signs and way nding systems, from single remote sites to globalWe o er a uniquely broad range of consulting, commercial banking.project management, production and Hi-tech to hand nished. Custom designed manufactured and installed anywhere.implementation services. Maintenance Regular maintenance of your banking environments, inside or outside, including lighting and health and safety. Interiors Branded interiors from ttings to furniture. Protective interiors of all kinds – re, bullet and bomb-resistance.