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Presentation of JParty app, the ultimate tool for event management and micro-social networking. Ideal for internal social networks and PR companies

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Commercial j party customers

  1. 1. Your event organizer By AppN9s Software Solutions Srl All Rights Reserved (Strictly Confidential)
  2. 2. “I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties!”
  3. 3. Company Overview  AppN9s Software Solutions Srl is a company established in Milan on April 2013, aiming to develop original software and mobile applications, joining creativity and practice and exploring new business models. Team  Michele Sacerdoti [CTO]  Marco Sacerdoti [CFO] Contacts:     Web:    
  4. 4. Awards & media April 2013 – Winner of the Rebecca Benatoff Award organized by the Hans Jonas Cultural Association; the contest was aiming to support projects intended to promote Jewish Community young people aggregation. “Is the new communication revolution about to start from Milan?” aziende-917622.html “The party is organized by phone. Sure: setting up an evening has always been involving a long chain of calls and messages. But as the phone is now smart, an app is helping you. It’s called JParty. ” organizzare-feste_003e517e-a89c-11e2-bb65-9049b229b028.shtml “Thus, a useful tool, but even an interesting aggregation platform having the main purpose of creating links and sociability even in communities that are smaller than those ones (potentially unlimited) such as Facebook and other similar social networks” app/
  5. 5. -Dude, are you ready to party? -Umm… who is this? -Oh sorry, wrong number. Bye… -But I want to party…
  6. 6. • It’s been several years since when the world discovered the power of social networks. Since there, many platforms appeared around the globe, each one characterized by its own topics and layouts, but basically oriented to gather as many users as possbile. • This way, different kinds of users have to bend their own needs to the functionalities provided by the platform itself, which are supposed to fit at best as many people as possible, without being able to fit the needs belonging to small classes of users who remain left behind • This is how the micro-social is born: one single social network for every community, fully customizable, fully brandable, easily administrable by non-technical people, affordable. • Moreover, social networks traditionally keep the experience virtual, chaining users to their desks. New technologies let the users be followed wherever they go through mobile technology. The heart of the experience is now live, the tool just makes it happen and supports it live through the cell phone. Scenario and Vision : Micro-Social and De-Virtualization Abstract Bringing back Live experience rather than Virtual One Social Media completely tailored around the needs of the specific Community.
  7. 7. This is how the idea was born: a smartphone app designed for creating and managing events, taking users out of their houses by keeping traditional social network functionalities, and saving in the meanwhile the specific needs and characteristics related to specific Communities. JParty is then a tool for simplifying, automating and centralizing in a smartphone all of the actions needed to organize an event and support it along its whole lifecycle. Sending invitations, getting in touch with suppliers, authenticate users accessing the event, keeping communications during the event itself. On one hand, ideal customers are companies, universities and cultural organizations willing to have their own internal social network to get their community cohesive and provide it with high level of interaction. On the other hand, business functionalities may be restricted to specific classes of users in order to fit PRs and event management professional companies needs. JPartyThe project
  8. 8. Guest That's what we all are. Attending parties, presentations, conferences, meetings, lectures; willing to go, willing to know, willing to put order in our agenda, willing to be available for more events to come. Host The keyword is: scalable. An event may be a dinner with a couple of friends, or a big company kick-off party; everyone may be an event organizer: a teen setting up his birthday party as well as a professional PR belonging to a big organization. JParty lets you get in touch with your public (no matter how big), contact suppliers, gain visibility to reach even more people. Supplier Reaching a market which is very specific to the kind of business of interest, as the social platforms belong to specific communities. Getting in touch with a market as wide as the number of social networks of the platform. Sponsorizing events, gaining visibility by enhancing the virtual shop and getting on top of the internal search engine ActorsWho is it for
  9. 9. The app is accessed through a login form, so that the user may handle his own profile The structure is divided in four main sections organized in tabs: Home, People, Parties and Shops The Home section lets the user handle preferences, activities, private messages, a public board and a gallery The People section lets the user browse friends profiles, according to the privacy settings they have set The Parties section holds the list of events the user is involved into. Those events are partitioned by role (the user may be a founder, an admin, a guest or simply awaiting authorization) and sorted by date. This way, the Parties section becomes an actual agenda, listing the events as they are to come. The Shops section lets the user handle his own shops and follow the favourite ones Structure and Functionalities The App
  10. 10. The App Note: the app may be browsed through the online sandbox emulator at: Online shop Virtual ticket Agenda Paty Homepage Private Messaging Preferences Rate Gallery Sponsor Events Menus
  11. 11. Users not having a smartphone may access the application through the website on their own desktop pc The emulator can be embedded in our own website, but it can also be easily embedded in all of our partners websites, making it available to a wider audience The application doesn’t actually need to be installed, as it can be accessed through the phone browser too. As it is not installed, it saves space and it does not need to be re-downloaded by the appstore every time an update is released What if I do not have a smartphone? Let’s get viral The WebApp • JParty is distributed both as a native application* and a webapp. It means it can be accessed both as a traditional app and through a web browser. The browser detects the device, and it renders the application right as a proper app on mobile devices, or as an emulated application on a traditional desktop websites. *the native version is not available yet and will soon be released. The webapp release however is at present completely seamless and fully available on mobile devices, for both iOS and Android Advantages are many:
  12. 12. •Together with the proper JParty app, the platform comes with an Administration Console to handle common tasks for maintaining and configuring the platform itself. •The console recognizes the user logging in and basing on his permissions it provides a series of options •These options relate to broadcasting bulk messages, suspend/readmit users/parties/shops, assign premium tags/shops/banners, deleting users, sending bulk invitations, handling permissions and themes Administration ConsoleThe App to control the App Administering Accesses Branding
  13. 13. •One of the many capabilities provided by the administrative console is theming. An administrative user may tune the application look and feel in a few minutes by uploading logos, banners, choosing fonts and colors. •The whole aspect of the client is summarized in less than 20 parameters and modifications take place immediately without any need to deploy or restart anything BrandingMake it your own social (*Represented names, logos and quotes are reported just for illustrative purposes and may be property of the respective owners)
  14. 14. •One of the configurable aspects of the JParty platform is permissions. The system comes with four default groups with different capabilities, however the Administrative Console lets the administrator create, modify and delete groups, and reassign users to them. •For example, a PR company would prevent simple user from creating parties, as it would cannibalize their own business. On the other hand, a cultural foundation may be willing to let its members be free of spreading meeting and events. This is actually how JParty may handle in one single platform several kinds of business scenarios •Capabilities comprehend: creating parties, creating shops, inviting, bulk inviting, theme editing, permission management, bulk messaging, account suspension/restore/deletion, advert capabilities and more. PermissionsRight capabilities to the right people Browsing, creating, deleting permission groups Browsing and editing group capabilities Assigning users to respective groups
  15. 15. Business Opportunities Revenue Lines Premium Shops: allow more products to be exposed on the shop and full details view Public banners: allow shop banners to appear in public areas; the banner lead directly to the online shop Premium Points: raise the shop position in the internal search engine Additional Tags: increase the number of keywords for the shop to be found on the search engine Monthly/weekly automatic reports about statistics and accesses to the online shops (release 3) •Aside shops and events business, customers willing to take full ownership of the platform, can handle as well capabilities related to ads and shops enhancement. These features may be offered as services to end users, making the platform directly produce revenues for the owners •The ability to create online shops, lets the administrator sell this kind of services directly from the app Making money with the platform
  16. 16. Thank you so much for your attention!See you all, on JParty of course… Website: E-Mail: