What is GRE Test Preparation and Best Options To Prepare for it


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Looking for information on GRE, and want to know how to prepare so you can score high in the GRE test. Visit Princetonreviewme.com and get GRE Test Preparation Course & study guide specifically designed to score high on your official GRE test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Alain from Princeton Review ME.

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What is GRE Test Preparation and Best Options To Prepare for it

  1. 1. Dedicated Training & Coaching Institutefor LSAT, GMAT, SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTStest preparation classes and admissionconsultant in Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi and Alain. Get personalizedguidance, counseling, information,practice tests from Princeton ReviewME for studying abroad.
  2. 2. • Contents GRE GRE TEST Preparation Guidelines GRE Test Preparation Options GRE Quick Facts Princeton Review ME
  3. 3. Why Take It The test is required for admission to most graduate schools and a growing number of business schools.Test Structure The GRE consists of a 75-minute Analytical Writing section, a 30- minute Verbal Reasoning section, and a 45-minute Quantitative Reasoning section.Test Format Offered in paper-based and computer-adaptive formats.How Its Scored Total Composite Score 120 - 180. PrincetonCost $150 Review METesting Time 3+ hours depending on the formatHow Long Are 5 yearsScores Valid For?
  4. 4. GRE Test Preparation GuidelinesThe Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is one of the most sought after testsamongst business school graduates in the United States and many othercountries around the world.The aim of the exam is to test the skills of candidates across key factors suchas verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing.The test is generic in nature and is not restricted to specific academicfaculties. Aspirants have to take the test through qualified test centres,specially designated for this purpose.To know more on GRE test preparation in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ainand surrounding areas, visithttp://www.princetonreviewme.com/gre_about/about_gre_test
  5. 5. GRE Test Preparation Guidelines Analytical Writing Verbal Reasoning Quantitative ReasoningThe aim of the GRE exam is to test the skills of candidates across key factorssuch as verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analyticalwriting.Test-takers will get three separate scores, one for the Quantitative (themath), one for the Verbal, and one for the Analytic (the essays). Math andVerbal scores will range between 130 and 170 in one point increments.Analytic scores range between 0 and 6 in half point increments.The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a 3hr 45min., multiple–choice,multi-stage test required by most graduate schools. Its run by theEducational Testing Service, the same people who run the SAT.
  6. 6. GRE Test Preparation GuidelinesStudents will see sixsections on everytest. The first sectioncontains twoessays, one 30minute issue essayand one 30 minuteargument essay.The next five sections will cover Verbal Ability (Reading Comprehension, TextCompletion, and Sentence Equivalence are the question types) andQuantitative Ability (Problem Solving, Quantitative Comparison, and NumericEntry are the question types). All test-takers will see two math sections andtwo verbal sections. Each section has 20 questions. Math sections are 35minutes, while verbal sections are 30 minutes. The sections could come inany order.
  7. 7. Which GRE Test Preparation Option Is Right for You?GRE Classroom Small Group Instruction Private Tutoring Our GRE experts will provide you A maximum of 4 students in a With 20 hours of one–on–one with 30 hours of comprehensive class means that this 25-hour instruction, this program is instruction, realistic adaptive program is our most tailored completely customized to your testing practice and a focused classroom offering. needs, goals, schedule and methodology to ensure that learning style. Its our most your final score is your best elite offering with the greatest score. degree of flexibility.
  8. 8. Did you know that a growing number of MBA programs are now accepting GRE General Test scores for admission? In fact, more than 250 MBA programs have signed on so far. And that translates into more options for you! So before you apply to business school, find out what admissions tests your schools will accept. LSAT Quick Facts Frequency and Duration Sections and Cost Max. and Average scoreMost weekdays and weekends Verbal, Quantitative, and Max Score:- 170year round Analytical WritingDuration:- 3 hours, 45 minutes Cost:- $190
  9. 9. http://www.princetonreviewme.com/The Princeton Review, Dubai The Princeton Review, Abu Dhabi The Princeton Review, SharjahEmirates Score Plus ScorePlus Educational Consulting Emirates Score PlusOffice No: 506, Fifth Floor Institute Office No: 1202, 12th FloorSultan Business Center Office No-1002, 10th Floor Al Durra Tower, Next to AlNear Lamcy Plaza, 21 Oud ABN AMRO Bank Building, Fardan CenterMetha Road Salam and Hamdan Street Buhaira Corniche,Post Box: 44098, Dubai Post Box: 33854, Abu Dhabi Post Box: 67755United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesEmail: info@score-plus.com Email: info@score-plus.com Email: info@score-plus.comTel: +971 4 334 0004 Tel: +971 2 671 3331 Tel: +971 6 556 2227Fax: +971 4 334 0222 Fax: +971 2 671 1137 Fax: +971 6 556 8681