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BPX Community - Bridging The Gap Between Business & It
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BPX Community - Bridging The Gap Between Business & It


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Business Process Expert (BPX) Community Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT BPX.SAP.COM
    • 2. Powerful Trends Are Re-shaping Businesses Worldwide All these trends are affecting all companies Changing how you implement and innovate business processes disruptive TECHNOLOGY empowered WORKFORCE intensified COMPETITION powerful CUSTOMERS increased RISK
      • Increased transparency
      • Abundance of supply
      • Information work
      • 24/7 operations
      • Speed of change
      • Business networks
      • Market volatility
      • Compliance imperative
      • Connectivity
      • Digitization
    • 3. Innovation and Flexibility Matter to the CEO
      • 75% of CEOs place a high or very high priority on the ability to respond rapidly
      • Only one in ten CEOs believes that their organization has the ability to be very responsive to changing market conditions
      • Consequently, major companies are considering Business Model Innovation as a transformation imperative!
      Source: 2006 IBM Global CEO Survey 87% of CEOs believe fundamental change is required in the next two years to drive innovation. 78% believe integrating business and technology is crucial for innovation.
    • 4.
      • Enterprise SOA Increases Business Agility
        • Exploit synergies
        • Accelerate time to value
        • Increase velocity of innovation
        • YET
      • Business Agility Requires
        • Flexible business process platform
        • Specialized resources
        • Vibrant ecosystem that fosters collaboration and co-innovation
      The Enterprise Challenge Customer’s Business Network IT Ecosystem Customers Vendors SAP
    • 5. Enterprise SOA is like your wardrobe Assemble outfits from your wardrobe easily and with flexibility Make those basics work better just by adding a great sweater SOA helps your business become more stylish… more innovative Save money by creating new outfits with your existing clothes Think of each article of clothing in your wardrobe as a business service Enterprise SOA Is Like Your Wardrobe…
    • 6. SAP Practitioners – The Fast Changing Landscape of the Future For IT to deliver flexibility, it needs a single, unified business process platform that provides a repository of coherent services. Who can harness the business process platform to make business process innovation happen? BUT
    • 7. Business Process Platform Enables Agility and Flexibility DISRUPTIVE INNOVATORS COMPOSERS CONSOLIDATORS Sub-sidiary Business Partner Home Grown / ISV SAP Composite Applications SAP NetWeaver Business Process Platform Process Components REPOSITORY KEEPERS ? Business Process Experts Who can harness the business process platform to make business process innovation happen?
    • 8. Who Is the Business Process Expert?
      • The Business Process Expert
      • Has the business knowledge and IT savvy
      • to make business process innovation happen in real-time
      • by adapting, composing and executing business processes
      • using best practices , composition software and enterprise services
      • This professional evolves from roles like
        • Business Analyst
        • Application Consultant
        • Process Developer / Modeler
        • Business Process Architect
        • Business Process Manager
        • Enterprise Architect
    • 9. As a BPXer Some Core Skills Will Be Important Software & IT knowledge Applications & Solutions Skills Community & Social Media Skills Business Process Modeling & UI Skills BPM Knowledge Soft Skills Bus Consultant Skills today BPXer of tomorrow IT Consultant Skills today Enterprise SOA knowledge Practical Experience
    • 10.
      • The Business Process Expert
        • Adapts business processes to meet specialized needs
        • Composes and deploys new services and applications from existing services
        • Executes processes to enable continuous innovation
      • Collaborates on
        • Business Scenarios
        • Process Lifecycles
        • Change Leadership
        • Horizontal Process Practices
          • HR, Finance, Supply Chain…
        • Industry Customizations
          • Consumer Products…
        • Tools
        • Methodologies
      What Is the Business Process Expert Community? The first community to focus on helping business process experts drive process innovation through collaboration and collective learning
    • 11. What Does SAP Offer the Business Process Expert? BPX Community 300,000+ Members! Exclusive Content
        • Best practices in methodologies with case studies and examples
        • Business Process Lifecycle stages
        • Process modeling
        • Enterprise Services from the ES Community
        • Analytics, Supply Chain Management, GRC
        • Getting started with new role profile, tasks, skills required
        • eLearning available 24x7
        • Professional skills certification
      Industry Knowledge
      • Industry-based best practices for a comprehensive set of industries, and growing
        • Visual Composer
        • ARIS for SAP NetWeaver
        • ES Bundles
        • SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA
        • Solution Manager
      Skills Enhancement Enablers & Tools
    • 12. The BPX Community Can Accelerate Your Business and Career
      • Co-Innovate
        • Leverage trends and opportunities shared in a community of world-class peers, and launch new ideas
      • Connect and Network
        • Get quick answers from the BPX community when faced with business process challenges
      • Establish Yourself As an Expert
        • Share your business process know-how and grow your business
      • Be a Thought Leader
        • Learn and evangelize how to bridge the gap between business and IT
    • 13. Get Involved – Join BPX.SAP.COM
      • Be Part of a New Breed of Professionals Who
        • Adapt business processes to meet specialized needs
        • Compose and deploy new services and apps from existing services
        • Execute processes and enable continuous innovation
      • Collaborate on
        • Business Process Scenarios
        • Analytics
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Industry Processes
        • Best Practices
      CONNECTING OVER 350,000 PROFESSIONALS GLOBALLY Join today to collaborate with peers through forums, blogs, and more BPX.SAP.COM
    • 14. The New World: Interacting Together, Bridging the Gap Process Analyst/Modeler
    • 15. The New World: Interacting Together, Bridging the Gap Process Innovators
    • 16. The New World: Interacting Together, Bridging the Gap Business Partner Customer Enterprise Architect
    • 17. The New World: Interacting Together, Bridging the Gap Process Analyst/Modeler Process Innovators Business Partner Customer Enterprise Architect
    • 18. From SAP Functional/Technical Expert to Business Process Expert – Getting There by Leveraging the Community Time Information & Knowledge Start of the Information Age My Knowledge Info Community Knowledge Today Filter Feedback Rating Network Events
    • 19. Getting Ready for Business Network Transformations
        • Don't under-estimate the skills challenge and change
        • Partner with the BPX Community in an open and frequent opinion exchange
        • Use BPX early on as a learning platform and network - beyond your existing network
      Together with us, get ready for Business Network Transformation! BPX.SAP.COM Together We Can Manage this Transition More Effectively
    • 20. BPX.SAP.COM