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  • 1. Are you a doll maker? Have you ever found it challenging to make originalfashions for your custom dolls? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place...
  • 2. For years, I wasted time adapting existingpatterns to fit my original dolls. Yes, it was do-able, but difficult! After spending too many hours working with genericpatterns, I longed to be able to create my own custompatterns from scratch. After all, every one of my dolls was unique. So should be their outfits...
  • 3. After much trial, and more than a few errors, the Princess Shab method of pattern- making for doll-makers was born!
  • 4. As a cloth doll artist, one of my greatest moments of achievement was when Irelaxed and learned to appreciate the beauty of imperfection in my work. Art dolls are, by nature, organic--their bodies are not mass produced, but shaped by the artist. I believe in a similarly organic approach to pattern making, which takes the emphasis off technical precision, and embraces the joy of going free-style...your dolls will never be perfect--nor should their clothing be. Thats part of what adds to their reality!
  • 5. Shaping by draping, hands-on fitting, trialand error are key elements in my approach. No tricky calculations, or mind bogglingmeasuring. I aim to keep it real and simple. Costuming your dolls should be sheer joy--a creative payback for all the hard work that goes into the construction of the doll itself. With the Princess Shab method of pattern making, the pleasure is not only in the result--its in the process as well!
  • 6. Sounds intriguing? How does it work? Well, everything begins with just a few basics.All the patterns featured in my catalogue are based on a few preliminary building blocks. These are the patterns you must learn to make, before designing your dolls unique wardrobe. Once youve mastered the basics, many different designs await your customization.
  • 7. To learn more about the basic building block patterns, click on the basics menu on the right of this page. All Princess Shab patterns come in pdf format, withlinks to video demos, and act as mini-workshops. All areprofusely illustrated with clear, step-by-step photos, and straightforward explanations. Basic patterns allow you to make custom patterns for many, many different dolls.
  • 8. To see what type of styles you can create from the basic patterns, click on theCatalogue menu on the right of this page. All catalogue patterns come in pdf format, also withlinks to video demos. Each pattern offers a multitude of design inspirations, and are similarly illustrated with clear, step-by-step photos, and straightforward explanations. Again, every catalogue pattern can be adapted to suit many different dolls.
  • 9. Finally, you are welcome to view a gallery of fashions created from my designs and modelled by Princess Shab herself.Just click on the gallery link at right to see the some of the designs from my catalogue in action.FYI, Princess Shab is one of my many custom dolls,and it was she who inspired my simplified pattern- making philosophy.
  • 10. Well,that about covers the basics. Need more information? Have a few further questions not answered here?Great! Just email andask away! And while youre at it, dont forget to addyour email address to the subscribe box, for regular updates and special pattern offers.
  • 11. Thanks for dropping by!Looking forward to sewing with you. 2012 A and F Studios/