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Alumni directory UVAS LAHORE

  1. 1. 1 TABLE OF CONTANTS Contants Page 1 Preface 1 2 Message by President 2 3 UVAS Alumni Association Bylaws 3 4 Previous Alumni Association Executive Committees 5 4.1 First Executive Committee 5 4.2 Second Executive Committee 5 4.3 Third Executive Committee 5 5 Activities of Alumni Association & Placement Centre in 2012 6 5.1 Tree Plantation 6 5.2 Job Fair 7 6 Overview of Executive Committee Meetings 2012 8 7 Privileges for Registered Alumni 9 8 Directory UVAS Alumni Association Members 10 8.1 Honrary Members 10 8.2 Alumni Abroad 10 8.3 Alumni, UVAS 11 8.4 Retired Alumni, UVAS 25 8.5 L&DDD 27 8.6 Retired Alumni, L&DDD 32 8.7 Alumni, UAF 33 8.8 Retired Alumni, UAF 34 8.9 Alumni, RVF & C 34 8.10 Retired Alumni, RVF & C 35 8.11 Private Sector 36 8.12 Fedral Government 45 8.13 Punjab Province 46 8.14 Sindh Province 49 8.15 Balochistan Province 50 8.16 Khyber PakhtoonKhawa 51 8.17 Azad Jamu & Kashmir 55 8.18 Northern Areas 57 8.19 Associate Members 57 8.20 Post Graduate Studets UVAS 57 9 1st UVAS Alumni Association Re-union November 22-23, 2004 City Campus, Lahore 60 10 2nd UVAS Alumni Association ReunionDecember 18, 2007 Ravi Campus Pattoki 61 11 3rd UVAS Alumni Association Re-union March 12, 2012 City Campus, Lahore 62 12 Membership form UVAS Alumni Association 63
  2. 2. 1 PREFACE The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, is one of the oldest Veterinary Institutions in Asia. Since its inception in 1882, the staff of this Institution has worked enthusiastically and successfully conducted a wide range of programs that have effectively catered the educational and training needs in the field of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. By now it has emerged as one of the famous centers of teaching in Veterinary Education in Asia. This Institution started as Veterinary School in 1882 and was raised to the status of Punjab Veterinary College by the end of nineteenth century. Its present buildings were completed in 1921. In 1942, the College was affiliated with the University of the Punjab, Lahore. In 1971, this College was integrated with the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, and since then basic DVM degree is being awarded. The Up-gradation of College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore to the status of a University in June 2002, was an obvious testimony of commitment of the Government regarding institutional arrangement for further research, higher education, human resource development and poverty alleviation. With this up-gradation five faculties, two directorates, 21 departments, University administration and management has been established. The new University has marked to start a composite basic degree program in veterinary and animal sciences and to establish postgraduate degrees, diplomas & short courses in areas of animal production and health, in computer science, statistics, livestock extension, economics & business management, wildlife and fisheries, etc. So far, over 4500 Veterinary Graduates have qualified from CVS/UVAS and are serving all over the World. Many graduates from this institution rose to the ranks of Major Generals in Pak Army, Ministers, Vice Chancellors, Federal and Provincial Secretaries. Many of the graduates have entered into Civil Services, Livestock Departments, teaching and the research institutions of the country and UN Agencies (FAO, UNDP, WHO), Atomic Energy, etc.) bringing respect and dignity to their Alms Mater University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Alumni Association was established in 2002 with the objective to promote understanding and strengthening relations with alimni. We place this volume before the UVAS Alumni generally with a full assurance that they will appreciate our efforts to produce a work reliable and trustworthy. As it is our first edition of the kind we will not venture to say that it is without fault, but this we may assert, that neither expense nor labour has been spared to make it as complete as possible. Any faults there may be discovered in this edition will be remedied in future Editions. In our efforts to make the work as full, complete, and reliable as possible, nothing has been taken for granted. Every address in the book has been verified by a personal canvass and by personal inquiry SOUVENIR & PUBLICATION COMMITTEE Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Dr. Hamid Akbar Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Mr. Sohail Abbas Mr. Basharat Mahmood
  3. 3. 2 Message by the President The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore Alumni Association represents all UVAS graduates from 1882 to the present day. Dedicated in 1882, the UVAS is one the oldest Veterinary Institutions in Asia that have effectively catered the educational and training needs in the field of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. The faculty and staff of this esteemed institution performed tremendous work and grew significantly over the years. In 2002, the institution acquired the status of University from College which is landmark in the history of Pakistan. It was an obvious testimony of commitment of the Government about institutional arrangement for enhanced research, higher education, human resource development and poverty alleviation. The new University has marked to start a composite basic degree program in Veterinary and Animal Sciences and to establish postgraduate degrees, diplomas and short courses in areas of animal production and health, computer science, statistics, livestock extension, economics and business management, wildlife and fisheries, etc. So far, over 4500 Veterinary Graduates have qualified from UVAS and are serving all over the World. Many graduates from this institution rose to the ranks of Major Generals in Pak Army, Ministers, Vice Chancellors, Federal and Provincial Secretaries. Many of them have entered into Civil Services, Livestock Departments, teaching and the research institutions of the country and UN Agencies (FAO, UNDP, WHO), Atomic Energy Commission etc.) Bringing admiration and dignity to their Alma Mater. These UVAS alumni are a vital part of our history. With this new era, the UVAS carries on the proud traditions of the past, while establishing itself as an educational leader. The mission of the UVAS Alumni Association is to visibly promote and support the UVAS through communication, outreach, and recognition while building lifelong connections and preserving our legacy. The Annual Reunion of UVAS Alumni Association will be held every year. This event will be held every year in 2nd week of March and reunites UVAS young and old alumni, from all over Pakistan and around the globe. These will include inaugural session, guided tours of the campuses, entertainment, amusement, games and refreshments/Gala dinner for alumni. Having been elected as president of UVAS Alumni Association, I am provided with a unique honour as well as an ideal opportunity to interact with old and new friends from this prestigious UVAS, Lahore All members of the executive committee and me hope and expect that members will grace the Annual Dinner in large number. Your participation will make the events memorable for us all. I really appreciate the strong effrots by the UVAS Alumni Association in arranging memorable re-union. Moreover, we need your ideas and your energy to make this Association all that it can be and make this reunion a memorable event. We also want this Association to be an avenue through which we can celebrate the accomplishments of UVAS and its alumni. I pray for your good health and enjoyable life. Looking forward to see you all. Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha Vice Chancellor/ President Alumni Association UVAS, Lahore
  4. 4. 3 UVAS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BY-LAWS Name The Association shall be called as Alumni Association, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore Address The office of the Association shall be located at the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore Objectives  To promote understanding and contact among the alumni  To provide opportunity for participation of the alumni in national planning for research and development in the field of animal sciences  To disseminate day to day achievements taking place in the scientific field  To work for betterment and uplift of the University and profession Membership Membership of the association shall be open to:  All the graduates and postgraduates of College of Veterinary Sciences CVAS (College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Jhang) and University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore  All the teachers of CVAS (College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Jhang) and UVAS  All the PVMC registered members shall be eligible to become associate members  All members shall be life members  Honorary membership for persons who have contributed for the uplift of the university Subscription The amount of subscription for a member shall be fixed by the Executive Committee (to start with it shall be Rs.1000/= for alumni in Pakistan and $ 100 for alumni working abroad) Sources of Income  Membership fee  Donations by alumni  Funds provided by the University  Donations from individuals and organizations Utilization of funds The funds shall be utilized for carrying out the objectives of the Association The Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:  President who shall be the Vice Chancellor of UVAS, Lahore  One Senior Vice President (Elected)  One Vice President (Elected)  General Secretary (who shall be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from amongst the alumni of teaching staff of the University)  Information Secretary (Elected)  Treasurer of the Association shall be elected from amongst the teacher members of UVAS  Six Executive members to be elected by the members of the Association (one member from each province and one each from AJK and Northern Areas)
  5. 5. 4 Selection/Election of Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall be elected for two years time on the occasion of annual general meeting which shall be ordinarily held in December at the University Campus Quorum of General body and Executive Committee  One half members shall form quorum for holding a meeting of the Executive Committee  The quorum for a general body meeting shall be 50 % of the registered members Duties and powers of the office Bearers (a) President:  To preside over the annual gatherings and all other such meetings of the Association  To sanction all expenditure required for running the affairs of the Association  To call the meetings of the Executive Committee and chalk out programs to be organized under the auspices of the Association  To issue necessary instructions to the office bearers for carrying out day to day work of the Association  To delegate his powers to any member(s) for performing functions of the Association (b) Vice President:  Senior Vice President shall use the powers of the President in his absence & in the absence of Senior VP, the Vice President shall preside over the meetings (c) General Secretary:  To record the minutes of all meetings of the Association and to get approval of the minutes from the President  To arrange all such functions of the Association which the president or executive committee may ask him to do  To maintain all records relevant to the Association  To call meetings of Executive Committee of the Association and the annual general meeting with the prior approval of the President  Maintain a register of registered members and get it published every year by the Secretariat of the Association (d) Treasurer:  To maintain record of income and expenditure of the Association  To prepare annual budget of the Association and present the same to the house (Executive Committee) Accounts The Treasurer and the General Secretary shall jointly operate the accounts Amendment(s) in Constitution No amendment can be made in the constitution of the association except in a General Body meeting where at least three fourth of the members present must vote for the amendment proposed before it can be adopted
  6. 6. 5 PREVIOUS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION EXCUTIVE COMMITTEES 1st Executive Committee UVAS Alumni Association November 22-23, 2004 Prof. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad President Prof. Dr. Tariq Aziz Senior Vice President Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Vice President Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan General Secretary Prof. Dr. Kamran Ashraf Treasurer Mr. Noor-uz-Zaman Rafiq Information Secretary President Punjab:Mr. Aism Mehmood Khan President NWFP:Dr. Ghulam Habib President Sindh:Mr. Ajmal Baloch President Balochistan: Dr. Muhammad Azam Kansi President AJK: Vacant Northjern Areas: Vacant 2nd Executive Committee UVAS Alumni Association December 18, 2007 Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz President Dr. Salah-ud-Din Senior Vice President Dr. Ajmal Baloch Vice President Prof. Dr. Azhar Maqbool General Secretary Prof. Dr. Kamran Ashraf Treasurer Dr. Syed Anwar Hussain Rizvi Joint Secretary Dr. Waseem Shaukat Information Secretary President Punjab: Dr. Muhammad Faiz Qamar President KPK: Prof. Dr. Ghulam Habib President Sindh: Dr. Ijaz Ali Chana President Balochistan: Dr. Muhammad Azam Kansi President AJK: Dr. Adnan Rashid Malik President Gilgit Baltastan: Dr. Ghulam Abbas Resp. of RVFC: Col. (R) Muhammad Abdullah 3rd Executive Committee UVAS Alumni Association March 12, 2012 Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha President Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Senior Vice President Dr. Hanif Nazir Vice President Prof. Dr. Azhar Maqbool, General Secretary Dr. Muhammad Avais Treasurer Dr. Syed Anwar Hussain Rizvi, Joint Secretary Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon Press & Publication Secretary President Punjab:Dr. Naveed Niazi President KPK:Dr. Javed Iqbal President Sindh:Dr. Jaimal Dhanani President Balochistan:Dr. Muhammad Arshad President AJK: Dr. Adnan Rashid Malik President Gilgit Baltastan: Dr. Ghulam Abbas Resp. of RVFC: Col. (R) Muhammad Ali
  7. 7. 6 ACTIVITIES OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION & PLACEMENT CENTRE IN 2012 1st Shajar Kari Muhim (Tree Plantation) 1st to 8th September 2012 Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha Mr. Jack Moser planting a tree during fund Inaugurating 1st Fundraising Week by planting a tree raising week planting a tree during first Shajarkari muhim Prayer after tree plantation Dr Japie Conradie planting a tree during first fund raising week for endowment fund.
  8. 8. 7 1ST JOB FAIR 2012 AT UVAS DECEMBER 08, 2012 Guest of honors inaugurating first job fair Vice Chancellor UVAS visiting stalls on Job Fair Over view of Job Fair venue Guest of honors with Organizing team of Job Fair
  9. 9. 8 OVERVIEW OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS 2012 Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha presiding The senior most member of Executive Committee Executive Committee meeting Prof. Dr. Jaimal Dhanani Glimpse of Executive Committee Meeting Executive Committee Members in Meeting
  10. 10. 9 PRIVILEGES FOR REGISTERED ALUMNI  Life time membership certificate  Alumni E-updates  Alumni network  Career services  Annual re-union & social activities  Special admission quota (for children of registered Alumni)  Special discount for rest/guest house (25 % discount)  Guided campus tour  Accessing campus library  Invitation for major events Life time membership certificate Your membership certificate, your UVAS identity. Being part of the UVAS alumni family, you are entitled to the Alumni Certificate. It is one that identifies you with UVAS, now and in years to come. Rejoice in your UVAS identity and start your lifelong connection with your alma mater. Alumni E-updates We keep you in touch with your alma mater, by updating you about programs and activities going on in University. New Bulletin e-newsletter is your complete source for timely and relevant information. Stay on top of the latest at your university. Each issue is packed with news, upcoming alumni events, continuing learning opportunities, faculty updates, graduate profiles, athletic information and more. Best of all it's delivered right to your desktop. Alumni Network The Alumni Association has formal and informal alumni groups across the world called branches/chapters. The purpose of branches and chapters is to support alumni networking by holding special events and co-hosting activities with other organizations and companies. Activities range from career networking events and speaker symposiums to comedy nights. If you'd like to get involved, contact us at or gave us a call on +92-42-99211449-50 Career services Alumni can take advantage of services such as the career fairs, individual consultations and the on-line job board. Student Employment Services resources are specifically designed to assist you in your career planning and job search. Annual re-union & social activities A host of activities and gatherings will be organized by the Placement Centre. All these will offer ample opportunities for networking and social interaction with your fellow alumni. Have a look at some of the previous events. Do keep a look out for our events announcements in our monthly News Bulletin Special admission quota for children of registered Alumni In today’s competitive environment UVAS do care of its Alumni, special admission quota for the children of registered members. Special discount for rest/guest house We will facilitate you in university rest/guest house on 25 percent discounted package. Placement Centre will assist you in accommodation and will make your stay memorable. Guided campus tour If you are planning a trip to your alma mater, UVAS, after a long period of time, do email us and we will be pleased to arrange for a campus tour where you will get to see the latest developments and new initiatives on campus. Special guided tour of various departments and new initiatives will be arranged for you Accessing Campus Library All alumni are eligible for access to the Library free of charge. To obtain a library card after graduation. All Members of the Alumni Association with are able to establish access to the library free of charge once they have obtained their Alumni Association membership certificate. Invitation in major events Registered members with Alumni Association will be invited in major events for participation, this is to strengthen our relationships.
  11. 11. 10 DIRECTORY UVAS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MEMBERS Honorary Alumni Members Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar Phone:051-9203416/0300-8408010 E-mail: 4th Floor, Evcaque Trust Complex, Sector F5/1 Islamabad Khalid Maqbool Phone: 042-36622120-1 E-mail: House No. 35, Askari Villas, Sarwer Colony Sarwer Road Lahore Cantt. Alumni Members Abroad A Mustaffa Phone: 60320953897 E-mail: 118 JLN Setiabakt. 9 BK. Damansara Kaula Lumpur-50496 Malaysia Ajit Singh Agewal Phone: E-mail: Village and Post office Narangwala Distt. Ludhiana India Bakhshish Singh Gill Phone: E-mail: Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana India Balbir Singh Paul Phone: E-mail: 7/2-Pau Campus, Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana 141004, India Jawahar Singh Grewal Phone: E-mail: Village and Post Office Narangwala Distt. Ludhiana India Kehar Singh Phone: E-mail: 4-new Jawahar Nagar Jallandur India Khalil Ahmad Phone: 815-464-6641 E-mail: 19933-Edinburgh Lane, Frankfort, IL 60423 United States of America Lachman Singh Hundal Phone: E-mal: 19/27, Punjab Agricultural Campus, Ludhiana India Muhammad Ajmal Phone: 631-5853830 E-mail: 19 Balvin Avenue, Centereach, New York 11720 United States of America Muhammad Aslam Phone: 540-246-6666/540-246-6666 E-mail: 1211 Sully Drive Harrisonburg, VA. 22801 United States of America Muhammad K. Alam Phone: 703-759-6474 E-mail: 1293 Difficult Run Ct Vienna VA 22182 United Staets of America Mushtaq A. Khan Phone: 301-435-1778 E-mail: 9454 Ellsworth Court Fulton M. D. 20759 United States of America
  12. 12. 11 Nasir Ahmed Phone: E-mail: All Creatures Animal Hospital. 40165 Murrieta Hot Spring road. Murrieta CA 92562, United States of America Nasir Hussain Shah Phone: 7183993289/717-393-2564 E-mail: nasir 12 N, Wood Road, Lancaster, PA 17602 United States of America O. B. Agnihotri Phone: 91-9810921418 E-mail: R-4/110 Rat Nagar, Ghaziabad(201002) U.P India Saif Ud Din Akbar Phone: 971-506572000 E-mail: jahangirakbar@ P.P Box 9920 Dubai United Arab of Emarate Salehuddin Mahmud Phone: 880-2-8115532 E-mail: 1/3, Dhaka Gousings Ultas Adliabad Mohammad Pur, Dhaka, Bangledesh Syed Ata-Ur-Rehman Rizvi Phone: E-mail: 2223 Stone Road, Ann Arbor,MI United States of America Syed Hassan Rizvi Phone: E-mail: 560 St Joseph Street, Windsor,On Canada Tanveer-Ul-Haq Khan Phone: E-mail: N. 54.25867.Glenridge Road Sussex.Wiscausin 53089 United States of America Zafar A. Jaffri Phone: 7182583368 E-mail: jaffari Z 51 Street Brooklyn New York 11204 United State of Amarica Alumni, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore Abdul Muqeet Khan Phone: 042-36859610/0333-4689897 E-mail: House No. 24, Street No. 4, Nawab Park, Ghorey Shah Road Lahore Abdul Rehman Phone: 042-99211374/0334-4053221 E-mail: Chak No. 5/M. R. Post Office Makhdoom Rashid, Tehsil & District, Multan Abdul Shakoor Phone: 047-7671060/0301-3116331 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Abdur Rehman Ansari Phone: 047-7628525/0300-5608745 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang
  13. 13. 12 Abid Hussain Shahzad Phone: 042-35413858/0300-4579734 E-mail: Mohalah Islampura, Post Office Mandi Faizabad, Tehsil & District Nankana Sahib Abu Saeed Hashmi Phone: 042-35116313 E-mail: 423/3C-1, Town Ship Lahore Adnan Khan Phone: 0323-4702733 E-mail: House No. 746, 1-A, Road, A-Block, Mehar Fiaz Colony, Fateh Gharh, Lahore Afran Ahmad Phone: 042-99212594 H. No. 3, St. St. No. 12, Tanveer Street, Sheikhupura, Tehsil & District, Sheikhupura Aftab Ahmad Anjum Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: Street No. 5/3, Muhammad Bibi Colony Jaranwala, District Faisalabad Ahmad Ali Phone: E-mail: Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics Faculty FLP&T, Lahore. Ahmad Jawad Sabir Phone: 0333-4784676 E-mail: Chak No. 249 J.B. Tehsil & District Toba Tek Singh Ahmad Yar Qamar Phone: 0332-4791879 E-mail: H. No. IX-955 / 1, St.No. 3, Mohallah Ali Pura Gujrat Ahtasham Khan Phone: 0320-5144676 E-mail: Gar Mohallah, St No. 3, H. No. P-179, Eid Gah Road Gojra Aijaz Ali Channa Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: H. No. 546/52, Town & P. O. Dokri, Taluka Dokri, District Larkana Akhtar Ali Phone: 0345-7501884 E-mail: Chak No. 9/1-L, Tehsil Renala Khurd, District Okara Ali Ahmad Sheikh Phone: 0300-4243648 E-mail: 19/10 Rattigon Road, Hajwary Park Lahore Aman Ullah Khan Phone: 0333-8021228/ 0300-8021228 E-mail: Mohalla Shah Saura Colony Narowal Amar Nasir Phone: 0300-8144088 E-mail: Siddique Street No.7, House No. 1, Malik Park Bara Dari Road Shahdra, Lahore Amina Chughtai Phone: 042-35430346/0300-4570021 E-mail: 459 Nishtar Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Amir Ghafoor Bajwa Phone: 0333-4299619 E-mail: H. No. 29, St.No. 2, Bajwa Stree, Bilal Colony Chuhang, Multan Road, Lahore
  14. 14. 13 Amjad Riaz Phone: 0333-4277748 E-mail: Ahmad Manzil, H. No. 2454-BIII, Nafees Street, Tehli Mohalla Pakpattan Aneela Zameer Durrani Phone: 0323-4032673 E-mail: H. No. 48, Phase - A, Agrics Town, Raiwind Road Lahore Anjum Khalique Phone: E-mail: 48-S-25, Mulsim Colony # 2, Niazi Street, Samanabad Lahore Arbab Sikandar Phone: 047-7671260/0334-4038376 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Asghar Hussain Phone: 0300-4666541 E-mail: H. No. 9735, St.No. 16, Mohallah Haider Abad Faisalabad Ashfaq Ahmad Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: 78-Madni Park, Near B-Block, Sabzazar Lahore Asif Abbas Malik Phone: 0320-4838868 E-mail: Village & Post Office Sarkalan, Tehsil & District Chakwal Asif Nadeem Phone: E-mail: Ittfaq Colony No. 2 Okara Asim Aslam Phone: 042-99212866 E-mail: 431-A-1, Township Lahore Asim Khalid Mehmood Phone: 042-37555773 E-mail: 7-Destgir St. No. 130, Ch. Raqh Din Road Multan Asma Waris Phone: 0331-4403461 E-mail: Village Sahdenwali, Post Office Ali Pur Chattah, Tehsil Wazirabad, District, Gujjaranwala Athar Mahmud Phone: 042-37321519 E-mail: H. No. 2, Outfall Road Lahore Ayesha Riaz Malik Phone: 042-37831458 E-mail: 91-Huma Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Ayesha Safdar Phone: E-mail: 123-C Abdalians Cooperative Housing Society, Near Shaukat Khanam, Lahore Azhar Maqbool Phone: 042-99211449/0300-4785270 E-mail: 214-Umar Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Basharat Mahmood Phone: 0321-9336149 E-mail: Village & P/O Mitranwali, Tehsil Daska, District Sialkot
  15. 15. 14 Dawar Hameed Mughal Phone: 042-37282564/0346-4346786 E-mail: H. No. 4, St. No. 3, Data Nagar, Badami Bagh Lahore Dilshad Phone: 0334-4186475 E-mail: B-Block, Ravi Campus, UVAS Pattoki Faisal Hussnain Phone: 0301-4674474 E-mail: Khalid Electric Service, Near Masjid Raza-a-Habib, Mohallah Sheikhan, Muridke Faiza Masood Phone: 042-35862267/0334-4563955 E-mail: 127 Ali Block, New Garden Town Lahore Fareeha Akhtar Phone: 0333-4295094 E-mail: University Diagnostic Laboratory, UVAS Lahore Fareehar Akhtar Phone: 042-99212594 E-mail: H. No. 124, St. No. 09, Rehman Town, Ravi Road Lahore Farina Malik Khattak Phone: 0320-5148018 E-mail: C / O Major Tariq Mehmood Village & Post Office Bahtar, District Attock Ghulam Hur Phone: 041-637676 E-mail: P/O Panj Girain, Tehsil & District Bhakkar Ghulam Mustafa Phone: 0321-4748826 E-mail: Gol Bazar Kamonke Gujranwala Ghulam Yasein Phone: 0333-8897989/0333-6112160 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Gulbeena Phone: 0300-9400919 E-mail: H. No. 22, St.No. 3, Taj Park, Raj Garh Lahore Habib-Ur-Rahman Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: H. No. 226/F, Lal Kurti, Sadar Bazar Lahore Cantt Lahore Hafiz Abdus Samad Phone: 042-99213021 E-mail: 561-B St. No. 10 l, Gulshan Ravi Lahore Hafiz Awais Nawaz Phone: 042-35175211/0300-4454458 E-mail: 317-E-I, Johar Town Lahore Hafiz Hussain Azhar Phone: 042-35852897/0321-8458139 E-mail: 99/100, J-Block, Model Town Lahore Hafiza Qamar-Un-Nisa Phone: 0333-6612422 E-mail: 481-D Block, Sultani Chowk, Ghulam Muhammad Abad Faisalabad
  16. 16. 15 Hafsa Zaneb Phone: 0320-4635541 E-mail: 73-F, Model Town Lahore Haji Manzoor Ahmad Phone: 042-37240906 E-mail: H. No. 10, Zia St. No. 59, Sanatnagar Lahore Hamad Bin Rashid Phone: 042-35421116 E-mail: 416-B, Canal View Housing Society, Multan Road Lahore Hamid Akbar Phone: 042-37164990/0321-4551700 E-mail: S. D-90, Army Housing Scheme, Defence Lahore Haroon Akbar Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: New Abadi Qila Chand Line Paar. P/O Anwar Industries, The. & District, Gujranwala Hassan Bin Aslam Phone: 044-2523580/0300-6955622 E-mail: H. No. 21-22, Block-X, Govt. Colony Okara Hassan Mahmood Phone: 0333-4315101 E-mail: 157-E, Iqbal Park, Lahore Cantt Lahore Huma Mujahid Phone: 042-36371218/0346-7195786 E-mail: 123/A, Irfan Street, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Huma Naeem Phone: 042-35182045/0324-4380457 E-mail: 56-A, B-Block, Revenue Employee Co-operative Housing Society College Road, Lahore Imran Javed Phone: 0300-5331495 E-mail: Gehlan Hithan Teh Chunian, District Kasur Imran Rasheed Phone: 042-99211449/0300-4259671 E-mail: SF06, Block II, Baghbanpura, G. T. Raod, Near UET Lahore Imran Zahoor Ch Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: Department of Poultry Production, UVAS Lahore Imtiaz Rabbani Phone: 042-35723045/0300-4301441 E-mail: M-174/1, Defence Housing Authority Lahore Cannt Lahore Irfan Irshad Phone: 0333-4392142 E-mail: Department of Pathology, UVAS Lahore Irshad Hussain Phone: 0334-9982367 E-mail: H. No. 4, St. No. 6-A, Mohammad Nagar Lahore Ishtiaq Ahmed Phone: 0300-7306928 E-mail: Chak No. 118/10-R, Tehsil Jahanian, District Khanewal
  17. 17. 16 Ishtiaque Ahmad Phone: 041-8767925/0301-8467001 E-mail: 44-D, Millat Town, Millat Road Faisalabad Jalees Ahmed Bhatti Phone: 0333-4228941 E-mail: Bhatti House, Main Bazar Chhaunga Manga, District Kasur Jamal Nasir Phone: 0333-4460326 E-mail: 208, Nargis Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Jawaira Ali Khan Phone: 042-37583729/0300-4104616 E-mail: 1-Ghalab Colony, Samanabad Lahore Jibran Hussain Phone: 0301-7008767 E-mail: Villege Pindi, Post Office Pindi, Tehsil & District Bhimber Azad Jamu & Kashmir Kamran Ashraf Phone: 042-99211449/0321-4213897 E-mail: 56/3-Khadiga Street, Abdali Road, Islampura Lahore Kashif Aziz Khan Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: Ali Street, Near Office Town Committee, Kashmir 120/9-1 Sahiwal Kashif Nauman Phone: 0333-6603969 E-mail: Chak No. 66/4-R, Post Office. 103/6-R, Tehsil Haroonabad Bahawalnagar Khalid Abdul Majeed Phone: 042-37568308/0323-4401684 E-mail: H. No. 5, St. No. 93, Jan Muhammad, Pir Ghazi Road, Ichra Lahore Khalid Javed Phone: E-mail: H. No. 218, St. No. 4, Main Bazar, Masoodabad, Samanabad Faisalabad Khalid Mahmood Anjum Phone: 0300-4664375 E-mail: Qila Tek Singh, Tehsil & District Hafizabad P/O Kaleke Khalid Pervez Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: Department of Clinical Medicine & Surgery, UVAS Lahore. Khalid Saeed 042-99211449/0331-4027476 E-mail: H. No. 21, St. No. 39, Sanat Nagar Lahore Khushi Muhammad Phone: 042-99211449/0333-4250708 E-mail: Chak No. 70-G.B, Rati Rata, Tehsil Jaranwala Faislabad Makhdoom Abdul Jabbar Phone: E-mail: Village No. 3/I.R, P. O. Aziz Abad, Via Chishtian Bahawal Nagar Mamoona Chaudhry Phone: 042-35421116/0300-4294657 E-mail: 416-B, Canal View Housing Society, Multan Road Lahore
  18. 18. 17 Mansur Ud Din Ahmad Phone: 0300-4199390 E-mail: 152-Sikandar Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Maqsood Ahmad Phone: 0321-6970156 E-mail: Chak No. 25/RB, Salhialy Kalan, Tehsil & District Sheikhupura Marriam Sardar Phone: 042-37149810/0332-4219502 E-mail: H. No. 49/50 Inside UVAS Lahore Masood Rabbani Phone: 042-37355775 E-mail: University Diagnostic Laboratory, UVAS Lahore Masroor Elah Babar Phone: 042-99213653/0334-4261313 E-mail: 248-A-1, Wazir Ali Raod, Upper Mall Lahore Mateen Abbas Phone: 041-8738639/0333-6546752 E-mail: P-149, Zubair Colony, Jaranwala Road Faisalabad Mazhar Iqbal Phone: 042-37461071 E-mail: 202-J, Gulshan-E-Ravi Lahore Mian Abdul Sattar Phone: 042-99213659 E-mail: 148-D, Rizwan Block, Awan Town, Multan Road Lahore Mian Muhammad Awais Phone: 041-2011626/0332-4482304 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Mirza Muhammad Usman Phone: 042-35922699/0322-4820228 E-mail: H. No. C-5, 220 KV Grid Station, Wapda Colony, New Kot Lakhpat Chungi Amar Sidhu Lahore Muhammad Abdullah Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: Village & P. O. Dhoke Musahib, Tehsil Talagang Chakwal Muhammad Adil Phone: 0345-9358013 RE-mail: Village & Post Office Gujrat, Tehsil & Dsitrict Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Muhammad Adil Rasheed Phone: 042-36660187 E-mail: E603/37A, St. No. 13 Madina Colony, Walton Raod, Lahore Cantt Lahore Muhammad Afzal Phone: 042-35971813 E-mail: 35-D PASSCO Housing Society Canal Bank Road Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore Muhammad Ahmad Phone: 042-36158424/0331-4595452 E-mail: Chak No. 215/E-B, Tehsil Burewala Vehari Muhammad Akram Phone: 042-35730475 E-mail: E-584/2, St. No. 1, Block D-1, Nisbat Colony, Lahore Cantt Lahore
  19. 19. 18 Muhammad Akram Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: Department of Poultry Production, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Akram Seimab Phone: 042-99211449-50 E-mail: H. No. 14, St. No. 13, Mujahidabad, Mughalpura Lahore Muhammad Aleem Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: 62/2 Sher Khan, R. D. Lahore Cantt Lahore Muhammad Amir Altaf Phone: 042-36846905 E-mail: 20-Suraiya Jabeen Park, Baghbanpura Lahore Muhammad Amir Saeed Phone: 042-37412762 E-mail: H. No. 173-F, Usman Park, Ghulshan-E-Ravi Lahore Muhammad Arfan Zaman Phone: 0463-513554/0333-3008334 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Muhammad Arif Khan Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: 24-C Sabza Zar, Multan, Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Arshad Javid Phone: 0300-6781431 E-mail: Mohallah Karnalvi Behal, Tehsil & District Bhakkar Muhammad Asad Ali Phone: 042-99211449/0332-4142746 E-mail: Vill. Jatla Post Office Noor Kot, Tehsil Shakar Garh Narowal Muhammad Ashraf Phone: E-mail: 60-A, Jinnah Street, Rustam Park Lahore Muhammad Athar Khan Phone: 042-37463975 E-mail: 490-G, Gulshan Ravi Lahore Muhammad Avais Phone: 042-37584057 E-mail: Chak No. 287/E. B, Tehsil Burewala Vehari Muhammad Azhar Ishaq Phone: 0334-6312567 E-mail: H. No. 346, Basti Ghousia, Satellite Town Near Mosa Chowk Jhang Muhammad Farooq Rai Phone: 042-37847053 E-mail: Flat No. A-55, Government Flats, Huma Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Muhammad Hassan Mushtaq Phone: 042-35185182/0346-4488875 E-mail: H. No. 44 B-2, Punjab Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore Muhammad Hassan Saleem Phone: 042-37356159/0333-4287286 Phone: 693-F, Wapda Town Lahore
  20. 20. 19 Muhammad Idnan Phone: 0333-4556732 E-mail: Muhalla Chamba Park Near Kothi Haq Nawaz Sultan Road, Baghbanpura, Lahore Muhammad Ijaz Phone: 0333-6255049 E-mail: Ward No. 22, H. No. 122, Madina Town, Near Old City Mailsi Vehari Muhammad Imran Phone: 0321-4096581 E-mail: Chak No. 85/R.B. Tehsil Shah Kot Nankana Sahib Muhammad Imran Najeeb Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: H. No. P-19, St. No. 2, Satiana Road Faisalabad Muhammad Iqbal Phone: E-mail: Institute of Continuing Education & Extention, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Irfan-Ur-Rehman Khan Phone: 0333-4275195 E-mail: H. No. B-1-496/A, Opposite Forest Office, Railway Road Muzaffargarh Muhammad Junaid Phone: 0300-4836804 E-mail: H. No. 4, Jan Muhammad Street # 93, Peer Ghazi Road, Ichra Lahore Muhammad Kamran Phone: 042-36852763 E-mail: H. No. 21, St. No. 14, Gujrpura Lahore Muhammad Kamran Phone: 0313-4048737 E-mail: H. No. I - 33 - S - 9, Main Bazar, Mohallah Road Kot Kasure Muhammad Kashif Phone: 0300-7094194 E-mail: WearJawana Bangla, P/O Rang Pur Muzaffargarh Muhammad Lateef Phone: 0300-9425028 E-mail: 538-E, Tajpura Scheme Mughalpura Lahore Muhammad Muddasir Ali Phone: 0333-6252189 E-mail: 141-B, Shah Rukn-E-Alam Colony Multan Muhammad Naeem Khan Phone: E-mail: APT, W-5-B, Askari-I, Sarfaraz Rafique Road Lahore Muhammad Nazir Bhatti Phone: 042-35313342 E-mail: 343/F-2, Johar Town Lahore Muhammad Oneeb Phone: 042-36857151/0322-4668414 E-mailk: 145 Allama Iqbal Road, Mustafaabad Lahore Muhammad Ovais Omer Phone: 0333-4244780 E-mail: 327-C Block, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road Lahore
  21. 21. 20 Muhammad Quaid Zaman Phone: 091-285058 E-mail: 805/4 Khalabat, Town Ship, Haripur Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Raza Hameed Phone: 047-7671260/0333-6616260 E-mail: Chak No. 67/GB, Jaranwal Town Faisalabad Muhammad Rizwan Yousuf Phone: 0333-5200512 E-mail: St. No. 19, Wahdat Colony Gujranwala Muhammad Saad Ullah Phone: 0345-7911841 E-mail: H. No. 1, Shghcane quarters, University of Agrucultrue Faisalabad Muhammad Sabir Phone: 042-37554548 E-mail: 3-A Wahdat Park, Wahdat Colony Lahore Muhammad Sajid Phone: 047-7671260/0332-4747045 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Muhammad Sarwar Khan Phone: 042-37577279 E-mail: 21-Union Park, Samanabad Lahore Muhammad Shahbaz Yousaf Phone: 042-99212871/0332-6639794 E-mail: Department of Physiology, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Shahzad Hussain Phone: 042-99212871/0333-8909164 E-mail: C/O Asad Awan, Principal, Govt. College of Commerce, Liaqat Road, Sahiwal Muhammad Sharif Mughal Phone: 042-35300878/0300-4187432 E-mail: H. No. 117 Block F/2 Johar Town Lahore Muhammad Suleman Phone: E-mail: Department of Pathology, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Tayyab Phone: 0333-6223001 E-mail: Kot Dost Muhammad, Near Railway Colony Khanewal Muhammad Usman Phone: 055-4271323/0333-4548265 E-mail: Rasheed Colony, St. No. 9, Ferozwala Road Gujranwala Muhammad Usman Mehmood Phone: 042-99211461/0334-6126693 E-mail: usman0661@hotmail H. No. 142, Block-C, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony Multan Muhammad Wasim Phone: 0300-7316331 E-mail: Al-Mubarak 11, Aljannat Street, Sultanabad, Gulgashat Colony Multan Muhammad Yamin Janjua Phone: 0320-4653821 E-mail: H. No. 18/165, Mujahid Road Sialkot
  22. 22. 21 Muhammad Yaser Khan Phone: 0606-810600/0313-6768574 E-mail: Ward No. 5, Tehsil Karor Lal Eason Layyah Muhammad Yasin Tipu Phone: 042-99211374 E-mail: 14-Rasheed Road, Behind, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Yasir Zahoor Phone: 0333-4484580 E-mail: H. No. 618-A, Block-F, Johar Town Lahore Muhammad Zahid Phone: 0302-4796568/0333-9987563 E-mail: Institute of Continuing Education & Extension, UVAS Lahore Muhammad Zahid Farooqi Phone: 0301-7175369 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Muhammad Zubair Shabbir Phone: 042-99212594 E-mail: H. No. 9, St. No. 174-A, Ghousia Colony, College Road, Baghbanpura, Lahore Muti-Ur-Rehman Khan Phone: 0333-4341363 E-mail: Village Ali Khel, P/O Hathi Khan Wala Mianwali Nadira Khalid Phone: E-mail: SF06, Block II, Baghbanpura, G. T. Raod, Near UET Lahore Nasim Ahmad Phone: 0300-4800650 E-mail: 1-C, Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg-5 Lahore Naureen Aziz Qureshi Phone: 042-99213510 E-mail: 1 Awan Block, Muslim Town Faisalabad Nisar Ahmad Phone: 0300-9417152 E-mail: Chak No. 60/S.L, Burjwala, P/O Same Sahiwal Nisar Ahmad Phone: 042-35092266/0313-4408972 E-mail: H. No. 4, Rahim Colony 62, Sultan Pura Lahore Noor Khan Phone: 042-99212871 E-mail: Village Mala Khel, P/O Maleerwal, Tehsil Isa Khel Mianwali Nusrat Shaheen Phone: 047-7671260/0307-7814996 E-mail: R/O Green Town, Near Gridstation Talagang Road Mianwali Rabia Tahir Phone: 049-4011666/0323-6774961 E-mail: St. Moshtaq Dhangal, Zaheerabad Colony, Chunian Kasur Rahat Munir Ch Phone: 042-37146364/0333-4263767 E-mail: H-1, Muhammad Ali Qilla St. Muslim Road, Ittfaq Colony, Sanda Khurd, Lahore
  23. 23. 22 Rahat Naseer Phone: 042-37929915 E-mail: 9-Jahangir Park, Shahdra Town Lahore Raheela Akhtar Phone: 042-99212866/0312-4287296 E-mail: H. No. 718 Saidan Shah Colony, Wazir Ali Road, Upper Mall Lahore Rahila Jabeen Phone: 042-37111413/0333-4389670 E-mail: H. No. 7, Out Fall Road, UVAS Lahore Rana Amjad Iqbal Phone: 0300-8898224 E-mail: Rajpotan Wala Mohalla, Ward No. 6, Villege & Post Office Vijh, Tehsil Sahiwal District Sargodha Rana Muhammad Ayub Phone: 042-37462081 E-mail: H. No. 820-A, Block Gulshan-E-Ravi Lahroe Sabiqaa Masood Phone: 0333-6573122 E-mail: 18-Lalazar Colony, University of Agriculture Faislabad Sadaf Aslam Phone: 0322-8088028 E-mail: 63-Hadayatullah Block, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road Lahore Sadaqat Ali Chattha Phone: 0332-4724564 E-mail: H. No. 678/E, St. No. 01, Ali Park Nadar Abad Badian Road Lahore Sadia Khanum Phone: 0333-4456612 E-mail: H. No. 42-A, Gulfishan Colony, Jhang Road Faisalabad Saeed Ahmad Phone: 0304-4979789/0333-7029719 E-mail: Post Office Mochi Wali Muzaffargharh Saeed Ahmed Phone: 042-37236374/0334-4945725 E-mail: Department of Food Nutrition, UVAS Lahore Sahar Ijaz Phone: 042-35858446 E-mail: 129-B-5, Model Town Lahore Saif-Ur-Rehman Kashif Phone: 042-36187125/0300-6650766 E-mail: H. No. 6-7, Al-Hasni St. Out Fall Road Lahore Saima Phone: 042-37236374 E-mail: Department of Animal Nutrition, UVAS Lahore. Saima Ashraf Phone: 042-36613519/0322-4255272 E-mail: H. No. 1100, St. No. 85, charas Muhallah, Sadar BazarCantt Lahore Saima Inayat Phone: 0333-5145747 E-mail: 4-B, Rajput Town, Near EME Society, Multan Road Lahore
  24. 24. 23 Saima Masood Phone: 0333-6172993 E-mail: Rana House, 2-A/1, Kacha Rasheed Raod, Bilal Ganj Lahore Saima Sarwar Phone: E-mail: 401, Q-Block, Model Town Lahore Saleem Ahmad Phone: 042-37830305 E-mail: 22 Rasool Park, Sultan Road Lahore Saleem Qaiser Phone: 0333-4230574 E-mail: 5-X-13, Madina Town Faisalabad Sameera Akhtar Phone: 042-36369615 E-mail: 4/6-A, Mohammad Nagar, Allama Iqbal Road Lahore Sanan Raza Phone: 0300-5425760 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Saqib Manzoor Phone: 0334-4201938 E-mail: Al-Sabqib Agricultural Complex, Kotla Mughalan, Tehsil Jampur Rajanpur Sehrish Firyal Phone: 0333-6573392 E-mail: Chak No. 123/ G.B. Sidhu Pura, Sheikh Imran Town Faisalabad Shabbir Iqbal Qureshi Phone: 061-4028488 E-mail: 135-D, Phase-I, Defence Housing Authority Lahore Shagufta Saeed Phone: 0314-7616506 E-mail: 201-D, Faisal Town Lahore Shahan Azeem Phone: 042-36557930 E-mail: H 314, Canal Point Housing Scheme, Harbans Pura Lahore Shahid Abbas Phone: 042-99211449 E-mail: Department of Physiology & Biochemistry, UVAS Lahore Shaista Abbas Phone: E-mail: Opposite to H. no.E 133 Gillani Street Nadirabad No. 1 Bedian Road, Lahore Shamoon Naseem Phone: 042-36830379 E-mail: H. No. 4, St.No. 35, New Dehrampura, Mustafaabad Lahroe Shehla Gul Bhukhari Phone: 042-37236027 E-mail: 47-Lakshmi Mansion, Hall Raod Lahore Sheryar Afzal Phone: 041-718762 E-mail: 389-C Batala Colony Faisalabad
  25. 25. 24 Sidra Ashraf Phone: 042-37416916/0345-7059076 E-mail: 60-A-Jinnah Stret Rustam Park, Multan Road Lahore Sohail Ahmad Phone: 0313-4288381 E-mail: H. No. 13/C, St. No. 63, Islampura Lahore Sualeha Riffat Phone: 042-35971825/0345-4294856 E-mail: 25/D, Lahore Canal Bank Housing Society Lahore Summera Iqbal Phone: 0300-8790630 E-mail: 137/B, D-Ground People’s Colony No-1 Faisalabad Syed Aun Muhammad Phone: 0345-7137318 E-mail: Post Office Kala, Tehsil & District Dera Ghazi Khan Syed Ehtisham-Ul-Haque Phone: 041-8549337/0333-6501627 E-mail: 7-X-3, Madina Town Faisalabad Syed M. Imtiaz Hussain Phone: 0606-810600/0322-6955622 E-mail: Principal, Para-Veterinary School, Karor Lal Eason Layyah Syed M. Muneeb Anjum Phone: 042-99214341/0300-4159890 E-mail: H. No. 7, St. No. 12, Ali Muhammad Park, Tajpura Scheme Lahore Talat Naseer Pasha Phone: 042-99211476/042-99211461 E-mail: 208-J, EME Housing Society, Tokhar Niaz Bag Lahore Tanveer Hussain Phone: 0333-4955348 E-mail: Chaudhary Gen Store Rehber Town, H. M. C. Taxila Tariq Abbas Phone: E-mail: H. No. 440, St. No.2, Block 18, Farid Abad Colony Dera Ghazi Khan Tariq Abbas Phone: 0346-6588711 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Tariq Mahmood Bajwa Phone: 042-99211449-374 E-mail: 201/C, Samanabad Faisalabad Tariq Naeem Phone: 0313-6723339 E-mail: Post Office Jaman Shah, Tehsil & District Layyah Tauseef Ahmad Phone: 0333-6309829 E-mail: 132-KV Grid Station, Haroon Abad Bahawalnagar Tayyab Munir Akhtar Phone: 0300-4946981 E-mail: Iqbal Street Ahmad Nagar, Pattoki Kasur
  26. 26. 25 Usman Waheed Phone: 047-6761260/0300-7658010 E-mail: College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 12-KM Chinniot Road Jhang Uzma Farid Durrani Phone: 042-35711293/0333-4583808 E-mail: 7/8 Mian Mir, Upper Mall Lahore Waseem Shahzad Phone: 042-99211449/0300-4213043 E-mail: 410-I-CI, Township Lahore Yassar Abbas Phone: 047-9200392/0300-7937212 E-mail: Chak No. 478/J.B, Tehsil Shorkot Jhang Zafar Iqbal Phone: 047-671260/0344-7667303 E-mail: St. No. 5, Fareed Town, Mian Channu Khanewal Zia Ullah Phone: 0321-8477847 E-mail: 58-A-1, Valencia Town Lahore Zia-Ur-Rehman Phone: 0333-7474408 E-mail: H. No. 747, B-III, Mohalla Khawajgan, Khanpur Rahim Yar Khan Retired Alumni, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciencse, Lahore Asif Rabbani Phone: 042-35723045 E-mail: 174/1-M Defence Housing Authority, Lahore Cannt Lahore Haji Ahmad Hashmi Phone: 042-37117665 E-mail: Kot Radha Kishan Kasur Iftikhar Gul Ahmad Phone: 042-37582091 E-mail: 2-Rajpoot Street, Muslim Cononey, Samanabad Lahore Iqbal Ahmad Phone: 042-35856211 E-mail: 30-A Model Town Lahore Javeed Ahmad Qureshi Phone: 042-37578874/0320-4842658 E-mail: 14-New Market, Samanabad Lahore Manzoor Ahmad Basra Phone: 042-35302521 E-mail: 3-Basra House, Johar View, Canal Road, New Campus Lahore
  27. 27. 26 Manzoor Ahmad Qureshi Phone: 042-35419696 E-mail: 96-A, PCSIR Housing Society, University Canal Bank Lahore Masood Ahmad Phone: 042-37440660 E-mail: 434, Zeenat Block, Allama lqbal Town Lahore Mehmood Ahmad Mughal Phone: 042-35722083 E-mail: 193-D, Defence Housing Authority, Lahore Cant Lahore Mian Nisar Ahmad Phone: 042-37114762 E-mail: 389-A, Revenue Employees Co-operative Housing Society Lahore Mian Zafar-Ud-Din Phone: 042-37460545 E-mail: 23-Gulfishan Colony, Multan Road Lahore Mubashar Saeed Mian Phone: 042-36857628/0300-4746571 E-mail: H. No. 4, Rahim Colony, 62-Sultan Pura Road Lahore Muhammad Agha Khan Phone: 046-3513285 E-mail: Gor Mohalla, St. No. 4, Near EID Gah Gotra Tek Singh Muhammad Akram Munir Phone: E-mail: H. No. 1, Muhammad Ali Street, Muslim Road, Sanda Khurd Lahore Muhammad Amin Sh. Phone: 0300-9490906 E-mail: Mohallah Noor Pur, Mandi Farooqabad Sheikhupura Muhammad Ashfaq Phone: 042-35832421 E-mail: 63 Babar Block, New Garden Town Lahore Muhammad Ashfaq Phone: 0301-7119010 E-mail: P-279/4, St. No. 2, Mustafafabad Faisalabad Muhammad Aslam Bhatti Phone: 042-37354924 E-mail: 96-Riwaz Garden Lahore Muhammad Khalid Amin Phone: 042-35731622/0300-9450139 E-mail: 80-Army Housing Scheme, Nishat Colony, Lahore Cant Lahore Muhammad Naeem Phone: E-mail: 38- Arya Nagar Scheme Puunchh Road Samanabad Lahore Muhammad Nawaz Phone: 0300-6600704 E-mail: 454-E 1, Wapda Town Lahore Muhammad Yaqoob Malik Phone: 042-36301850 E-mail: 19/B White House Lane, Sundar Das Road Lahore
  28. 28. 27 Saghir Ahmad Jafri Phone: E-mail: 719 karim Block Iqbal Town Lahore Sheikh Muhammad Nawaz Phone: 042-35757723 E-mail: 131-P Gulberg II Lahore Tufail Muhammad Khan Phone: 042-37063449/0334-9984931 E-mail: 217-Gulzeb Coloney, Pak Road, Samanabad Lahore Zafar Iqbal Phone: 042-35301116 E-mail: 451-A, Block G-III, Johar Town Lahore Alumni, Livestock & Dairy Development Department Abdul Khaliq Sheikh Phone: 0459-30253 E-mail: N-53, Punnu Khel Street Mianwali Abdul Razzaq Bajwa Phone: 0333-4298419 E-mail: Sikhana Bajwa, Tehsil Kamoki Gujranwala Abdul Rehman Phone: 042-5152608 E-mail: H.No. 181, Block No. 11, Sector B-1, Township Lahore Abdul Samad Shaikh Phone: 413755 E-mail: Ward No 13, Mohalla Sheikanwala, Al-Mudassar Layyah Abdur Rehman Phone: 0435-813541/0320-4878851 E-mail: Bahu Street Shish Mahal Road, Hajveri Mohalla Kamoke Gujranwala Ahsan-Ul-Haq Phone: 04942-421887 E-mail: H. No. 158, Mohalla Sethian, Shorkot City Jhang Akhtar Ghulam Mustafa Phone: 0300-6181878 E-mail: Villege & Post Office Miani, Tehsil & District Sialkot Amir Ahmad Khan Niazi 04942-421887 E-mail: Research Institute for Physiology of Animal Reproduction, Bhunikey, Kasur Amjad Ali Shah Phone: 042-3521680 E-mail: 12-A, Gulshan Park Mughalpura Lahore Asma Hussain Phone: 0693-63086 E-mail: H.No. 389, St.No. 4, Southern Block, Sharqi Colony Vehari
  29. 29. 28 Azeem Ijaz Phone: 0300-6540388 E-mail: 59-D Izmir Town, Canal Bank Road Lahore Bashir Mahmood Bhati Phone: 051-9290170 E-mail: DGReseardh, Livestock & Dairy Department, VRI Ghazi Road Lahore Daulat Reheem Kkan Phone: 0336-74279281 E-mail: 386-J Block, Sabzazar Lahore Farhat Nazir Awan Phone: 042-35422739 E-mail: 156-Kausar Block, Awan Twon, Multan Road Lahore Farrukh Ali Khan Phone: 0300-4000927 E-mail: 21-Eden Cottages Phase-1, Main Boalevards, Defence Lahore Farrukh Nazir Phone: 0300-4107367 E-mail: 267 Ravi Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Fazal Mahmood-Ul-Hassan Phone: 0431-265012 E-mail: Sadhoke Via Kamoke Gujranwala Ghazala Nawaz Phone: 042-6672445 E-mail: H. No. B-5, Veterinary Research Institute, Zarar Shaheed Road Lahore Ghulam Murtaza Arshad Phone: 0300-4664832 E-mail: Chak No. 128 N.B. Tehsil Sillanwali Sargodha Hafiz Muhammad Hammad Danish Phone: 0332-8328008 E-mail: House No. B2/739, MuslimAbad Gujrat Hafiza Fizza Khan Phone: 0300-4126396 E-mail: 195-Bilal Block, Nishter Colony Lahore Hafiza Rukhsar Phone: 0306-4276590 E-mail: H. No. 2, Muhalla Bilal Town, Sui Gas Road Gujranwala Haider Noor Phone: 0315-7065599 E-mail: Chak No. 60-16/F, Hasilpur Bahawalpur Hamid Jalil Phone: 0300-4262309 E-mail: 123-B Ahmad Block, Garden Town Lahore Haneef-Ur-Rehman Zia Phone: 0547-521264/0321-9500304 E-mail: H. No. 8/19, Madni Street, Main Bazar Hafizabad Haroon Durrani Phone: 483009277 E-mail: C/O Prof. Abdul Kabir Hashmi, 57-R PGECHS, College Road Township, Lahore
  30. 30. 29 Idrees Ali Zahid Phone: 04942-421887 E-mail: 22-Kamran Park Near Mansoora Hospital, Multan Road Lahore Israr-Ul-Haq Chohan Phone: 059-200292/0321-4071784 E-mail: 40-Z, Housing Colony Sheikhupura Jahan Zeb Habib-Ullah Phone: 042-6302120 E-mail: 7-B, Davis Road Lahore Khalid Pervaiz Phone: 0346-7592910 E-mail: 284, Paragon City Lahore Khuda Buksh Baloch Phone: 04942-420071 E-mail: 57 - J, Canal Berg Housing Society, Multan Road Lahore Malik Muhammad Nawaz Phone: E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute Ghazi Road Lahore Mansoor Ahmad Phone: 0694-412878 E-mail: Ward No. 2, Faisal Colony Kot Adu Muzafar Garh Maqbool Ahmad Phone: 048-3220025/0300-6133217 E-mail: H.No. 8, St. No. 14, Block Y, New Satellite Town Sargodha Masood Ahmad Phone: 042-5168276 E-mail: 417-K, Model Town Lahore Masood-Ul-Hassan Javed Phone: 0345-4073008 E-mail: C-9 Veterinary Research Institute, Zarar Shaheed Road Lahore Mohammad Ashraf Phone: 061-63078 E-mail: H. No. C-3, Govt Circuit House Colony Dist Jail Road Multan Mohammad Latif Phone: 04942-421887 E-mail: Village & P/O Pinwal Tehsil & District Chakwal Muhammad Afzal Sajid Phone: 042-7447164 E-mail: 365-Huma Block, Iqbal Town Lahore Muhammad Anwarullah Phone: 0322-6616670 E-mail: C/O, Muhammad Aslam Javed, House No. 21-22, Block-X, Govt Colony, Okara Muhammad Arshad Phone: 042-7840125/0300-9412105 E-mail: 125-Block-A Sabza Zar Scheme Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Asghar Ramay Phone: 062-2882387 E-mail: 57-D, Officers Colony Bahawalpur
  31. 31. 30 Muhammad Ashraf Iqbal Phone: 042-9201126 E-mail: H. No. 5, St. No.18, Nabipura, Lalpul Mughalpura Lahore Muhammad Aslam Phone: 0320-4628727 E-mail: 190-Mehran Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi Phone: 0459-232141/0301-3950496 E-mail: Village Attock Peniala, P. O Kundal, Teh ISA Khel Mianwali Muhammad Hanif Khan Phone: 042-99201125 E-mail: Livestock & Dairy Development Department 16-Cooper Road Lahore Muhammad Iqbal Phone: 042-36683877/042-92201368 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute, Zarar Shaheed Road Lahore Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqui Phone: 042-99201115 E-mail: 64-A-II, Hassan Town, Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Irfan Zahid Phone: 051-9290855 E-mail Gali Masjid Soofianwali, Nai Abadi, Baddomalli Narowal Muhammad Latif Raja Phone: 042-99201109 E-mail: Breed Improvement Livestock & Dairy Development, 16-Cooper Road, Lahore Muhammad Ramzan Phone: 0300-3759701 E-mail: Kilh Naimatullah Kulak Tehsil & District Qilla Abdullah Muhammad Younas Phone: 042-5731325 E-mail: Village Jegual, P/O Mushtaq Bagh, Tehsil Signal Narowal Muhammad Zulfiqar Ch. Phone: 042-99220135 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute Ghazi Road Lahore Mushtaq Ahmad Gondal Phone: 0300-7735285/0333-4606352 E-mail: Basti Riaz Abad, Mouza Nourabad, P/O Sardar Pur Jahandir, Tehsil Mailsi, Vehari Nadeem Akram Phone: 0300-8700578 E-mail: H. No. B-22, P/O, S. T. M Sargodha Sargodha Nadeem Haider Phone: 052-6281498/0300-7151315 E-mail: Haidry Market Mian Bazar Chawinda Tehsil Pasrur Sialkot Najam-Ud-Din Touqiz Phone: 04443-622048 E-mail: 195-Muslim Town, Renala Khurd Okare. Najma Tasawur Phone: 042-5763300 E-mail: 74-Rustam Park, Gulgasht Colony, Samanabad Morr Lahore
  32. 32. 31 Naveed Hussain Phone: 0333-4264583 E-mail: St. No. 2, Shaeikpura Hafizabad Noor-Ul-Zaman Rafiq Phone: 042-35163502 E-mail: 502-C, Faisal Town Lahore Rafaqat Ali Phone: 0300-9426023 E-mail: Villege & P/O Shahzada Via Kahna Nau Ferozpor Road Lahore Rashad Munir Khawaja Phone: 0300-6429536/0321-6284540 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute, Ghazi Road Lahore Rashid Ahmad Phone: 661081 E-mail: Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadurnagar Okara Razia Sultana Phone: 042-7834006 E-mail: 756-B Block, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road Lahore Riaz Ahmad Khan Mayo Phone: 0300-4307592 E-mail: Al-Badar Veterinary Clinic Near Police Station Khudian Khas Kasur Saeed Ahmad Sindhu Phone: 055-4221759/0303-6302656 E-mail: St. No. 3, Garden Colony, Opposite Crown Cinema, Gurjakh Road Gujranwala Sajjad Zaheer Malik Phone: 042-99201117 E-mail: 14-C, Phase-I, Johar Town Lahore Sarwat Naz Phone: 042-36614477 E-mail: 141-A, PAF Officers Colony, Zarar Shaheed Road Lahore Shabbir Ahmad Phone: 042-36615158 E-mail: H. No. B3, Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore Cantt Lahore Shabnam Ilyas Ch. Phone: 042-37464419 E-mail: 4/25 Sodiwal Colony, Multan Road Lahore Shahid Hussain Phone: 042-99201116 E-mail: 242-H 3, M. A, Johar Town Lahore Shahid Nasir Phone: 042-35424548 E-mail: 190-Mehran Block, Allam Iqbal Town Lahore Shahzada Parveen Phone: 042-35745582 E-mail: H. No. E 782, St. No. 10, Block D-3, Link Road, Nishat Colony Lahore Syed Anwar Hussain Rizvi Phone: E-mail: FA-7, Wahdat Colony Lahore
  33. 33. 32 Syed Muhammad Subtain Phone: 086-9230124/0300-6850114 E-mai: 180-C, W-Block, Scheme No. 2, Gulshan Iqbal Rahim Yar Khan Tahir Yaqub Phone: 0442-661101 E-mail: H. No. 1-Y, Scheme No. 3, Farid Town Sahiwal Tariq Masood Phone: 081-854480 E-mail: 109-Patel Bagh, Kaikalad Road Quetta Tasneem Akhtar Phone: 042-99201109/0333-4622440 E-mail: Livestock & Dairy Development Department, 16-Cooper Road Lahore Umer Ahmad Phone: 042-37572175 E-mail: 4-Rasheed Street, Ghulam Nabi Colony, Samanabad Lahore Zafar Iqbal Phone: 0302-4434974 E-mail: H. No. 14, St 86-A, Rajgarh, Rewaz Garden Lahore Zafar Jamil Gill Phone: 042-99220140 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute Ghazi Road Lahore Retired Alumni, Livestock & Dairy Development Department Abdul Majeed Phone: 042-37418299 E-mail: F-169, Gulshan Ravi Lahore Abdul Wahab Khan Phone: 042-37443340 E-mail: 430 Jahanzeeb Block, Iqbal Town Lahore Akhwand Mustafa Rouf Phone: 042-35421183 E-mail: 80-A PCSIR Colony Canal Bank Road New Campus Lahore Asmat Ullah Khan Phone: 042-36651053 E-mail: 107-C Railway Officer Colony Walton Road, Lahore Cantt Lahore Ch. Muhammad Shafi Gill Phone: E-mail: 32 Q, Model Town Extension Lahore Ghaus Muhammad Khan Phone: 021-4554142 E-mail: 3/B Block A. S. M. C .H. Society Karachi
  34. 34. 33 Ijaz Hussain Phone: 042-36666246 E-mail: 116/3, Tufail Road, Lahore, Cant. 54810 Lahore Javeed Hasan Khawaja Phone: 042-37460140 E-mail: H. No. 8, Rustam Park, Lodhi Street, Multan Road Lahore Khurshid Akbar Phone: E-mail: 65 National Park, Babar Street, Sanda Road Lahore Mian Naseer Ahmad Sleem Phone: 042-37511791 E-mail: 208-J, EME Housing Society, Tokhar Niaz Bag Lahore Muhammad Anwar Phone: 0333-4474332 E-mail: P-59, Shahzad Colony, Satina Road Faisalabad Muhammad Jamil Phone: 042-36367899 E-mail: 32-B, Davis Road Lahore Muhammad Munawar Khan Phone: 042-35892430 E-mail: Khan House, Gali/Mohallah P-Block, Rehman Gardens, DHA Naseer Ahmad Sheikh Phone: 042-35428094 E-mail: 58 Mehran Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Niaz Muhammad Khan Sherwani Phone: 042-37574588 E-mail: 14 - Zubaida Park, Multan Road Lahore Riffat Sulman Butt Phone: 042-35725526 E-mail: 159-U, D. H.A. Lahore Cantt Lahore Syed Badar-ud-Din Andarabi Phone: 051-5722371 E-mail: 734-F, Satellite Town Rawalpindi University of Agriculture Faisalabad Muhammad Khaliq Lala Phone: 0300-7687056 E-mail: 6/A Gulfishan Colony, Jhang Road Faisalabad
  35. 35. 34 Retired Alumni, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Anwar-ul-Haq Anwar Phone: 041-669093 E-mail: 134-Shalimar Park, Professor Block Faisalabad-38080 Chaudhary Shaukat Ali Phone: 0571-569226 E-mail: Villege & P/O Chakora Sohawa Chakwal Road Chakwal Ibn Rasul Khan Phone: 041-787950 E-mail: 158 Lasani Town Faisalabad Khawaja Tariq Aziz Phone: 042-35743883 E-mail: Apartment No. 36 Rehman Gardens, Adjacent P Block DHA, Lahore Muhammad Abdul Majeed Phone: 041-782285 E-mail: 101-Lasani Town Sargodha Raod Faisalabad Muhammad Nawaz Phone: 041-624607 E-mail: University of Agricultur Faisalabad Alumni, Remount Veterinary Farms & Corps Abdullah Khan Phone: 042-35042586/0333-6787975 E-mail: Villege& P/O Chak No 123/RB. Tehsil Sangla Hill Nankana Sahib Hafiz Muhammad Rafiq Phone: E-mail: Sutlaj Rangers Lahore Jalil Aftab Phone: 042-37228311 E-mail: H. No. 11, St. No. 3, Slamat Mohalla, Mohni Road Lahore Muhammad Ali Phone: 042-66993633 E-mail: Sherqi Mayo Colony Mustafa Abad Kasur Muhammad Anwar Asim Phone: 042-35898407 E-mail: H. No. 311, Sector EE Phase 4, DHA, Cantt Lahore Muhammad Arshad Shad Phone: 0321-4600119 E-mail: 98/7 Khokhar Street, Muhammad Pura Narowal Riasat Ali Phone: 051-56132271 E-mail: Chak No. 217/G.B P/O SameTehsil Samundri Faisalabad Saleem Khan Niazi Phone: 042-6560384 E-mail: 302-Nishat Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
  36. 36. 35 Sultan Mahmood Phone: E-mail: 134 Sittar Park Sanda Lahore Tariq Mahmood Khan Phone: 0321-4642131 E-mail: 8/C, Railway Mistry Colony, Mughal Pura Lahore Retired Alumni, Remount Veterinary Farms Corps Abdul Majeed Phone: E-mail: DH. No 611 Block 3 Sector C-1 Township Lahore Abdul Majeed Phone: 042-35122514 E-mail: H. No. 611, Block 3, Sector C-1 Township Lahore Aslam Akhtar Zaidi Phone: 042-35891472/0302-8487455 E-mail: 301, F F St. No 13 Phase-4 DHA Lahore Manzoor Ahmad Waheed Phone: E-mail: 1119-E Ali View Park Badian Road Cantt Lahore Manzoor Ahmad Waheed Phone: 042-35741239 E-mail: 1119-E Ali View Park Badian Road, Cantt Lahore Muhammad Hanif Minhas Phone: 042-36655640 E-mail: H. No. 3 Jinnah Lane, Sarfraz Rafique Road Cantt Lahore Muhammad Jameel Akhtar Phone: 042-35896038 E-mail: H. No. 64, Army Housing Scheme Defence Nishat Colony Cantt Muhammad Jameel Akhtar Phone: 042-5896038 E-mail: H. No. 64, Army Housing Scheme Defence, Near Nishat Colony Cantt, Lahore Muhammad Mohsin Shah Phone: 042-35722027/0333-4821804 E-mail: SD-76, Army Housing Scheme, Defence Lahore Qadeer Ahmad Phone: E-mail: Askari Apartments Walton Lahore Sardar Abdul Raoof Magsi Phone: 042-35724775/0300-8409574 E-mail: E 152-5A, St. No. 11, Iqbal Park, Walton Cantt Lahore Tahir Saleem Phone: 0333-5328890 E-mail: H. No. 101, Lane-3, Askari 13, Rawalpindi Cantt Rawalpindi
  37. 37. 36 Alumni, Private Sector A. A. Qureshi Phone: 4971990 E-mail 18/10 Mohammad Nagar, Allama Iqbla Raod Lahore Aamer Saleem Phone: 042-35204162/0300-8465244 E-mail: H. No. 460, Block-B, Faisal Town Lahore Aamir Hameed Gill Phone: 042-37532204/0300-8420166 E-mail: 18-O Govt. Chauburji Garden Estate, Multan Road Lahore Aamir Nizami Phone: 042-37460571 E-mail: 296-F Gulshan-E-Ravi Lahore Abdul Ghafoor Phone: 041-626452 E-mail: 764-B, Peoples Colony No. 1 Faisalabad Abdul Ghafoor Malik Phone: 042-35171814/0300-9414800 E-mail: 447-E, Johar Town Lahore Abdul Moeed Phone: 0321-8011420 E-mail: H. No. 921, Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Abdul Quddus Khan Phone: 051-5510888 E-mail: 18-A Nisar Road, Westridge-II Rawalpindi Abdul Rauf Phone: 042-36675600 E-mail: 15/C-2, Asad Jan Road Cantt Lahore Aftab Ahmad Phone: 042-37249064 E-mail: H. No. 6, 14-Abdali Road, Sant Nagar Lahore Ahmad Raza Khan Phone: 042-36667681 E-mail: 9/295 Sarwar Road Cantt Lahore Aijaz-Ud-din Qureshi Phone: 021-4504502 E-mail: B-2/23 Block A, Kazim Abad, Model Coloney Karachi. 75100 Akhter Ali Qureshi Phone: 042-35175713 E-mail: 601-B, Johar Town Lahore Ambreen Khalid Phone: 042-37058230/0333-4972402 E-mail: H. No. 62/32, St. No. 94, Ithad Park, Shahdra Town Lahore
  38. 38. 37 Amir Saleem Phone: 042-35855193 E-mail: 4-A Ahmad Block, New Garden Town Lahore Amna Zia Phone: 0324-4544280 E-mail: H. No. 42, Afzal Park No. 2, Outfall Road, Sanat Nagar Lahore Aneela Jabeen Phone: 0332-4768433 E-mail: Muhalla Sharifpura, Near Technical Training College, Zia Road Shakargarh Anuam Ashraf Phone: 041-2002466/0303-6836186 E-mail: Mohalla Dinpur Kallan Shakarghar Narowal Anwar-ul-Haq Phone: 0300-8431205 E-mail: Village Beberian P/O Mir-Pur. The Shakar Ghar Narowal Arslan Khakwani Phone: 0300-7485008/0331-4742549 E-mail: Khakwani House Near Jamia Saeed-Ul-Madaras Hayat Nagar Muzaffar Garh Asad Abbas Malik Phone: 0300-4513279/0333-5787127 E-mail: C/O Dr. Zafar Abbas Malik, Radiologist, District Head Quarter Hospital, Chakwal Ashfaq Ahmad Phone: 0344-4449701 E-mail: H. No. 65-A, L-Block, Arif Wala, District Pakpatan Asif Maqsood Phone: 042-37594714/0333-4245685 E-mail: 103/A Shujah Road ,Clifton Colony, Bismillah General Store Lahore Asim Muhammad Khan Phone: 0300-8408852 E-mail: Khan House, Khan Street, Kassoke Road, Kamoke Gujranwala Ayesha Safdar Chaudhry Phone: 042-36825507 E-mail: H. No. 280, Main Showar, Opposite Tah Khana Mosque, Mughalpura, Lahore Babar Raza Khan Phone: 042-37463340 E-mail: Hakeem St. Fazal Gunj, Nawankot, New Shalamar Road Lahore Chaudhary Abdul Rouf Phone: 042-37152860 E-mail: H. No. 3 St. No. 49 Sanat Nagar Lahore F. S Tanveer-Ud-Din Bukhari Phone: 051-2826388 E-mail: Pets Clinic, ADJ Riding Section, Club Road Islamabad F. S. Muneer Ud Din Bukhari Phone: 051-2826388 E-mail: Pets Clinic, ADJ Riding Section, Club Road Islamabad Farhan Basit Phone: E-mail: 66-Bahar Colony Chimra Mandi Sahiwal
  39. 39. 38 Farooq Zafar Ahmad Phone: 0300-8448727 E-mail: 163-C-I, Faisal Town Lahore Fazal-Ud-Din Phone: 042-36312666 E-mail: 43-B Masson Road Lahore Ghazanfar Ali Chishti Phone: 0345-4636213 E-mail: Chak No. 197/EB, Tehsil Burewala Vehari Ghulam Nabi Chaudhry Phone: 061-4573332 E-mai: 359-Shmasabad, Humayun Road Multan Ghullam Asghar Phone: 042-37586868 E-mail: 1-A Shadmam Chowk, Jail Road Lahore H. Muhammad Qaddafi Phone: 042-36815406/0300-4829280 E-mail: H. No. 30, St. No. 23, Gung Moghlpura Lahore Hadia Anis Butt Phone: 042-37283883/0323-4523349 E-mail: H. No. 10, St. No. 17, Ghazali Road, P/O Chah Meran Lahore Hafiz Arslan Khaliq Virk Phone: 0313-4432926/0321-4432926 E-mail: Abdul Khaliq Virk, Farooq St. Old City, Shekhupura Hafiz Mohsin-Ul-Rehman Phone: 0321-4817844 E-mail: C/O Rana Atta ul Rehman Directorate of Livestock Fams 16 Cooper Road, Lahore Hafiz Muhammad Arfan Phone: 054-2606508/0346-8878258 E-mail: Mohallah Siddique Abad, Talwandi Bhindran P/O Same Narrowal Hafiz Muhammad Shahbaz Phone: 056-2590237/0346-4113872 E-mail: Mohallah Yaseen Park, Tehsil Sharqpur Sheikhupura Hafiz Nadeem Ahmad Bhatti Phone: 0300-8474404 E-mail: 12/C St. No. 62, Mustafabad Lahore Haleem-Ul-Hasnain Phone: 051-2260238/0300-5151250 E-mail: H. no.13, St. No. 6, Sector: F-8/3 Islamabad-44000 Hameed Ahmed Ayaz Phone: 0345-4158794/0300-4634394 E-mail: 36-Shah Street, Abdali Road, Islampurr Lahroe Hassan Sarosh Akram Phone: 051-111969696/0300-8550612 E-mail: H. No. 586, St. No. 6, G 11/1 Islamabad Huma Sattar Phone: 042-35710081/0300-9404627 E-mail: H. No. 57, St. No. 10, Gurumangat, Gulberg-III Lahore
  40. 40. 39 Huma Zahra Phone: 0334-4962418 E-mail: Gali Chakki Atta Wali, Farooq Ganj Sharki Sheikhupura Imran Said Phone: 0438-523226 E-mail: Mohula Kashmir Nagar, Ali Pur Road, Tehsil & District Hafizabad Imtiaz Ali Phone: 0313-6134442 E-mail: Chak No. 4/M.R. P/O Makhdoom Rashid, Tehsil & District Multan Imtiaz Ali Farhan Phone: 042-35204162/0301-8479207 E-mail: 460-B, Faisal Town Lahore Irfan Asghar Ghouri Phone: 042-36610201 E-mail: 13-Commercial 2nd Floor Cavalary GroundCantt Lahore Irfan Iqbal Khan Phone: 042-37160051/0343-5177949 E-mail: H. No. 11-B, St. No. 42-D, Near Mujahid Masjid Eid Ghah, Dharmpura, Lahore Israr Shah Phone: 051-4432901 E-mail: Plot No. 5-C, I-10-3. Industrial Area, Attabak Pharmaceutical Islamabad Izaj Hussain Phone: 0332-4845792/0345-4799390 E-mail: Bama Bala P/O Khas Tehsil Renala Khurd Okara Jamshaid Hassan Phone: 042-37313888 E-mail: H. No. 1 Sharif St. Muhammadi Road, Sanda Khurd Lahore Jamshed Ismail Phone: 0307-4446333 E-mail: Office No. 5, 2nd Floor, Taj Arcade, 73-Jail Raod Lahore Jassar Aftab Phone: 0332-6587424 E-mail: Inside Kot Murad Khan, Street Dr. Allah Din Kasur Javed Ali Phone: 042-36626305/0333-6596656 E-mail: E 22, 6/A, Street 7, Officers Colony, Cavalry Graound Cantt Lahore Jawad Shabbir Yousaf Phone: 0300-8425521 E-mail: H. No. 22, St.No. 3, Taj Park, Raj Garh Lahore Kamran Akram Phone: 081-2830177/0333-7802726 E-mail: H. No. 32, Phase-III, Shahbaz Lane Cantt Queta Khadija Javed Phone: 0334-4301469 E-mail: H. No. 123, Main St. Model Town Okara Khalid Ahmad Khan Phone: 042-36841313/0323-7726851 E-mail: H. No. 315-E, St. No. 12/1, Mian Mir Colony Cantt Lahore
  41. 41. 40 Khalid Mehmood Phone: 0334-7840591 E-mail: Basti Daispur, P/O Dokota, Tehsil Mailsi Vehari Khawaja Arshaq Arslan Ramzee Phone: 042-5834609/0300-8433960 E-mail: 148-A, Ali Block, New Garden Town Lahore Khurram Saud Khan Phone: 042-35840949/0322-8001000 E-mail: 150-D-II, Wapda Town Lahore Maqsood-Ur-Rehman Qureshi Phone: 0301-8435189 E-mail: 447-N, Phase-I, DHA Lahore Masood Ahmad Phone: 0300-4426441 E-mail: H. No. 434, Zeenat Block, Iqbal Town Lahore Mazhar Iqbal Phone: E-mail: 211-E-2 Johar Town Lahore Mian Adnan Aftab Phone: 042-36365564/0345-4563642 E-mail: H. No. 91-A, Mian Bazar, Data Darbar Lahore Mian M. Khubaib Sattar Phone: 0333-4172498 E-mail: 148-D, Rizwan Block, Awan Town Society, Multan Road Lahore Mirza Waqar Baig Phone: 0321-4914329 E-mail: 210 B, Libia St. Kareem Park, Ravi Road Lahore Misbah Zulfiqar Phone: 042-36654440 E-mail: 15/A New Officers Colony, Bilal Park, Sadar BazarCantt Lahore Moin-Ud-Din Khan Phone: 042-37588512/0131-9508888 E-mail: 790-N, Poonch Road, Shadman Lahore Mubarak Mehmood Phone: 042-35723935 E-mail: M-83/2 Defence Housing AuthorityCantt Lahore Muhammad Abubakar Phone: 042-36307248/042-38451902 E-mail: 2-A, Shimla Complex, 11-Duraid Road Lahore Muhammad Afzal Phone: 061-9200710/0300-6370635 E-mail: D-1, Govt. Circuit House Colony, District Jail Road Multan Muhammad Akbar Phone: E-mail: 196 Y Scheme No. 3 Fareed Town Sahiwal Muhammad Akram Phone: 056-2590237/0300-4711032 E-mail: Mohallah Yaseen Park, Tehsil Sharqpur Sheikhupura
  42. 42. 41 Muhammad Ali Phone: 042-37940445/0300-8808550 E-mail: H. No. 22/2-A, St. No. 2/AS, C/O Mehran Model School, Saeed Park Shahdra, Lahore Muhammad Amjad Phone: 051-111-103-103 E-mail: Plot No. 81-A, St.No. 6, I-10/3 Islamabad Muhammad Ashraf Azeez Phone: 042-35727454 E-mail: H.No. 168/E, Iqbal Park, Defence-I Cantt Lahore Muhammad Ayaz Phone: 042-35164912/0300-4651266 E-mail: 468-M Model Town Extension Lahore Muhammad Ayub Phone: 0937-551229/0300-9327342 E-mail: House Near Govt. Primary School No. 2, Malakand Road, Takht Bhai, Mardan Muhammad Azam Chaudhry Phone: 051-2293027 E-mail: H. No. 143, St. No. 65, Sector F 10/3 Islamabad Muhammad Azam Chohan Phone: 042-35302551 E-mail: 518-G-1, M.A. Johar Town Lahore Muhammad Azeem Phone: 042-37730339 E-mail: H. No. 103, St. No. 60, Almadad Pak Colony, Ravi Road Lahore Muhammad Azhar Alam Phone: 042-35880647/0321-8409530 E-mail: 33-D Model Town Lahore Muhammad Azhar Khatana Phone: 042-37590173 E-mail: 53-A, Block G, Johar Town Lahore Muhammad Bilal Bin Majeed Phone: 042-37723604/0336-4027540 E-mail: H. No. 7, St. No. 5, Khokhar Town, Post Office Data Darbar Lahore Muhammad Fiaz Qamar Phone: 042-37124874 E-mail: 21 Lake Road, Chowk Chauburji Lahore Muhammad Ilyas Naveed Phone: 0332-6275572 E-mail: Room No. 313, Seth Sarwar Hall, UVAS Lahroe Muhammad Imtiaz Akram Phone: 042-35881453 E-mail: 179-B, G. E. C. H. S. (II) Link Road, Model Town Lahore Muhammad Iqbal Phone: 021-5854323/0301-2025005 E-mail: SF3, Block No. 69, Sea View DHA Karachi-75500 Muhammad Jameel Akhtar Phone: 042-35896038 E-mail: H. No. 64, Army Housing Scheme Near Nishat Colony Cantt Lahore
  43. 43. 42 Muhammad Khalid Qureshi Phone: E-mail: H. No. 28, Feroze St.No. 40, Nae Abadi, Ghari Shahu Lahroe Muhammad Moazzam Phone: 0334-9735663 E-mail: Near Bai Pass, Teleri Dakhana Khas Tehsil & District Muzafar Garh Muhammad Mobin Phone: 0333-4453160 E-mail: H. No. 42, St. No. 3, New Abadi Harbanspura, Near Bukhari School Cantt, Lahore Muhammad Mujahid Kamran Phone: 042-37655210 E-mail: H. No. 9, St. No. 11, Rehman St. Brandeth Road Lahore Muhammad Nasir Javed PhoneL: 042-37498591/0300-8432595 E-mail: 186-Wedst Wood Colony, Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore Muhammad Saeed Ahmad Phone: 0300-8477575 E-mail: 230 Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Saleem Phone: 042-37463845 E-mail: 23-A Durrani St. Rustam Park, Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Salman Arshad Phone: 0333-7802947 E-mail: Khushal Interprises, Near EDHI Home, Patel Bagh Quetta Muhammad Sami Ullah Khan Phone: 0333-4234789 E-mail: H. No. E-247, St. No. 1, Block B, Nisbat Colony Cantt Lahore Muhammad Shahzad Phone: 0336-3726586 E-mail: Hadyat Colony Nurkot, P/O Nurkot, Tehsil Shakarghar Narowal Muhammad Waqas Riaz Phone: 0333-4357490/0333-4910299 E-mail: 3/A Azmat Manzil, Shami Road Clifton Colony, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti Phone: 042-35881792 E-mail: 2A-Ahmad Block, New Garden Town Lahore-54600 Muhammad Yaseen Phone: 0334-8053703 E-mail: Mohalla Peoples Colony, Shahargarh Narowal Muhammad Zaheer Iqbal Phone: 042-37235896 E-mail: H. No. 41, Block-O, Tehsil Arifwala, Pakpattan Munawar Hasan Phone: 021-5675493 E-mail: H. No. 202, Salah Apartment, Daud Pota RoadCantt Karachi Munir Ahmad Tariq (Late) Phone: 042-35183279 E-mail: 279 K-1, Chashma Avenue, Wapda Town Lahore
  44. 44. 43 Muzaffar Hussain Phone: 0322-9958681 E-mail: St. No. 29, Mohallah Mughal Pura, Daska Sialkot Nasib Ahmed Saifi Phone: 0333-4379923 E-mail: Anis Associates, 4-KM, Raiwind Manga Road, Raiwind Lahore Nauman Riaz Phone: 0300-9440544 E-mail: W-601 DHACantt Lahore Naveed Ahmad Khan Nazi Phone: 042-37843170/0333-4301118 E-mail: 1001-Ravi Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Naveed Ayub Khan Phone: 0300-4259825 E-mail: 321-Satluj Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Nida Ismat Phone: 0332-4221325 E-mail: 177-C, Tariq Gardens, Wapda Town Lahore Qaiser Siddiqui Phone: 042-36856594 E-mail: H.No. 5, St. No. 1, Yahya Colony, Ghorey Shah Road Lahore Rafi Ullah Phone: 061-510418 E-mail: H. No. 4014/8M, Hassan Perwana Road Multan Rashid Ahmad Butt (Late) Phone: 042-37234815 E-mail: F-122 Gulshane Ravi Lahore Rashid Ghaffar Phone: 0446-32769 E-mail: 69/E-B, Arifwala Pakpattan Rubina Hassan Phone: 042-36668328 E-mail: 16 New Officers Colony, Bilal Park, Sadar Bazar Cantt Lahore S. Nasir Hussain Shah Phone: 091-2106109 E-mail: 86/20 Dadar Road Peshawar Sadia Sarfraz Phone: 042-37240456/0342-4272361 E-mail: H. No. 11, St. 14, Mujahid Road, Malik Park, Near Masomia Masjid, Bilal Ganj, Lahore Saleem Raza Phone: 042-35201430 E-mail: 180-Badar Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Saud Ali Phone: 0321-4863804 E-mail: H. No. 274/ E-Block, Tajpura Housing Scheme Lahore Sayed Asad Irshad Kazmi Phone: 042-35182166/0300-8431206 E-mail: H. No. 66, Block A-2, Punjab Govt. Housing Society, Near Johar Town, Lahore
  45. 45. 44 Shafaat Riaz Phone: 0346-6654605 E-mail: Village Dhudian Wali, P/O. Peero Chak, Tehsil District Sialkot Shafqat Mehmood Phone: 042-35418443/042-37860362 E-mail: H. No. 3, St. No. 6, Asif Block, Iqbal Town Lahore Shahid Imran Phone: 0320-4628225 E-mail: P/O Kot Nainan Tehsil Shakar Garh Narowal Shazia Zafar Phone: 0306-4354578 E-mail: 4-Shuja Road, Clifton Coloney, Wahdat Road Lahore Shumaila Razzaq Phone: 0312-4852494 E-mail: H.No. 79, Block B-1, China Scheme Lahore Suhail Phone: 0300-8407076 E-mail: H. No. 37, Rasool St. Ibrahim Road, Islam Gunj, Bilal Gunj Lahore Sumaira Asim Phone: 042-37724172/0322-4314344 E-mail: H. No. 122, St. No. 7, Amin Park, Bund Road Lahore Syed Imtiaz Sherazi Phone: 042-36810537/0300-4778123 E-mail: Office No. 2,3 1st Floor Farid Plaza 65 Shadman Market Lahore Syed Mustafa Ali Phone: 0321-4137073 E-mail: H. No. 29/3, St. No. 7-A, Shah St. Abdali Road, Islampura Lahore Syed Sajjad Heider Phone: 042-35722371 E-mail: 143-Z Defence Housing Authority Cantt Lahore Tahreem Sheikh Phone: 042-37940563/0333-8819393 E-mail: 31- Ravi Town, Saeed Park, Shahdra Lahore Tanveer Ali Khan Phone: 0333-4698038 E-mail: H. No. 3, St. No. 22-C, Meher Nazir Park, Shibli Town Double Sarak Stop, Band Road, Lahore Tanvir Fazal Phone: 042-3516080/0321-9451709 E-mail: 126-G, Model Town Lahore Tariq Ali Nawaz Phone: 0331-4022921 E-mail: 26-KM Jhang Road Chiniot, Near Ramzan Sugar Mills Jhang Tariq Aziz Phone: 0533-601563 E-mail: Near R. A. High School Madina Gujrat Umair Riaz Phone: 0333-4989200 E-mail: Mubarik Colony Kassokay Road, Tehsil & District Hafizabad
  46. 46. 45 Umer Naveed Ch Phone: 042-5412759 E-mail: 15-Kalim Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Usama Tayyab Phone: 0334-7523174 E-mail: H. No. 14 A, St. No. 20, Hota Singh Road, Sant Nagar, Outfall Road, Lahore Usman Mushtaq Phone: 042-36306646/0300-4215563 E-mail: 5-Aziz Mansion, 4-A Royal Park Lahore Waseem Ahmad Phone: 0333-5128879 E-mail: Chak # 291/G. B. Teshis & District Toba Tek Singh Zafar Iqbal Phone: 042-37578423/042-37563763 E-mail: 200 Shujah Road, Clifton Colony, Wahdat Road Lahore Zulfiqar Ali Phone: 0333-4551157 E-mail: 232-A Block, Near Chauburji Park, Multan Road Lahore Zunaira Akhtar Phone: 0314-7990022 E-mail: H.No 80, New Lala Zar Colony Okara Alumni, Fedral Government Abdus Salam Akhtar Phone: 051-2280834 E-mail: H. No. 4, St. No. 7, F-8/3 Islamabad Alamdar Hussain Malik Phone: 051-9290424 E-mail: H. No. B-II-1-S-30, Mohalla Islamia High School Jehlum Ashiq H Cheema Phone: 051-2212146 E-mail: H. No. 473, St. No. 3, F-11/1 Islamabad Khalid Naeem Khawaja Phone: 051-9255040/0333-5177282 E-mail: National Agricultural Research Centre, Park Road Islamabad-45500 Malik Zawar Hussain Phone: 021-34620703 E-mail: H. No. C/243, Block 14, Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi East 75290 Muhammad Aslam Azam Phone: 051-2825888 E-mail: H. No. 70, St. No. 32, F 6/1 Islamabad
  47. 47. 46 Zahida Fatima Phone: 051-9255029 E-mail: S.O (AH) ASI, National Agriculture Research Centre Islamabad Alumni, Punjab Province Abdul Rauf Phone: 051-9290855/0302-7950500 E-mail: Director Livestock & Dairy Department, Barani Area Rawalpindi Atta-Ur-Rehman Phone: 0300-9425852 E-mail: 4/31 Usman Street, Sunnat Nagar Lahore. Ayesha Sara Phone: 0333-4733061 E-mail: H/15/5 Friends Colony Bastami Raod, Multan Roar Lahore Babar Saleem Phone: 0322-4601003 E-mail: 54-B, Zarar Shaheed Road, PAF Colony Cant Lahore Dilawar Ali Phone: 042-37285447 E-mail: H. No. 1, St. No. 18, Chah Miran Lahore Farhat Raza Phone: 042-37157130 E-mail: 2/5, Ishtiaz Street, Cifoltan Road, Islam Pura Lahore Fayyaz Yasin Phone: 0332-4702643/0300-4529163 E-mail: H. No. 38, St. No. 1-E, Makkah Colony, Gulberg-III Lahore Ghulam Qasim Phone: 047-7671260/0334-9722517 E-mail: H. No. 379/5, Saman Abad, Toba Road Jhang Hanif Nazir Chaudhry Phone: 042-35740743/0300-8479443 E-mail: F 15 1st Floor Phase-1 DHA Lahore Inam Ul Haq Phone: 042-36812231/0321-7080103 E-mail: H. No. 60, St. No. 3, Scheme No. 1 Mustafaabad, Dharampura Lahore Kafeel Ahmed Khan Phone: 042-36822687 E-mail: 12/19 - Jinnah Park, G. T. Raod Lahroe Mahmood Ahmad Mughal Phone: 042-38401211 E-mail: 193-D, Phase 1, Defence Housing AuthorityCantt Lahore
  48. 48. 47 Mehwish Phone: 0322-5475453 E-mail: 166-B Block, Sabzazar Scheme, Multan Road Lahore Muhammad Aftab Khan Phone: 051-5508452/0322-5308739 E-mail: 103-Awt, Gulraiz Housing Scheme, St. No. 6, Bahrea Town Rawalpindi Muhammad Arshad Phone: 0542-626250/0332-4277329 E-mail: Villege Shango P/O Shahal Tehsil Shakargarh Narowal Muhammad Arshad Qasim Phone: 0333-6723721 E-mail: H. No. 277, Mohalla Kapayiam, Saddar Jhang Muhammad Asim Phone: 042-99220136/0300-8035311 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute Ghazi Road Cantt Lahore Muhammad Aslam Phone: 0523-518241/0321-6106841 E-mail: Village & Post Office Kanpur, Tehsil & District Sialkot Muhammad Aslam Phone: 0333-4499066 E-mail: H. No. 11, St. No. 1, Ittefaq Coloney, Lajpat Road, Shahdra Lahore Muhammad Ayaz Phone: 042-35168894/0300-4651266 E-mail: 468-M, Model Town Extension Lahore Muhammad Fayyaz Phone: 061-6558067/0343-6006618 E-mail: Basti Qassayan, Siper N0. 1 Mauza Taliri, Tehsil & District Muzzafarghar Muhammad Hussain Ch Phone: 0300-8428747 E-mail: 63/18, Afridi Mansion, Shadman Market Lahore Muhammad Iftikhar Phone: 040-4223144/0300-6911755 E-mail: H. No. 16-W, St. No. 1, Tariq Bin Ziad Colony Sahiwal Muhammad Imtiaz Ali Phone: 0300-8406074 E-mail: Zimbis Knitwears (Pvt.) Ltd, 17/A-32/S, New islamia Taric, Lahore. Muhammad Iqbal Phone: 0301-2025005 E-mail: SF 3 Block 69 Sea View DHA Karashi. 75500 Muhammad Iqbal Bhatti Phine: 042-37585097/0323-4076365 E-mail: 832-Shadman Lahore Muhammad Irfan Phone: 056-9200054/0300-4110192 E-mail: 107-Z, Housing Coloney Sheikhupura Muhammad Nawaz Khan Phone: 042-37592741 E-mail: 778-Shadman Lahore
  49. 49. 48 Muhammad Rasheed Phone: 042-36113277/0333-6901401 E-mail: H. No. 169 Hidayat Ullah Block, Mustafa Town Lahore Muhammad Saeed Phone: 0300-7775475 E-mail: Civil Veterinary Hospital, Narang Mandi, Tehsil Muridke Sheikhupura Muhammad Sajid Tahir Phone: 056-2410665/0333-8775758 E-mail: Javed Street, Sadar bazar Narang Mandi Sheikhupura Muhammad Salman Phone: 0333-4733052 E-mail: H/B498, Kucha Zaid Baran 415-Bhati Gate Lahore Muhammad Sohail Khan Phone: 062-2285549/0300-9681803 E-mail: 3-A Rehmania Town Rafi Qamar Road, Sattelite Town Bahawalpur Muhammad Younas Phone: 042-35837762 E-mail: 190 Aurangzab Block, New Garden Twon Lahore Muhammad Yousaf Khan Phone: 0554-270434/0333-8183964 E-mail: St. No. 19, Wahdat Colony Gujranwala Muhammad Yusaf Sheikh Phone: 042-35884273/0300-4200939 E-mail: 129-F Model Town Lahore Muhammad Zameer Khan Phone: 0333-4973392 E-mail: H. No. 1, Ihata Heri Chand No. 26, Sultan Pura Road Lahore Naseer Ahmad Sheikh Phone: 042-35428094/0333-4220540 E-mail: 58-Mehran Block, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore Sabira Nazir Phone: 0300-8810477 E-mail: 36-Main Park Walton Raod Cantt Lahore Sajid Umar Phone: 0333-6922097 E-mail: Lecturer Department of Pathology, Arid Agricultru University Rawalpinndi Salman Hassan Phone: 0333-6263747 E-mail: 231-N, Sharqi Colony Vehari Syed Maqsood Haider Jaffery Phone: 042-35740185/0300-6993721 E-mail: H. No. 8915, St. No. 1, Nadirabad Badian RaodCantt Lahore Tayyaba Ijaz Phone: 042-36848287 E-mail: H. No. 3, St. No. 30,Shalimar Link Road, Mujahidabad Mughalpura, Lahore Waheeda Raana Phone: 042-99220136 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute, Zarar Shaheed RoadCantt Lahore
  50. 50. 49 Wajiha Maqsood Phone: 042-36557067 E-mail: H. No. 442, Block A, Mehar Fayaz Colony, Fateh Gar Lahore Waseem Shaukat Phone: 0300-8440728/0334-9720758 E-mail: H. No. 13, Usman Block, Hussain Raod, Near Rangers Lahore Zafar Hayat Phone: E-mail: H. No. 122, St. No. 6, Block No. 16 Sargodha Zahur-Ul-Hassan Phone: 0345-4711026 E-mail: H. No. 10, St. No. 8-A Lajpat Road Shahdara Lahore Zia-Ur-Rehman Khan Phone: 0333-4960572/0300-4264572 E-mail:, Din Coloney College Road, Near Railway Crossing Pattoki Kasur Alumni, Sindh Province Ahmad Sultan Jatoi Phone: 0300-2884168 E-mail: Post Office Bakho Dero Taluka Dokri Larkana, Sindh Bashir A Sheikh Phone: 0221-765240/0221-765143 E-mail: H. No. 8/603, Sheikh Mohalla, Neushero Gate Shikarpur, Sindh G. B. Isani Phone: 021-4410258/0300-2112684 E-mail: Baqai CVS, Baqai Medical University, Super High Way, P.O.Box 2407, Karachi, Sindh Gul Muhammad Balouch Phone: 0221—654170 E-mail: Bunghon No. 53/54, Naseem Delux, Qasimabad Hayderabad, Sindh Jaimal Dhanani Phone: 0333-2977254 E-mail: House No. C-10, Phase-II, Qasimabad Hyderabad, Sindh Jamil Uddin Warsy Phone: 021-5804429/0321-2109908 E-mail: Flat No. 28, Ali’s Apartment, DHA-I, Korangi Road Karachi. P.C. 75500 Muhammad Hassan Pirzada Phone: 021-4521859 E-mail: 22-Royal Apartment, KDA Scheme No. 1, Opp. Tippu Sultan Road, Karachi Muhammad Ajmal Baluch Phone: 0221-812709 E-mail: Banglow No. C 89, Block C Unit-6, Latifabad Hyderabad, Sindh
  51. 51. 50 Muhammad Akbar Phone: 0221-861693 E-mail: H. No. 119-C, Unit No. 6 Latifabad Hayderabad, Sindh Muhammad Sayedain Jaffery Phone: 021-4982411/0301-2819951 E-mail: A-11, Block D, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi-75300 Alumni, Balochistan Province Abdul Saboor Phone: 081-853659 E-mail: Umer Kitab Gur, Golimar Chowk, Brewary Road Quetta Ahmed Nawaz Khosa Phone: 0853-610921/0346-8377356 E-mail: FVAS, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences, Uthal, Balochistan Ashfaq Hussain Phone: 081-9202246 E-mail: Livestock Dept Balochistan, Spinny Road Quetta Faqir Muhammad Phone: 081-853652 E-mail: C/O Ghulam Muhammad Qambrani, Senior Auditor Accountant General, Queta, Balochistan Ilahi Bakhash Maraghazani Phone: 0853-610294/0333-7896071 E-mail: Department of Nutrition,Lasbella University of Agri. Water & Marin Sciences, Uthal, Balochistan Masood Ahmad Phone: 081-855159 E-mail: Livestock & Dairy Development Department Quetta, Balochistan Masood Anjum Phone: 0333-7807265 E-mail: A-I City Phase I, Brevery Road Quetta, Balochistan Masood Ulhaq Kakar Phone: 0333-7810745 E-mail: Directorate General of Livestock & Dairy Department Spiny Road Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Arshad Phone: 081-853653 E-mail: H. No. 9-23/417-A, Master Colony, Killi Seaki Kallan, New Zarghoon Road, Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Arshad Phone: 081-9213147 E-mail: H. No. Nil, New Algiilani Road, Opposite Reki House Quetta, Balocistan Muhammad Aslam Phone: 081-830678 E-mail: 40-Shahbaz Town, Phase-III Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Azam Kasi Phone: 081-9202904 E-mail: H. No. 9-23/124S, Jan Mohammad Road Queta, Balochistan
  52. 52. 51 Muhammad Bashir Phone: 081-9210088 E-mail: Arbab Town, Samungh Housing Scheme Samungh Road Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Iqbal Phone: 081-858655 E-mail: Animal Breeding Livestock & Diary Development, Brewery Road Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Khan Phone: 081-444805 E-mail: C-65 Railway Housing Society, Joint Road, Opp. Faroqia Mosque Quetta, Balochistan Muhammad Sharif Phullan Phone: 0853-610921/0347-3664063 E-mail: Lasbella university of Agriculture, Water & Marin Sciences Uthal, Balochistan Naseebullah Phone: 677276 E-mail: C/O Killi Sardar Farooz Khan Zarkoon Kahlu Agency, Balochistan Nasrullah Bangulzai Phone: 0333-7896264 E-mail: Lasbella University of Agriculture, Water & Marin Sciences Uthal, Balochistan Raja Abdul Qayyum Phone: 4901129 E-mail: 165-DOHS Phase-I, Malir Cantt Karachi Rashid Javaid Phone: 081-9211638 E-mail: Zang Lora Park, Opposite University of Balochistan, Scrib Road Quetta-87300 Balochistan Riaz Ahmed Qazi Phone: 081-853642 E-mail: Government Poultry Farm, Brewary Road Quetta, Balochistan Sheikh Masood Ahmad Phone: 081-9202749/0333-7835228 E-mail: H. No. 122, St.No. 5, Shahzad Town, Park Road Islamabad Taj Muhammad Hassani Phone: 081-9211638 E-mail: Basti nodhani Monza Rarther, District Barkwn Balochistan Zarar Ahmed Phone: 081-853683 E-mail: H. No.9-B, Haider Colony Salezal Road Quetta Alumni, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Abdul Haye Khan Phone: 0302-5794111 E-mail: Assistant Director, Livestock & Dairy Development Department Dera Ismail Khan Abdul Kabir Phone: 09323-430291 E-mail: Village & P/O Matkani Malakand Agency Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa
  53. 53. 52 Ahmad Ali Phone: 0921-511870 E-mail: Civil Veterinary Hospital Charsada Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Akhtar Ali Phone: 0936-711935 E-mail: C/O District Officer Livestock& Dairy Development, Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Arif Majeed Phone: 0322-5838033 E-mail: Village Kana Mohri Tehsil & District Bagh Azad Kashmir Atta Ullah Jan Phone: 091-9210281 E-mail: Directorate of Livestock Bachkhan Chawk Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Beradar Mian Phone: 0946-744336/0964-721358 E-mail: P/O Madyan, Tehsil & District Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Faizan Fareed Khan Phone: 0966-715202/0316-3060045 E-mail: Kshana-I-Durrani Mohalla Garhi Saddozai, D I Khan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Fazli Malik Phone: 0937-9230039 E-mail: I/C SPU and Al Mardan Fida Mohammad Phone: 091-9211062 E-mail: Livestock Research Development, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Ghulam Abbas Phone: 0334-9452086 E-mail: Nagral Qulchinot, Gilgit Gilgat Baltastan Ghulam Jabbar Phone: 0936-711935 E-mail: Saidu-Sharif Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Ghulam Muhammad Phone: 0345-9360910 E-mail: 6-New PRC Plaza, Malakand Chowk Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Ghulam Muhammad Phone: 0931-9230039 E-mail: Livestock and Dairy Development Mardan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Gulzar Ahmad Phone: 0921-514140 E-mail: Civil Veterinary Hospital, Charsadda Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Hafiz Awais Nawaz Phone: 0333-9051660 E-mail: Village & P/O Sardhuri, Tehsil & District Charsadda Hamid Sattar Phone: 0938-300059/0333-9313456 E-mail: Department of Animal Health, Agriculture University, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Haroon Mayo Phone: 0608-362362/0300-601006 E-mail: Civil Veterinary Hospital Lodhran
  54. 54. 53 Ibrahim Phone: 0314-9062874/0300-9087674 E-mail: C/O Panjpir Veterinary Store, Opposite Civil Veterinary Hospital, Sawabi, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Ihsan Ali Phone: 0345-9331923 E-mail: Department of Animal Health, Agriculture University, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Ihtesham-Ul-Haq Phone: 0332-4791954 E-mail: Animal Health Department Agriculture Univeristy, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Imdad Ullah Phone: 091-6281552/0300-9015137 E-mail: Shabqadar, Halimzai, Charsada Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Inam Ul Haq Phone: 0966-710765 E-mail: Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Javaid Iqbal Phone: 0936-711778 E-mail: Near Forest Colony Shagai Saidu Sharif Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Javaria Chand Phone: 0936-711935 E-mail: Javaria LPO/AD Office Livestock & Dairty Department Saidu Sharif Swat, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Mir Abdullah Phone: 09323-430433 E-mail: Village & Post Office Totakan Malakand Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Miraj Muhammad Phone: 0931-73224 E-mail: I/C CivilVeterinary Hosiptal Mardan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Mubasher Rauf Phone: 0333-9965850 E-mail: V & P/O Muradpur, District Mansehra Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Ajmal Khan Phone: 0936-721135 E-mail: Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Lab. Balogram, Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Ayub Phone: 0931-551229 E-mail: Livestock Malakand Road. GP 5 No. 2 Takht-Bhai Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Bashir Phone: 0931-9220215 E-mail: Livestock & D Development Nowshera E-55 Shiekh Maltoon Town Mardan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Israr Phone: 091-81374 E-mail: 322-K-6-Street No. 11 Phase-III Hayat Abad, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqui Phone: 091-2560398 E-mail: Agricultural University Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Muhammad Subhan Qureshi Phone: 091-9221028/0300-5877933 E-mail: Dean, Faculty of AH and Vet Sciences, Agricultural University Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa
  55. 55. 54 Murad Ali Phone: 0300-5712163 E-mail: Civil Veterinary Hospital Mardan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Najmul Hasnain Phone: 051-4444797 E-mail: H. No. 797 St. 50 I 10/1 Islamabad Niaz Mohammad Phone: 0946-790418 E-mail: Village Tootkai Tehsil Matta, P/O Matta, Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Noor Ul Wahab Phone: 0931-8350421 E-mail: Incharge Civil Veterinary Hospital Tuni Bed Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa S. G. Shabir Shah Phone: 0946-790418 E-mail: Village Tootkai Tehsil Matta, P/O Matta, Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Saadullah Jan Phone: 091-9210248 E-mail: Veterinary Research Institute Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Sajjad Hussain Phone: 0300-4795734 E-mail: P/O Nari Soth, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif Dera Ghazi Khan Shahabat Khan Phone:091-245787 E-mail: Brooke Hospital For Animal Larma Charsada Road, Peshawer Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Shahab-Ud-Din Phone: 0937-9230039/0301-8361793 E-mail: Mazdoor Abad, Takht Bai, Mardan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Sher Hayat Khan Phone: 0300-9074226 E-mail: Village & P/O Bara Bandai Tehsil Kabal Swat Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Siraj Ul Haq Phone: 09323-411904 E-mail: Livestock &Dairy Development Batkhda Malakand Agency Sultan Ayaz Phone: 0334-8684196 E-mail: Near S. P. House Karak, P/O Karak Tehsil & Distt Karak Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Syed Masoom Ali Phone: 0333-9141555 E-mail: 157/E2 Phase-I Deva House Hayatabad Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Syed Zahid Ali Shah Phone: 0331-9371793 E-mail: Faculty of AH& Veterinary Sciences, Agruculture Unviersity Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Tariq Hussin Phone: 0334-6628347 E-mail: Mohallah Dulatzai, Village Sarband, District & Tehsil Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Tariq Mansoor Phone: 0961-715669 E-mail: St # 6, Gillani Town Dera Ismail Khan Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa
  56. 56. 55 Umar Sadique Phone: 091-9221027/0300-9030316 E-mail: H. No. 251, Professor Colony, Agruculture University, Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Wazir Mohammad Phone: 0525-511250 E-mail: Livestock Department Charsadda Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Zahoor Ud Din Phone: 091-9210276 E-mail: Head Quarter, Livestock &Dairy Development Peshawar Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Alumni, AZAD JAMU & KASHMIR Abdul Ghaffar Phone: 058610-46278/0344-5112947 E-mail: R/O Village Gorian, P/O Sukh Cahin Pur Teh & Distt Mirpur Azad Kashmir Abdul Malik Phone: 05827-434768/0355-611-7903 E-mail: V& P/O Behari, Tehsil Dadyal, District Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Adnan Rashid Malik Phone: 05822-442071/0300-4239077 E-mail: Secretariat for Food, Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Govt. of Azad Jamu Kashmir, Muzaffarabad Ahmad Rafi Phone: 0571-513-679 E-mail: L.S.O. Livestock Development Research Centre, DAH Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir Asdul Karim Qurashi Phone: 058810-42648 E-mail: Sund Gah Chatter Domel Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir Aziz-Ul-Haq Phone: 058810-42365 E-mail: 31-B/3, Mirpur Azad Jammu Kashmir Bashir Ahmad Khawaja Phone: 058810-42651 E-mail: Nia Mohallah, Near CMH, Muzaffarabad Azad Kahsmir Ghulam Shakoor Phone: 058810-34044 E-mail: Village Halan Shamali, Tehsil Haveli District Bagh Azad Kashmir Khawaja Mushtaq Ahmad Phone: 058810-45346 E-mail: H No. 127, Govt Poultry Farm Road, Upper Plate Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Matloob Hussain Raja Phone: 058660-43451 E-mail: Village & P/O Charohi Tehsil & District Kotli Azad Kashmir
  57. 57. 56 Mohsin Ali Mirza Phone: 058610-42245 E-mail: H. No. A/3 Wapda Colony, C/3 Mirpur Azad Kashmir Muhammad Akhtar Qureshi Phone: 05824-960000/0306-8886240 E-mail: H. No. 159, Sector No. 2, Mmirpur Azad Jammu & Kashmir Muhammad Amin Khan Phone: 058810-34058 E-mail: D-165-Upper Chatter Housing Society, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Muhammad Azam Chaudhary Phone: 058810-34044 E-mail: Mohalla Choudhry Colony, Mian Mohammad Town Mirpur Azad Kashmir Muhammad Azim Phone: 058610-35082 E-mail: H. No. 117, Sector F-2, Mirpur Azad Kashmir Muhammad Siddique Phone: 058810-34050 E-mail: Ward No. 25, Maloochi, Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Raja Manzoor Ahmad Phone: 058610-45060 E-mail: V &P/O Panjeri, District &Tehsil Bhimber Azad Kashmir Riaz Hussain Shah Phone: 51305 E-mail: C/O Qasim Electric Store Main Bazar, District Bagh Azad Kashmir Saddar-Ul-Din Lhdhi Phone: 058610-42776 E-mail: G. D-3 West, 12 C-1 Mirpur Azad Jamu & Kashmir Salah-Ud-Din Phone: 058810-39162 E-mail: Secretary C & W, A.J.K Government, Muzaffarabad Azad Jamu & Kashmir Syed Mumtaz Hussain Phone: 05822-211350/0344-5344114 E-mail: Village Jabby Syeddian district Haveeli/Kohuta Azad Kashmir Syed Zahoor Ahmad Phone: 058234-920092/0302-5302424 E-mail: Village Sirsyedan P/O & Distrcit Bagh Azad Jamu &Kashmir Talib Hussain Mughal Phone: 058610-44765 E-mail: 51-Khumbol Sector Mirpur Azad Kashmir Zafar Iqbal Sheikh Phone: 058811-34053 E-mail: Directorate of Animal Health & Veterinary Services, Domel Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir Zaheer Ahmad Phone: 08660-42069 E-mail: Village Lakhora Jattan, P/O Islam Garh, Mirpur Azad Jammu &Kashmir Zaheer Ahmed Phone: 05822-921273/0355-6602751 E-mail: Village Lakhragottan, P/O Islamgarh, Mirpur Azad Jamu & Kashmir