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Facebook strategy for ahlanlive
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Facebook strategy for ahlanlive


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  • 1. FACEBOOK STRATEGY FOR AHLANLIVEThese strategies have been known to affect brand pages positively and as such frompopular research and experience, they have been selected specifically for Ahlanlive. 1. Develop custom tabs for customized contents. Advertising our brands pages is always extremely important. One of the greatest features of Facebook’s new pages is that we can now link directly to specific tabs. This means that we can separate which pages our users view by default based on the ad THEY HAVE CLICKED. This is good for Ahlanlive for example if we want to share content explicitly for male and female or for slim and fat people, we can have them directed to different pages (tabs) and as such, different contents would be displayed to them. This would instantly convert a lot of visitors to Fans and would cater for the lapses in twitter where we might need to have different accounts for different keywords. 2. Integrate applications to Increase engagement. This strategy focuses on eliminating what Google analytics calls “BOUNCE RATE”. The last thing we want is after our hard efforts to market and promote our page, users then come in and leave immediately. The best opportunity we have is to engage them through games, quizzes, polls, sweepstakes etc. this actually keeps them longer on the page, pushes them to invite or broadcast to friends etc and this relatively good for promoting viral marketing and also engaging fans thereby making them to grow natural love and interest in the brand. 3. Joining the conversation. This step is often neglected and is one of the best strategy’s to engage, acquire, convince and interact with our fans. This simply means that each time someone contributes to our wall posts, makes an enquiry, a compliment, tags a photo or video or any form of interaction, we should at least acknowledge that action as this would actually and gradually help us to make our fans know that we have them all in mind, we know them and we care an pay attention to their efforts on our page. Failing to engage with our fans means losing potential customers and revenue as we would be losing to our competitors who engage their fans regularly. It takes extra effort to engage our clients and fans and going that extra mile is worth it as it will always keep them coming back and speaking well about us. NOTE: WE ARE REALLY NEGLECTING THIS STRATEGY.
  • 2. 4. Posting interesting and relevant content. Just like other areas of social media (blogs, twitter etc) it is extremely important to provide interesting content to our readers. By regularly referencing other relevant content, our fans would keep returning to our page. While attracting repeat visitors is not the single most important component of fan pages, repeated engagement is easily the second most important variable. This strategy is also good because visitors that regularly return to our page regularly are significantly more likely to become paying customers. 5. Repost comment by other users. Reposting comments and information fans post is very important as this helps us share the information is a “SOCIALLY LEGAL” way so that we are not seen as “DUPLICATE” and often than not, sites like “HOTKLIX” usually rank high and do not allow posts from any source to be reposted on it. This means that if we repost, we can leverage such medium as the post becomes unique to us courtesy of the original contributor and this actually gives our Fan Page a face which is actually what most fans want now. 6. Regular update. While it is extremely important to monitor the conversation that users are having within our branded facebook pages, it is also extremely important to help spark the conversation. By posting questions to users, creating new topics within the discussion forums (a medium we have actually abandoned) and performing activities that create a dialogue, we will keep users coming back to u=our Fan page. Just like I have emphasized quality content and engagement, persistence is also important. If we don’t continue to engage and interact with our fans timely, we would find it difficult to attract new fans. 7. Posting and tagging users in photos. This is one of the free and most effective promotional activities we can carry out on Facebook. When we engage and interact with our fans regularly, we would know those who would love to be tagged and featured and this would go a long way in ensuring that we do not offend or tag anyone wrongly. Hosting events and functions is also a good way to get photos of fans related to our brands. This way, we can either tag them or ask them to tag themselves and this way, the engagement would virally spread to their friends and “Friends of Friends” (this further depends on their privacy settings).Finally, the Facebook steps above are actually guidelines as the best Facebook strategy is toimplement these guidelines in daily usage of the page. This would also help in giving the
  • 3. Brand page a “FACE” as the keywords in Facebook fan pages are FACE, ENGAGEMENT,INTERACTION, UPDATES, CONTENT, PHOTOS, COMPETITIONS and most importantly,branded comments and contents.