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best ppt for windows phone, feel free to contact me.

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  • Windows phone

    1. 1. Windows Phone &ApplicationDevelopmentRishabha Garg0903CS091071CS 4th year
    2. 2. Topics Windows Phone Application Platform Introduction Windows Phone Developer Tools Windows Phone Emulator Windows Phone Profiler Metro Windows Phone Market Place Windows Phone
    3. 3. Hardware SpecificationConsistent set of hardware capabilities defined byMicrosoft Capacitive touch 4 or more contact points Sensors A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity Camera 5 mega pixels or more Multimedia Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration Memory 256MB RAM or more, 8GB Flash or more GPU DirectX 9 acceleration CPU ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better Hardware buttons | Back, Start, Search Windows Phone
    4. 4. Windows Phone Application Platform Runtime – On “Screen” Tools Sensors Media Data Location Phone Emulator Phone Xbox LIVE Notifications Samples Documentation .NET Framework managed code sandbox Guides Community Packaging and Verification ToolsSCREENCLOUD Cloud Services Portal Services Notifications App Deployment Registration Marketplace Location Identity Feeds Validation MO and CC Billing Social Maps Certification Business Intelligence Publishing Update Management Windows Phone
    5. 5. From Development to Device Windows Phone Dev Tools Phone Emulator Samples Documentation Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools AppHub Consumer myapp.xap Windows Phone Emulator Windows Phone
    6. 6. Creating a Silverlight Application
    7. 7. Game Loop Overview Initialize Load Get User Engine Resources Input Calculate Test Criteria Give Free Resources FeedBack Windows Phone
    8. 8. Windows Phone Emulator 8
    9. 9. Windows Phone Emulator The emulator does not contain the complete Windows Phone experience  No Zune media playback  Only the browser application built in Internet Explorer 9 browser with HTML5 support Provides the phone behaviours for items like placing calls and sending SMS messages  There are also some entries in the Address Book and pictures in the media library Supports multiple touch points to pinch and zoom on multi- touch monitor Windows Phone 9
    10. 10. Windows Phone EmulatorCapabilities Near complete application development possible with the Emulator  Performance test on a device Rich simulation capabilities  Camera Simulation  Location Simulation  Accelerometer Simulation Screen-Capture Tool Windows Phone 10
    11. 11. Debugging Windows PhoneApplication 11
    12. 12. Visual Studio Debugging Visual Studio provides an exceptional debugging experience This experience extends to Windows Phone You can do all the debugging actions in Windows Phone that you can do with a Windows PC application  Breakpoints  Single Stepping  Viewing and modifying variables Windows Phone
    13. 13. Windows Phone Profiler The performance analysis tool will tell you where your program is spending most of its time Then you can consider optimising those parts It is activated from the Debug menu Windows Phone 13
    14. 14. Analysis Data The analysis provides plenty of good data Windows Phone 14
    15. 15. Deploying Applications to aDevice The Windows Phone device uses the Zune software to connect to the Windows PC  Synchronize media and choose applications  Perform phone updates Windows Phone
    16. 16. Metro
    17. 17. Windows Phone
    18. 18. What is Metro Metro is clean Metro is easy to navigate Metro helps you make decisions faster Metro is alive in motion
    19. 19. Windows Phone and Metro To make life easier for us the Metro style is “baked in” to the Windows developer tools The default appearance, behaviour and fonts of the user elements all match the style If you want to find out more about Metro on phone you can read the “User Experience Design Guidelines” us/library/hh202915.aspx1 Windows Phone9
    20. 20. Prescriptive Gestures Windows Phone
    21. 21. MarketplaceSubmission 21
    22. 22. MarketplaceUser Experience
    23. 23. Hub and Apps MarketplaceImproved discoverabilityUI and Screenshots are representative of UI, subject to change Windows Phone
    24. 24. New Games Marketplace  M rated games  Based on a child‟s and parent‟s Windows Live IDUI and Screenshots are representative of UI, subject to change Windows Phone
    25. 25. Search Improved Relevance   UI and Screenshots are representative of UI, subject to change Windows Phone
    26. 26. New Private Distribution Service Distribute certified apps privately to a targeted set of users Capabilities  Developer needs to get the app certified before distributing  Developer sends an email with a deeplink to the users (App is not discoverable via Search)  Developer can update, which is pushed to the users  No limits on the number of users or duration (no time-bombing)  No access enforcement,  Apps can be „free‟ or „paid‟  Apps can be published publicly at any time Benefits  Enables broad distribution of apps in a more private way  Enables broad public betas, previews, and community distribution Windows Phone
    27. 27. New Dashboard New App Lifecycle Tab Clear notifications for any actions needed and status of app through cert process Shows payout amounts to track money earned till date Highlights all your apps by downloads and royalties Data on daily downloads shown on dashboardUI and Screenshots are representative of UI, subject to change Windows Phone
    28. 28. New Assisted Game Ratings  App Hub will require  Game ratings in markets where it‟s required  Certificate if a rating is specified  New game submission needed if rating of published game needs to change to mature or beyond  Official game rating and certificate required for games with mature content  Ratings supported for: ESRB, PEGI, USK, OFLC-A, OFLC-N, DJCTQ, CERO, FPB & GRBUI and Screenshots are representative of UI, subject to change Windows Phone
    29. 29. Marketplace Distribution Options “Beta” Private PublicNumber of users 100 (1) unlimited unlimitedApp Price Must be “free” Can be “paid” Can be “paid”Time Limited Yes, expires after No No 90dUpdateable No Yes YesCertification No Yes YesRequiredPublicly No No (2) YesDiscoverableAccess Control Yes, limited to No No test user WLIDs providedTarget Users Beta users Private Users Public Users(1) Preliminary, subject to change Windows Phone(2) People who obtain deeplink can access
    30. 30. The Marketplace Test Kit The Marketplace Test Kit lets you perform the same tests on your application before you submit it This vastly improves your chances of the application passing first time30 Windows Phone
    31. 31. App certificationRequirements forWindows Phone
    32. 32. Test Criteria Pillars Evaluated against regional for global Meets Microsoft reliable policies Applications are standard technical validation content policies Localization review Applications use resources efficiently Meets application type guidelines Applications are free of malicious software policy validation Applications do not interfere with the phone functionality market validation
    33. 33. Application PoliciesContent PoliciesApplication Submission RequirementsTechnical Certification RequirementsAdditional Requirements for SpecificApplication Types
    34. 34. Adding Advertisements to Games Very easy to incorporate ads into XNA games Download the Ad-Control SDK  AdManager added as a game component – easy to retro-fit to an existing game Players can click through an advertisement to a web site or call the advertiser from within your game  Advertisements are specifically targeted at each player demographic You get 70% of the revenue Windows Phone34
    35. 35. Resources msdnindia @msdnindia
    36. 36. Q&A and Thank you! Rishabha Garg rishabha.garg06@gmail.comWindows Phone