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Giro d'Italia field project
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Giro d'Italia field project


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Tuesday 29 of May 2012
  • 2. Aim of the project Promote and increase the visibility, awareness, image and business of Giro d’Italia abroad. Which are the target countries? Who are the main targets? Who are the key stakeholders? How could be a possible action plan?
  • 3. Marco Pastonesi Position: official journalist of Giro d’Italia “young people are not interested in cycling, we have to work at the base and tie young people and children to the worship of the bicycle” “ The Giro d’Italia must not loose its national identity, but, instead, increase the link with Italian values. People come to Italy for Italy itself, people around the world love Italy.”
  • 4. Andrea De Luca Position: RAI journalist (in field) “During the laps abroad the audience is very low, because for Italians the Giro begins only when it’s in Italy.” “Setting up laps in foreign countries is not the right way to increase visibility, awareness and image of the Giro d’Italia abroad. “
  • 5. Paolo Savoldelli Position: former cyclist and RAI journalist “ The laps abroad must be set in countries not too far from Italy, so that the transfer is not too tiring for the athletes.” “To be able to compete with the Tour de France, the Giro should attract the best cyclists! Increase the prizes could be a good solution.”
  • 6. Francesco Bernardelli Position: President of Federazione Ciclismo Lombardia (FCI) “The RCS puts everything on a purely economic basis, its for this reason that I think that RCS’ choices are optimal at a market level, but not for the athletes and the teams” “We have to understand the psyche of the children and their parents in order to get them closer to cycling. We must make this sport more desirable: the bike is a tool able to make children feel free, free to move and grow as individuals.”
  • 7. What emerges from the interviews? 1. Loss of Italian values and traditions, that have always been linked to the competition 2. Loss of Italian audience, primary and secondary 3. Inefficient use of the only 2 days off left to the athletes to rest 4. Lack of cyclign education of the youngest target 5. Inability to attract top athletes
  • 8. “Back to basics” “Why do we have to bring the Giro physically abroad to increase the level of audience when so many elements are pushing us to maintain it wholly Italian?” • Long-term action plan • Setting of all the laps of the competition inside the Italian frontiers • Export of 1 or 2 laps abroad every three years (according to special anniversaries or celebrations linked to the Italian history).
  • 9. Action Plan Why? Forecast: in the longer term this strategy will not only recoup the costs of the past years, but also bring some profits (monetary and also intangibles) It responds to the desires of the majority of the stakeholders, this will increase satisfaction and loyalty. Appreciation, image and visibility will increase  attract more athletes and sponsors
  • 10. Problems and possible solutions - Money raising Bringing abroad the Giro d’Italia was a decision taken with the aim to internationalize it but it was also an easier way to get some funds Strategic solutions: Export RCS organizational skills and know-how outside Italy, taking care of the organization of cycling competition especially in Russia, South America and South Africa. This will bring us monetary funds and possibility to spread RCS brand abroad. In particular we thought about Russia because it is interested in entering the universe of cycling, but they have not a traditional culture of bicycle and the necessary competence.
  • 11. Best Target We thought that the best target to focus on could be children. Why? Children as the fans of the future Family involvement Link to education In order to involve our target, children, and at the same time make promotional activities, we developed the following educational ideas: Activities in schools Summer camps Mini Giro
  • 12. Educational purpose - Activities in school Creation of a knowledgeable and well trained team (in cooperation with the AIESEC Student association) travelling through Chinese, Japanese and Russian elementary schools, during the winter period. • • Why? Love Italy and Italian lifestyle and traditions. Plus, they great availability of public funds. How? • • • • This activity will last 6 weeks. Practical demonstration of how a bicycle is technically built up and how to ride it in a proper way. Explain which are the health positive aspects of doing such a sport activity. Videos showing the beauties of Italy and the possibility to take part of a summer campus.
  • 13. Educational purpose - Summer Camp A unique opportunity to spend a week full of fun, friendship and cycling In Trentino Alto Adige and Tuscany Weekly sportive activities, mostly cycling, but there will be also daily lessons of English, healthy alimentation and Italian Culture. The maximum amount of enrolled children for every week will be 100 (for each camp), so in total this activity will involve almost 200 students per week. The campus will last 8 weeks Their parents will also be encouraged to visit Italy and spend their vacations here.
  • 14. Educational purpose - Mini Giro -     Where? Ireland, Swiss, Nederland, Denmark, Why? In European countries organizational and logistical problems can be minimized. How? Weekly circuit stages (in total 4 weeks). Every Sunday there will be a stage, so that children will not have to miss days of school to pursue this activity. Boys and girls ages 7 to 13 years can participate and will be given scores and awards according to age groups The prize for the winners in each category will be a weekend with their parents in Italy to follow a stage of the Giro d’Italia.
  • 15. Educational purpose - Visualizing -
  • 16. Other target We haven’t taken into consideration only children, but we also thought about organize some initiatives for fans and foreign audiences. Laps Abroad Broadcastingd abroad Documentaries Online contests
  • 17. Attract new foreign audience - Abroad Lap in Croatia CROATIA ROUTE: From Istria to Italy with love Why? It is one of the most important commercial partner for Italy It is going to enter the European Union 2013 Closeness to Italy (minimizing organizational and logistic costs) Developing European country Italian roots of Istria, geographically belonging to the Italian territory Beautiful landscape and places for cycling Sponsorship with the network of Italian banks that has an headquarter here in Croatia.
  • 18. Attract new foreign audience - Abroad Lap in Ireland IRELAND ROUTE: From San Patrick to San Colombano with love Why? Dublin is one of the most high tech city in terms of cycling policies Bike as most used mean of transport by Dubliners (11%) Government is willing to invest on the Giro or on others cycling races Italy and Ireland have always been in connection because of many and various historical reasons, back to the period when many monks left Ireland coming to Italy. The most famous is San Colombano, who found a famous monastery in 1612 located in Bobbio (connection with one of the historical laps of the Giro d’Italia).
  • 19. Attract new foreign audience - Broadcasting The Giro d’Italia is currently broadcasted in 168 countries worldwide. We are aware that still many countries are not able to watch it through media. We developed some new proposals: China Argentina
  • 20. Attract new foreign audience - Broadcasting in China • 4 years deal with the biggest Chinese broadcaster (CCTV) and sell the right of Giro to Chinese broadcaster, offering its audience some very attractive promotional activities (online contest, documentaries). Why China? Country with the highest amount of bicycle users, but most of the Chinese people use bicycles only to commute, very few travel with the bicycles Biggest manufacturing country of bicycles (almost 66% of bicycles are made in China) Recent big interest in cycling as a sport and its entertainment value (e.g. Tour of Beijing)
  • 21. Attract new audience - Broadcasting in Argentina • 4 years deal with a sportive broadcaster and sell the rights of Giro to other broadcasters, offering to the audience some very attractive promotional activities. Why Argentina? The amount of residents moving on two wheels is growing Buenos Aires government is planning to expand its bike path surface (up to 100 km) Massive presence of Italian immigrant community
  • 22. Attract new foreign audience - Documentary Production of documentary videos, in partnership with FAI, broadcast in prime time the night before each lap. The documentary aims to communicate to foreign audience the beauty, the arts, the culture and the value of Italy. Why? The audience’s attention will be caught and it will be attracted to watch the broadcasting of Giro d’ Italia to explore one of the most beautiful countries. Social responsibility of RCS (increase tourism in Italy and donations to FAI)
  • 23. Attract new foreign audience - Online Contest Launch of an online campaign, in countries such as China, Japan Russia and Brazil to attract real fans. Organized and promoted through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…) Upload photos and videos while riding a bicycle and answer to some questions related to the Giro and Italy in general Link the Giro with tourism and journey in Italy Special prizes (tourist packages to Italy and visits to the Giro in Italy) Partnership with several Italian brands (financing vs. personal branding and awareness)
  • 24. Benefits and results of the action plan Primary audience • Focus on families and keep the Giro in Italy, since audience abroad (and not) watches the Giro for Italy itself and the Italian traditions. • Involve audience in an active way (online contest) Secondary audience • Focus on families • Broadcast of the Giro in new countries, especially with strong interest and passion for Italy • Documentaries of historical and geographical values of the laps • Increase number of foreign teams
  • 25. THANK YOU! Any Question? BANI Margherita 1351204 BIANCHI Alessia 1381946 CAPPELLO Valentina 1336304 MA Siyi 1571397 MERLO Beatrice 1577840 MOSCA Maria 1330752 NARDINI Federico 1343623