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  • Thanks for having me; preso will only take about 20 minutes so you can all have a longer lunch Theme of presentation - the new media mix,a start online, support offline strategy Please ask questions. I’ll try and keep this short so that you get a longer break!
  • Primped Web Seminar Mike Hill Social Media

    1. 1. “ Small Portion, Many Courses” - Social Media Tapas
    2. 2. Hello. My Name is Mike. I’m a Zoologist. I run a digital agency called Holler Holler was set up with a simple ethos: work hard, be honest & keep it creative We are carving a niche in the Australian market as digital creatives with a social media spin. We believe that digital should be at the centre of all your marketing campaigns
    3. 3. Agenda. Who knows what? The New Consumer Case Studies Things to remember
    4. 4. Hands Up Who has heard of these social networks?
    5. 8. Case Studies Jergens - How to influence the influencers on a limited budget Skins - a story about how to involve your audience at the inception of an idea and let them be part of it.
    6. 9. Case Study 2 - Jergens ‘ Jergens Naturals is the modern way to moisturise. Expect nothing less’ Holler were engaged to launch Jergens Naturals in the UK. We decided to concentrate our efforts on influencing the influencers
    7. 10. Small Portion, Many Courses Be in many places at once, wherever they are Provide numerous, snackable experiences Respond quickly to likes and dislikes
    8. 13. Get Lippy: Homepage
    9. 14. Now Magazine – Competition Page
    10. 16.
    11. 17. Case Study 1 - Skins Skins is a TV show about university students get drunk and high Aired on SBS and Channel 4 in the UK A show that developed a following before a single episode had aired. This is the story of the marketing that inspired those fans. It is a case-study about looking after your audience, building a community of fans and creating an entertainment event. A demonstration of what happens when you invest in new and engaging ways for an audience to enjoy a series rather than more advertising to disrupt their day.
    12. 19. Skins - the results 84% Awareness - The highest in channel 4 history1.6 million viewers. Truly a show / brand built by the audience A following for season 2 and 3 - the beginning not the end.
    13. 20. 3 Things to Remember Your product is valuable - give it away! Be in the same places you audiences are - super serve your niche Start online, Support offline.
    14. 21. have a nice day [email_address]