13 01-15 engineering resources gasoductos
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13 01-15 engineering resources gasoductos



non destructive testing, oil&gas pipe

non destructive testing, oil&gas pipe



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13 01-15 engineering resources gasoductos Presentation Transcript

  • 1. www.engineering-resources.es Tel: +34-600647156 +44-741-847-5369 Aptdo. 94 48930 Las Arenas (Getxo) Spain
  • 2. We have a reputation for our ability to work in international marketsMy name is Primitivo Carranza and I am the leader of this company.First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in our organization.I would also like to welcome you to our company, where we humbly hope to be a goodtravelling companion along your walk in the business world.ENGINEERING RESOURCES S.L. can be an experienced partner for any kind of project.Our team, composed by engineers and specialized and certified personnel, could bethe answer to your needs of supervision, quality controlling, project management, costcontrolling, worksite management, ndt, etc. Our business model is based around beingable to meet your qualified personnel outsourcing needs
  • 3. • ENGINEERING RESOURCES S.L. helps you achieve your economic objectives providing you with engineering personnel. We offer technical personnel backed up by years of experience in the oil, gas, nuclear and electric fields and its personal certification in the different standards for each sector.• We can also help you reach our same levels of reliability for your own personnel, carrying out an evaluation of your needs in HR along with your organization, from which we can work to offer you a certified and certifiable training program
  • 4. The main task of Engineering Resources is the provisionof technical personnel inside and outside of Spain forthe following sectors: • Oil • Gas • Offshore • Subsea • Nuclear • Aeronautics • Civilian infrastructures
  • 5. We provide these services through our own personnel, and we occasionally work as arecruitment agency for our clients.We offer the following services: • New construction supervision • Quality control • Maintenance • Project Management • Cost control • Works certification • Supplier certification • Quality control for equipment in supplier facilities • Resident inspectors • Training • NDT • .........
  • 6. • Material inspection in different countries. In the picture, machining workshops in China.• Inspection with valve pressure tests. In the picture, Korean manufacturer.• Inspection of elements for nuclear industry. In the picture, Canadian manufacturer.• Composite material inspection. In the picture, certification tests of digital radiography technique in Spanish aeronautics manufacturer.• Pressure vessel inspection for nuclear industry. In the picture, capital goods manufacturing company in India.
  • 7. • Construction of delayed coking unit for Repsol in the facilities of the Muskiz refinery, in Biscay (Spain). In this project, we provided services to the main engineering and to some contractors• Construction of the 3rd LNG tank for the Bay of Biscay (Enagas) in the port of Bilbao (Spain). In this project, we are providing services to the main engineering, in collaboration with Kiwa (Holland). We are also responsible for legalizing the facilities before the appropriate authorities.
  • 8. Given the high degree of specialization of our human team, we must offerhighly technical training programs, in accordance with international normsand standards.We offer these courses to engineers who do not hold these certifications, sowe can recruit them in order to access to international markets.If you hold an engineering company or you are a technician interested in thistype of certifications, feel free to contact us so we can provide you withinternational certifications.We have what you need. Do not hesitate to call us.As an example:
  • 9. • Industrial plant supervision according to ASME, API,….• Aeronautical maintenance• Non-Destructive Testing
  • 10. LIFE CYCLE OF GAS PIPELINEEngineering Resources carries out Quality assurance during the whole life cycle. ASSEMBLING MANUFACTURING OPERATION
  • 11. QUALITY ASSURANCE ACTIVITIES MANUFACTURING ASSEMBLING OPERATIONTechnical Assistance X XInspection in situ X X XInspection during manufacturing XCoating inspection X X XEvaluation of suppliers and purchasers X XAudit to manufacturers XAudit during pipeline works X
  • 12. ACTIVITIES DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL ASSISTANCEParticipation in activities such as order revisions, manufacturing follow up, processingof technical documents related to the order or contract, non-conformities follow yp,status of documents being approved, etc.INSPECTION IN SITUPerformance of inspections during construction of facilities, mainly in the condition ofControl Authority, in order to ensure compliance with Fuel Gas Grids and FittingsRegulations in force and voluntary inspection agreed upon with the client.INSPECTION DURING MANUFACTURINGInspection and control activities performed during manufacturing, in accordance withspecifications, quality plans and proceedings applicable to particular supplies.
  • 13. ACTIVITIES DESCRIPTIONCOATING INSPECTIONVerification of the coating corresponding to a particular grid or pipeline, oncemanufacturing is being finishedEVALUATION OF SUPPLIERS AND PURCHASERSActivities related to the approval of material and equipment suppliers, as well asworks dealing with drafting of general quality plans, purchase proceedings, etc.AUDIT TO MANUFACTURERSAudit for checking compliance with manufacturing timetables and quality plans inaccordance with specifications and proceedings foreseen.AUDIT DURING PIPELINE WORKSAudits for assembling control and facility set-ups.
  • 14. PRODUCTS FOR INSPECTION OF GAS PIPELINESCATHODIC PROTECTIONNORCONTROL provides an integral cathodic protection engineering both for new andinservice facilitiesCathodic protection is a method for controlling and protecting metallic structuresunder corrosive environment, taking advantage of the very electr-chemical principleof corrosion, thus reducing the potential of a metal until placing it in the immunityzonePURPOSESTo ensure the lack of corrosion in facilities and metallicpipelines by means of a proper installation of thecathodic protection systemTo accommodate the maintenance plan for ensuring iteffectiveness and thus enlarging the facility lifetime
  • 15. PRODUCTS FOR INSPECTION OF GAS PIPELINESSCOPE OF SERVICIESThe scope of engineering cathodicprotection services includes: MAINTENANCE OF FACILITIES Pipelines Grids Deposits SET - UP PROJECT DESIGN Basic Project Detailed Project PERFORMANCE OF STUDIES Lack of isolation Telluric currents
  • 16. PRODUCTS FOR INSPECTION OF GAS PIPELINESCOATING INSPECTION (SNOOPER)The use of electro-magnetic methods for identifying anddetecting defects in underground and in-service pipelinesis an important improvement with regard to inspectionmethods used regularly in this kind of facilitiesInspection is carried out by means of a detector, whichcaptures the signal been introduced in the line by atransmitterThe different variations of the captured signal allow theinspector to trace the line and to indicate with precisionand certainty even small defectsThis method reduces inspection times and offers a highaccuracy in defect location, thus permitting to decreaserepair times and costs
  • 17. APPLICATION DETECTABLE DEFECTSGAS/OIL PIPELINE INSPECTIONS Low magnitude defects Cuts ImpactsLOCATION OF UNDERGROUND Medium magnitude defects TearingsPIPES and WIRES Considerable magnitude defects Scratches Worsen or lacking jointsDETECTION OF FAILURES IN Other types of defectsISOLATIONS AND PROTECTION Worsen power intakesCOVERS OF PIPES Forgotten sacrificed anode
  • 18. QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS EQUIPMENT and TESTSHigh degree graduates EN473 level 3 Industrial RadiologyMedium degree graduates EN 473 level 2 Magnetic ParticlesSpecialists EN 473 level 1 Dye Penetrant Ultrasonic examination Eddy Current examination Metallography Dimensional Control Endoscopy
  • 19. X-ray, Gamma-ray, AUT, TOFD, Phased Array
  • 20. PIG US / Tofd
  • 21. We will gladly work with you to make your projects come true. Donot hesitate to contact us using the following phone numbers:Telephone: +34-600-64-156Telephone: +44-741-847-5369skype: primitivo_carranza