Back To School Fashion: Versatile, Year-Round Pieces Business Owners Can Rely On


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Primetime Clothing offers discounted wholesale prices on a variety of women’s and men’s wear and accessories for businesses looking to profit on the back-to-school spending periods of the calendar year. Trendsetting and fashion-forward looks are sold at discounted prices allowing business owners to pass on even lower prices to their own customers. Primetime Clothing has such a wide range of stock from hundreds of Los Angeles-based manufacturers and international importers that busy business owners can call it a one-stop-shopping experience for all their inventory needs.

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Back To School Fashion: Versatile, Year-Round Pieces Business Owners Can Rely On

  1. 1. Back To School Fashion: Versatile, Year-Round Pieces Business Owners Should Can Rely On Back-to-school shopping is one of the most emotionally charged shopping events during the entire school calendar. Young men and women want to look their best as they re-enter their community of friends and educators in an exciting new year. Trendy clothing, however, can be expensive, even at some wholesale fashion prices. In order for business owners to take advantage of this huge spending period before school gets back in session, wholesale fashion must be up to the latest minute as school-aged children of today are more in-the-know of fashion than any other group outside of the fashion industry, itself. Businesses must also offer these goods at the lowest prices possible. Buyers who purchase fashionable bulk clothing from cheap wholesale clothing distributors can easily manage both goals at once. One of the beauties of back-to-school shopping—unlike activity or event-shopping, for instance, like Prom that lasts only one day—is that clients are shopping theoretically for an entire year of clothing needs. Fashions that can be layered will be the most popular as parents and students, alike, are already beginning to think about the changing of the seasons in the coming Fall and Winter semesters. Cardigans, light sweaters, jeans, and other heavier clothing are completely acceptable items to stock up on in August and September. Even more importantly for business owners and buyers, back-to-school shopping has developed into a culturally and socially accepted time period for parents to shop guilt-free for their children. These days, parents know their children’s bodies as well as their seemingly fickle tastes have changed by the time August and September roll along. It is time, more so than any other period throughout the year, to purchase outfit after outfit for their children. Buyers and business owners should be focusing on this fiscally advantageous period given the psychology of those who are purchasing. While parents may be more open-minded toward buying more and spending more at this time of year, these clients still want to be shopping mindfully. By stocking up on discounted wholesale fashion clothing from cheap vendors and wholesale clothing distributors, business owners can pass down huge savings to their own clients and customers. This formula ends up paying off.
  2. 2. Parents, noticing the huge savings and low prices at one store may end up doing all of their back-to-school shopping at that one location. The other good news for buyers, boutique owners and other business owners looking to cash in on those back-to-school clients is that a wide variety of stock will be the most popular. School- age clients have an extreme diversity of fashion tastes. Therefore, buyers would do well to stock up on, for instance, wholesale tops that range from everyday t-shirts to fancy blouses and just about everything in between. Wholesale dresses and other items like rompers, floral skirts or modern sundresses can fit just about any pre-teen or teenager’s style. Buyers need not change the entire persona of their store or business in order to target this clientele. Even wholesale accessories, ranging from cat-print arm cuffs to multi-colored earring studs, may not only bring more clients in the door but also spruce up the energy of a store—be it on location or on the web. For more information visit us at