The Atlantic Solar Homes Library


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Title: The Atlantic Solar Homes Library

About: The Atlantic Solar Homes Library is a collection of information and images of 69 solar homes or projects located in Atlantic Canada.

Team: Sarah Digdon, Dana Echtner, Craig MacEachern

Published in: Technology, Education
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The Atlantic Solar Homes Library

  1. 1. ATLANTIC CANADA SOLAR HOMES By: Dana Echtner, Craig MacEachern, Sarah Digdon
  2. 2. WHY SOLAR HOMES? The data was collected by Solar Nova Scotia and is available on their web site but is badly organized and not searchable. By making it a digital library, users can get the most out of it by searching or browsing by location, installer, supplier, and site type. Could help other solar home owners to see what others have done and/or plan their project
  3. 3. DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTENTS One record = one solar home (html file) Pictures of the homes General location of homes Site type information Brief description Building and installation information
  4. 4. NAVIGATION Provided classifiers so that users can browse or search by Installer, Supplier, the year a site was built and the type of site Included a map that displays the locations of different homes. Each one links to the appropriate record.
  5. 5. ORGANIZATION - METADATA dc.Sitetype, dc.Installer, and dc.Supplier were created so that records could be searched by these fields. Had to be done individually Controlled vocabulary
  6. 6. DATA CREATION Xml file obtained from maintainer of original site Wrote Perl scripts to create Greenstone records and generate some metadata Created map using Google Maps Design issue: images are not standalone records
  7. 7. DATA CREATION - PROBLEMS Perl xml parsing libraries are hard to use (rolled my own) CSVMetadata Plugin was hard to understand (documentation is poor) Html parser was blocking images (took a long time to figure that out) Data is not of highest quality
  8. 8. STYLE FAILURES biggest problem: understanding the Greenstone process of displaying a page Firebug versus Greenstone rendering Manually altering package files led to breakage Abandoned and linked to stylesheet
  9. 9. STYLE VICTORIES Auto-centering width of 980px Removing background graphics Changing fonts Creating extra pages and linking to them Changing link colors Creating a banner
  10. 10. LESSONS LEARNED Much of the documentation is not helpful Start with one style at a time and debug! #Background-image: url(‘/images/ex.png’); Use the same DIVs as Greenstone, don’t create from scratch, work backwards by copying default style.css
  11. 11. COPYRIGHT The homeowners were asked for permission and signed a form (all of which have now been lost) to list their homes, and given the option to:  listtheir personal contact information on the page  be sent requests if someone wanted their contact info (Solar NS would relay the request) or  not have any tours or give any information about the house.
  12. 12. COPYRIGHT CONTINUED Houses change hands, so over years, the accuracy of that consent (whether its OK for someone to see pictures of the house) declines. Educational purposes
  13. 13. RESPONSIBILITIES Dana: creating original data from xml file and putting it into Greenstone Sarah: metadata, copyright considerations Craig: interface design