Mr. Eduardo Vasconcellos: Resource Depletion in Brazil


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This presentation was given on Oct. 11, 2012, as part of a webinar sponsored by Primary Source and IREX.

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Mr. Eduardo Vasconcellos: Resource Depletion in Brazil

  1. 1. Depletion of Natural Resources in BrazilCultural and Educational perspectivesBy Eduardo Vasconcellos
  2. 2. Brazilian flag with recycling items.
  3. 3. Bad habit among Brazilians
  4. 4. Many of us dispose trash on the streets.
  5. 5. There is still hope...
  6. 6. At schools and in some other institutions, the use of recycling trash cans is very much encouraged.
  7. 7. An election for best pictures concerning the environment and Brazil sponsored by Google.
  8. 8. At schools, we try to foster a more environmentalawareness towards the protection/preservation of the environment.
  9. 9. Mostly, we try to tell the future generations that they are in charge of protecting the environment. It is everybodys job.
  10. 10. In Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil, weencourage students to read texts related to the protection of our planet.
  11. 11. In Science classes, we tend to teach about some endangered species, such as the one below ...
  12. 12. When we try to create school projects like environmental week or recycling week, we count on the help of the Art teachers.
  13. 13. Art from recycling ...
  14. 14. During Rio +20, named because of the anniversary of Rio92, somestatespeople and the population debated how our (non)-protection of the environment has had an impact on the lives of human beings...
  15. 15. The idea of creating art out of trash was designed by one of the mostfamous Brazilian artists, Vik Muniz. For this work, participants of Rio+20 were asked to insert recycled trash in order to set an example for society...
  16. 16. Most of the schools created special projects to talk about it.
  17. 17. Eco Hab Lab logo – an attempt to make youngsters more aware oftheir role in society by helping them build more sustainable houses.
  18. 18. One of the things we teach is to operate a machine that createsbricks with the lands of one of the favelas in Rio called Complexo do Alemão. The aim is for them to multiply what they have learned to other dwellers.
  19. 19. Some drawbacks and/or challenges: * Theory x practice. * Cultural mindset (collective x individual) must be changed. * Sometimes, teachers and students are not committed to the cause.
  20. 20. Additional Materials Waste land - trailer Video on one of the landfills Rio used to have (Jardim Gramacho 0 Além de Gramacho 2) – in English. Contact: