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  • 1. We are from Reshetylivka
  • 2. It’s a nice town in Poltava region. It was founded in 1638 as a small village.
  • 3. Reshetylivka stands on the river Hovtva
  • 4. The central park
  • 5. Famous Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko was in Reshetylivka in 1845.
  • 6. We have found some his pictures. We can see Reshetylivka and village Tury in that time.
  • 7. Now our town is very green and beautiful. There are many shops, hairdresser’s, cafés, parks some banks and monuments on the main street of the town.
  • 8. I like to study. This is our Primary School. There are also Gymnasia named after Ivan Oliinyk and Secondary School in Reshetylivka.
  • 9. Agricultural School Arts and crafts School
  • 10. I like to sing and dance. This is our House of Culture. I have my dancing and piano lessons here. We also have many holidays party here. This is our center of learning English. Children can study with the tutor here.
  • 11. I like to play sport games. Football is my hobby. You can see our school sport ground. There is also a big stadium “Kolos” in our town. All people can play different sport games there.
  • 12. Reshetylivka Butter Making Factory has operated in the town since 1924.
  • 13. The monument to the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko There are several monuments in Reshetylivka.
  • 14. Our town is a well-known center of carpet making and embroidery. There is Arts and crafts School in Reshetylivka. Students study carpet making and embroidery technology there.
  • 15. Reshetylivka's carpets are traditionally bordered and decorated with floral design of all kinds: 'blossoming trees', 'garlands', 'flowers' on the bright background.
  • 16. Reshetylivka Private Art Handicraft Centre which operates in 1903 is also located in the town.