Phc Outline 2004 Nutrition


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Phc Outline 2004 Nutrition

  1. 1. Nutrition Services in Family Health Networks / Primary Care Model Sites: A Demonstration Project The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long term Care’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund Program has provided funding for a Demonstration Project that will develop and test an integrated model for nutrition services. The Interdisciplinary Nutrition Services in Family Health Networks/Primary Care Model Sites project led by Dietitians of Canada and Principal Investigator Paula Brauer of the University of Guelph will place registered dietitians in three Family Health Networks in Ontario. An evaluation with patients and health professional team members will be used to make recommendations for integrating nutrition services within primary health care settings. Since nutrition is a major lifestyle factor in health promotion and in the prevention and management of some common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, it is logical that nutrition services be positioned in the primary health care setting. Primary Health Care (PHC) is the “first level of contact” to comprehensive health care. Traditionally the physician has been the first contact and quite possibly the only contact to health care. Dietitians of Canada (DC) will demonstrate that by introducing nutrition services in three primary health settings in the province of Ontario that physicians need not be the only or the first level of contact for health care. Two year funding (until March 2006) from the Primary Health Care Transition Fund (PHCTF) has provided DC with this important opportunity to advance interdisciplinary primary health care reform. The three primary health care sites chosen for the demonstration project are Family Health Networks in Kingston, Parry Sound and Stratford, Ontario. Family Health Networks (FHNs) are a group of physicians who work together to provide primary care services to their patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week by providing after-hours telephone advisory service along with regular office hours. The networks emphasize illness prevention as well as comprehensive care. Comprehensive nutrition services are logically placed in the primary health care (PHC) setting where initial identification, accessible intervention and long-term relationships can be established between the client and provider. Such comprehensive services would include a range of health promotion and treatment services. Health promotion activities might include simple interventions such as promoting a healthy lifestyle to specialized services aimed at preventing diabetes, low birth weight or failure to thrive among children or the elderly. Treatment services might range from advice to avoid high doses of a particular vitamin supplement to complex interventions for management Dietitians of Canada 13/10/2004
  2. 2. of chronic conditions, especially various combinations of dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance, and hypertension. In this project, DC along with Principal Investigator Paula Brauer of the University of Guelph and the team of dietitians working at each site, will develop and test an integrated model for nutrition services. Selected aspects of PHC and nutrition service quality and effectiveness will be evaluated. Key deliverables of the project: Completion of a systematic literature search on interdisciplinary nutrition service Baseline telephone survey of advice from providers in current PHC settings Production of comprehensive guidance materials including a template for interdisciplinary practice for use by: • Provincial decision makers on the administrative costs of the model • Local decision makers planning for nutrition services in their own PHC site • Dietitians and others offering nutrition services in PHC sites Before and after reported client satisfaction with PHC services Evaluation of dietitian counselling services Costing of nutrition services Wide dissemination of the reviews and evaluation results through multiple strategies - web sites, workshops, peer reviewed publications For questions about the project please contact Bridget Davidson RD (Project Coordinator) at or any of the Dietitians working in the FHNs: Theresa Schneider for the Kingston FHN (, Eva West for the Parry Sound FHN ( or Deb Northmore for the Stratford FHN ( Dietitians of Canada 13/10/2004