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Pmp tenancy appformmarch2012

  1. 1. RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS TENANCY APPLICATION FORMPMP Property Management Ltd44 Green Park Road, p: 0121 286 2222Northfield,, 5BD 1
  2. 2. Contents1 Front Cover2 Contents Page3 Guidance Notes Please Read4 Criteria5 Application Completion Notes7 Tenant Obligations9 Pre-Tenancy Checklist11 Required Additional12 Affordability Calculator13 Application Form 2
  3. 3. General Guidance NotesPlease Read Carefully1. A property will not be reserved unless a completed application form, proof of residency and the non-refundable administration fee of £160.00 inc VAT have been received by the residential lettings office at Northfield. The proof of residency needs to be either a utility bill, mobile telephone bill, council tax bill or a signed and dated letter from your current employer’, all of which must be dated within the last 3 months. Bank statements are not acceptable. Proof of identification is also required (i.e. copy of driving licence, passport or works ID). Once the forms are received they are forwarded to CCV to be referenced, where they will obtain verbal or written references and carry out a full credit check.2. If the tenancy is to be amongst sharers, each subsequent applicant over the age of 18 will need to complete an application form and pay a non-refundable application fee of £30.00 inc VAT for each form processed.3. If a guarantor is required they will need to complete a Guarantors Application Form and pay a non-refundable application fee of £30.00 inc VAT.4. Payment for the ‘application fee’, can be made either by cheque, bank deposit or EFT.5. All of our properties are taken as seen; therefore any application will only be accepted from a prospective tenant who has viewed the property. All properties are available for a minimum of six months subject to suitable references.6. Should any application be rejected for any reason before the credit check is carried out the ‘ application fee’ will be refunded minus any administration costs incurred. ,7. Payment of the deposit and rent when you sign for the property should be a bankers draft, bank deposit or EFTPLEASE NOTE THE COMPANY WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS OR PERSONAL CHEQUES FOR THE DEPOSIT & FIRST MONTHS RENT Please complete all sections in full on the individual application form from the point on thefirst page where it states ‘ BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT’ TO . PLEASE REMEMBER – FAILURE TO COMPLETE ANY PART OF THIS APPLICATION WILL RESULT IN A DELAY IN REFERENCES BEING COMPLETED. 3
  4. 4. CriteriaDo you fit the criteria to pass the credit referencing?● Are you able to supply 3 years address history in the UK?● Do you have any adverse credit history? (E.g. CCJ’ –Must be less than £300 and be s disclosed).● Have you been Employed for the last 12 months? If you have had a break of more than 2 weeks between jobs you will need a guarantor.● Are you Self Employed? If you are you will need to have been self-employed for the last 3 years and either have an Accountant who can verify your income or have 3 years self- assessment forms.● A guarantor will need to fit the above criteria as well.● Have you checked your income and guarantors income if applicable on the attached affordability calculator?We will carry out Landlords references (if applicable) and employment references to verifyyour income stated on the application form. 4
  5. 5. Application Completion NotesBy following the guidance and advice given below, your application will be processed withthe minimum of delay. Please keep this document for future reference.The application formTo avoid unnecessary delay, please complete the application form in full and in capitalletters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 286 2222.We will be calling your referees to verify the information you have provided so please ensurethat they know to expect a call from us. This will speed up your application.Home address informationWe require full details of your residential addresses for the past three years, even ifaddresses are overseas.I currently live in a rented propertyThe details of your landlord, letting agent or organisation to which you pay your rent shouldbe supplied. If you are aware your landlord is difficult to contact, please providealternative contact information. Please ensure that you have advised the contact to expect acall from us.What should I do if I have current, historic or pending adverse credit?You should ensure that as much information is provided as possible on a separate sheet andsubmit this with your application. Failure to answer this question accurately mayjeopardise your application/tenancy. Details of borrowings which you are repaying withincredit terms do not need to be listed.Income detailsWe require six months income/employment details (three years if self-employed). A sectionfor previous employment information is provided. However, please use a separate sheet ifnecessary.I am/will be employed by an educational establishment that is closed for holidays. If the educational establishment is controlled by a local authority, the full local authoritydetails along with the name of the school/educational establishment should be supplied inthe employment section provided on the application form along with your position, startdate, employee number etc. If you have the details please also give us the contact details forthe establishment’ bursar. If your employer is not a local authority please provide a copy swork contract along with your most recent copy pay slips. 5
  6. 6. I am self-employed and have an accountant/auditor.Your accountants/auditors details should be supplied where indicated. Please also ensureyou have told your accountants/auditors to expect contact from us and authorize them toprovide a reference to us.The income figure to be stated on the application form in the section Current IncomeDetails should be the figure shown as the profit on your last finalised accounts in relation toyourself employment. If you have recently commenced trading and have yet to have yourfirst set of accounts finalised, please state “not finalised” in this section and you will requirea Guarantor.I am self-employed and do not use an accountant/auditor.A copy of your last three years tax calculation issued by the H M Revenue & Customs(SA302.SA100) in relation to self-assessment should be submitted with your application.Please note a “Statement of Account” is NOT acceptable. If you submit your details on-lineto H M Revenue & Customs, your tax calculations can be obtained through your on-linefacility with them.I am working on a contract/as a temporary member of staff.The details of the company through whom you have secured work should be provided withthe contractual end date of your work placement.I am retired and my income is derived from pensions.Please submit copy pension statements that confirm your pension income with yourapplication. You should ensure that contact details for your pension providers are included.Please also ensure that you have told your pensions administrator to expect a contact fromus and authorise them to provide a reference to us.I am retired and my income is derived from investments (and pension income).Please provide details of your financial advisor/accountant who can verify your situation. Ifyou do not have an accountant please provide six months bank statements. If you are also inreceipt of pension income, please refer to the paragraph above.I have independent meansWe will need to see evidence of your savings for the preceding six months. The simplest wayis to send us copies of your last six months bank statements.I am unemployed/studentA Guarantor will be needed. Please can you ensure that the Guarantor Application form iscompleted.I am claiming benefitsWe will need to see proof of the benefits. Please provide a copy of the benefit statement orpayment booklet. You will also require a guarantor and will need to pay two months’rent upfront. 6
  7. 7. Tenant Obligations1. The tenant is asked to note that when they sign their Tenancy Agreement (or any endorsement made thereafter) and the said agreement states a specific length of tenancy, they are legally bound to pay rent for the full term of the tenancy, whether or not they remain at the property for that length of time. If the tenant does need to vacate early the Landlord may release them from the agreement providing the rent is paid until a new tenant is found and the Landlords agents costs for letting the property are paid.2. You will be required to pay a Deposit which is equal to one and a half months rent together with the first month’s rent when signing an agreement. This payment must be in the form of a Bankers Draft, Building Society Cheque, Direct Deposit or EFT.3. The Deposit is held in respect of damage to the property or contents, such deposit to be fully returnable (without interest) at the end of the tenancy but after deducting any sum due in respect of rent, damage to the property or in compensation for the breach of any other terms of this agreement. Please refer to the tenants guide how to get a full bond return4. All correspondence you receive, which is not addressed to the tenant personally, should be redirected to the Landlord. There is of course, no postage payable on re-addressed unopened mail.5. The Tenant should always contact the Landlord or the Lettings Department as appropriate if they have any queries regarding repairs to the property itself including the central heating system and any electrical or gas appliances BEFORE arranging for any work to be carried out.6. Breakages of windows or glass are the Tenants responsibilities for repair.7. During the period 1st November to 31st March inclusive, there is always a danger of damage to the property from burst pipes etc and should the Tenant be away from the property at any time, it is their responsibility to ensure that some form of heating is left low, or other action is taken to prevent damage occurring.8. The tenant may not remove furniture or any items belonging to the Landlord from the property and should, leave the furniture and effect at the end of the Tenancy in the rooms or places in which they were at the beginning of the tenancy.9. At no time to keep pets including a dog or cat in or about the property without the express permission of the Landlord or his representative.10. Any television sets which may be included on the inventory at the commencement of the tenancy may be used by the tenant on the understanding that in the event of any breakdowns or repairs required, this is the responsibility of the tenant to put right. The tenant is also responsible for the payment of license fees in addition to the rent. 7
  8. 8. 11. The Tenant must keep the interior of the premises clean and in good decorative condition and repair and inform the Landlord or agent or anything needing to be attended to.12. The Tenant must not without the written consent of the Landlord, make any decorative or structural alterations to the premises or remove any partition, door, cupboard or fixture and not altering the existing decoration scheme.13. The Tenant must keep the garden in a proper state of cultivation and clear, tidy and free from weeds, if it is so at the beginning of the tenancy. A gardener can be arranged for a small fee, please speak with your agent.14. No television / satellite dishes / receivers may be installed or erected at the property without the Landlords written permission.15. If the Tenant(s) remains in possession after the expiry of the term, and no new tenancy comes into being, the Tenant(s) becomes entitles to a statutory periodic tenancy which the Tenant(s) can bring to an end after serving on the Landlord(s) no less that 1 rental months’notice of the intention to quit in writing and specify the date the Tenant(s) will be leaving.16. The Tenant must permit the Landlord or the Landlords Agents at reasonable hours in the daytime, within the last twenty-eight days of the tenancy to enter and view the property with prospective tenants.17. After vacation, the property will be inspected by the Landlords Agents all furniture, equipment, should be located in the rooms in which it appears in the inventory.18. The Tenant shall keep the Premises and also return the property to the owner in a clean and sanitary condition and free from dirt, oils, grease, insects, and vermin. A check-out report will be carried out to account for any repairs or cleaning that may need to be attended to, please refer to the Final Inspection Guide.19. It is the Tenants responsibility to notify their Bank to cancel the standing order for the rent. Failure to cancel a standing order will result in the Tenant being charged a handling fee of £20.00+VAT (£24.00) for each payment that we have to return to your bank.20. At the end of the tenancy, the tenant is liable to pay the book out fee which is £60.00 inc VAT up to 3 bedroom properties and £80.00 inc VAT for 4 bedroom properties upwards Please call the office for the relevant charges in this respect. The charge will be deducted from deposit monies. By signing the tenancy agreement the Tenant is agreeing to this charge being made.21. Upon vacating the property, the tenant should arrange with the post office for all mail to be re-directed to their forwarding address.22. A charge will be levied of £10.00 + VAT (£11.75) for each year or part year that the deposit is held by us. The total amount will be deducted from deposit monies held at the tenancy. 8
  9. 9. Pre-Tenancy Checklist Please read each point and initial that you understood. At the end of the check list pleasesign and date.1. I understand that once my application has been submitted to CCV that my application fee of £160.00 is non-refundable. Initial … … … … … .2. I understand that for every additional person named on the tenancy I /we have to pay an additional £30.00 for referencing which is non-refundable and I also understand that if have to have a guarantor, £30.00 is payable for their application and this is also non- refundable. Initial … … … … … .3. I understand that once I have submitted my application form that I need to contact my current employer and current Landlord and inform them to expect a reference from our CCV referencing company. This needs to be responded to immediately. (This is where the delay usually occurs.) Initial … … … … … .4. I have viewed the property and understand that the property is let as seen. If there is any work I feel is needed to be carried out on the property. I have informed PMP Property Management in writing before the Tenancy Application has been submitted. If the property is described as unfurnished, NO items (including white goods), will be left in the property, unless otherwise stated. If property is described as part or fully furnished I am aware what items are being left in the property. Initial … … … … …5. I understand that I need to bring with me, when signing the tenancy agreement, if not already provided, proof of residency and proof of identification and proof of income as set out in Page 2 Clause 1. Initial … … … … …6. I will need to pay one month’ rent (two months for tenants receiving benefits) plus one s and a half months rent as a deposit as set out in Page 2 Clause 7 Initial … … … … …7. I understand that I am/we are signing a six month Tenancy Agreement. (If longer tenancy, this has previously been agreed by the Landlord.) Initial … … … … … . 9
  10. 10. 8. I understand that just before the end of the 6 month Tenancy Agreement I/we will either be contacted by PMP Property Management or I/we will contact PMP Property Management to confirm if I/we wish to stay in the property. If I/we wish to stay in the property we will await confirmation from the Landlord to agree. If I/we wish to vacate the property at the end of the 6 month agreement the Landlord will be made aware. There will be a charge of £60.00 inc VAT to renew the tenancy agreement. Initial … … … … … .9. Once a move in date has been confirmed with the landlord and yourself, paperwork will be drawn up. If at any point the date is changed by yourselves, an administration fee of £10 plus VAT (£12.00) will be payable. Initial … … … … … .10. I agree that any fees for holding of deposit as per point 21 of the tenant’ obligations s can be deducted from deposit monies at the end of the tenancy. Initial … … … … … .11. I agree that provided the landlord is registered with an appropriate deposit scheme and PMP Property Management have qualified the registration. Deposit monies can be released to the Landlord immediately on his request. Initial … … … … … .12. I agree that if the application forms / guarantor application forms are not received by PMP Property Management within 2 working days, the property will be remarketed. Initial… … … … … .13. I agree to convert all utilities to Hallmark Utility Management Scheme and will provide direct debit details on the day of handover. Initial … … … … … .14. I agree that a representative from Hazelton Mobbs & Mountford insurance will contact me to discuss my contents insurance needs that are a requirement of this tenancy . Initial… … … ..I HEREBY AGREE TO COMPLY WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE TENANTS OBLIGATIONS ISSUED BY THELANDLORDS AGENTS WHICH I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE. SIGNED: ………………………………………………… PRINTED: ………………………………………………… DATE: ………………………………………………… 10
  11. 11. Required Additional InformationProperty applied for: … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .… … … … … … … … …Please supply details of ALL persons who will be residing in the property (includingapplicant). Details to include full names, age and sex. Name Male/Female AGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Please state the approximate date you wish to take over the tenancy of this property: … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ........................ 11
  12. 12. Affordability CalculatorMonthly Tenant Guarantor Monthly Tenant GuarantorRent Income Income Rent Income Income 150 4500 5400 1350 40500 48600 200 6000 7200 1400 42000 50400 250 7500 9000 1450 43500 52200 300 9000 10800 1500 45000 54000 350 10500 12600 1550 46500 55800 400 12000 14400 1600 48000 57600 450 13500 16200 1650 49500 59400 500 15000 18000 1700 51000 61200 550 16500 19800 1750 52500 63000 600 18000 21600 1800 54000 64800 650 19500 23400 1850 55500 66600 700 21000 25200 1900 57000 68400 750 22500 27000 1950 58500 70200 800 24000 28800 2000 60000 72000 850 25500 30600 2050 61500 73800 900 27000 32400 2100 63000 75600 950 28500 34200 2150 64500 77400 1000 30000 36000 2200 66000 79200 1050 31500 37800 2250 67500 81000 1100 33000 39600 2300 69000 82800 1150 34500 41400 2350 70500 84600 1200 36000 43200 2400 72000 86400 1250 37500 45000 2450 73500 88200 1300 39000 46800 2500 75000 90000 12
  13. 13. Prospective Tenant Application Form In order for the application to be processed quickly please complete all the details below.Personal Details Bank Account DetailsPlease supply your full legal name, nationality and date of birth. Please supply details of your UK bank account from which payments will be made:Title: (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms etc.) First Name: Name of Bank or Building Society:Last Name: Branch Address:Maiden Name (where applicable):Date of Birth: Nationality: DD / MM / YYContact Details Account Name:Please supply at least one contact number below. If you includeyour email address we will send you regular updates with theprogress on your application. Sort Code:Email Address: Account Number:Daytime Telephone Number: Contact Number:Evening Telephone Number:Mobile Telephone Number: Credit History Please be aware that it may harm your application if you do not declare relevant information and are later found to have any CourtProof of Identity Order, IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) or Bankruptcy Orders.We are required to verify your identity - to speed up the process Have you any CCJs/Bankruptcies/Administration Orders?please supply the following: Yes NoPassport Number: If YES please supply details below: CCJNational Insurance Number: Bankruptcy Voluntary Arrangement Date DD / MM / YY Details (amount, if discharged, for example) 13
  14. 14. Invoice / Billing DetailsAddress HistoryWe require three years’ worth of address history, and we ask you to complete the boxes below for each address that you have livedin for the past three years. Current Address Previous Addresses If you have been at your current residence for less than 1 If you have lived at your current residence for less than 3 month please supply your previous address as ‘current’. years please supply details of your previous addresses. Please tick to confirm your status: Please tick to confirm your status: Living with Relatives Tenant Home Owner Living with Relatives Tenant Home Owner When did you move into this address? When were you resident at this address? DD / MM / YY From: DD / MM / YY To: DD / MM / YY If this is less than three years ago, you will need to complete the next section marked House Name or Number “Additional Address History”. House Name or Number Street Street Town/City Town/City Postcode Postcode If Tenanted, please complete the below: Landlord/Agent Name If Tenanted, please complete the below: My tenancy was administered via: Contact Address (inc postcode) a Landlord an Estate Agent Landlord/Agent Name Contact Address (inc postcode) Postcode: Telephone Number Fax Number Postcode: Telephone Number Email Address Fax Number Email Address 14
  15. 15. Invoice / Billing DetailsEmployment DetailsEmployment Status Student Details (if applicable) Which best describes your occupation: Your attendance: Full Time Part Time Employed (please complete Employment Details below) Course Title: Self-Employed (please complete Proof of Income below) Independent Means (please complete Proof of Income Student Reference Number: below) Retired (please complete Proof of Income below) Student (please complete Proof of Income below) Course Start Date: DD / MM / YYYY Finish Date: DD / MM / YYYY Unemployed Housewife/husband College/University Details (if applicable) Name of Institute:Employment Details Hours of Work: Full Time Part Time Company Address: Contract Type: Permanent Temporary Fixed Length Your Job Title: Postcode: Your Gross Income: Contact Name: Payroll Number: Telephone Number: Start Date: DD / MM / Finish Date: DD / MM / Fax Number: YYYY YYYY (leave blank if still working for this company) Email Address:Proof of Income / Employer Details Details of the organisation that we should contact to verify your income. This will be your employer or your accountant if you’re self-employed. Company Name: Company Address: Postcode: Contact Name: Telephone Number: Fax Number: Email Address: 15
  16. 16. Invoice / Billing DetailsTenancy Details and ConsentTenancy Details Declaration & Consent Do you smoke? Please read and agree to the below declaration carefully. Yes No 1. By completing this application form I confirm that the information that I have supplied in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. Any Do you have any pets? information supplied in this application form will be used by Veri-Check to assess my application and to retrieve any rental arrears that may occur. Yes No 2. I therefore hereby expressly consent to this information being verified by If YES please give details: fair and lawful means, which will involve contacting referees including but not limited to previous landlords, employers and organisations declared in my application, plus third party tenant assessment agencies and/or third party credit reference agencies. Any copies of references and/or credit reports obtained by this verification will be freely forwarded between Veri-Check, any prospective landlord, and their agents including any associated insurer if applicable. This information may also be accessed again if I apply for tenancy again in the future.Next of Kin 3. I also hereby expressly consent to my personal details, including any forwarding address at the determination of any tenancy, being passed to the Title: (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms etc.) First Name: landlord and/or to utility companies and/or to the local authority. 4. In connection with this application I consent to a search being carried out with a third party credit reference agency using the details Last Name: supplied on this application form to assess my creditworthiness and electoral roll status. A footprint will be left on my credit file to show others that this search has been carried out. I also consent to Veri-Check and their agents Relationship to you: (father, mother, sister, brother etc.) using this information to assess my application for tenancy. 5. Veri-Check and their agents may carry out periodic checks on the conduct of my tenancy agreement with your landlord. This information may be shared Telephone Number: with other organisations for the purposes of assessing tenant applications and services in the future. Email Address: Yes I Agree (please tick) Name: Postal Address: Signature: Postcode: Date: DD / MM / YYYYUnder 18’ s NOTE TO AGENTS Will there be any Under 18’s living at the property? Yes No If YES please give details (use additional sheet if required) To add the application form online, please add the initial details for the tenancy and for all applicants, and submit for referencing. First Name: Once the initial details have been added select the Personal Details tab for the Applicant, and scroll down to “Sign in as Applicant”. Last Name: The input screen for the Application Form will pop up. Please check that your Pop-Up Blocker has been turned off, otherwise you may experience difficulty at this stage. Date of Birth: If you have any questions please contact: DD / MM / YYYY 16