Web Conferencing Classroom Possibilities


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Web Conferencing Classroom Possibilities

  1. 1. Web Conferencing: Classroom Possibilities
  2. 2. Web Conferencing and the Changing Student Profile Web conferencing enables diverse student populations to experience a virtual classroom environment: • More non-traditional students • More part-time students • More commuters • More distance-learning students
  3. 3. Advantages of Web Conferencing: Collaboration and Student Engagement Advantages include: • •Collaboration of widely dispersed student body and faculty •Students and faculty share documents and visuals online •Student engagement: all students can see, hear, and actively participate in class discussions as if meeting face-to-face •No travel hassles: Save time, save gas •Online classes are environmentally “green”
  4. 4. Advantages of Web Conferencing: Information Sharing Students share verbal and non-verbal information via: •Slide presentations •Live video recordings •Podcasts •Whiteboard •Textchat •Desktop sharing
  5. 5. Web Conferencing Platforms: Wimba Wimba includes: •Audio •Video •Application sharing •Content display •Polling •Whiteboarding •Resizable chat areas and participant lists •MP3 downloads •Emoticons and avatars
  6. 6. Web Conferencing Platforms: Elluminate Elluminate features: •High-quality voice over the Internet •Ability to “see” what is happening in the classroom through emoticons, hand-raising, and halos that show who is typing and loading images •Ability to use breakout rooms and multiple moderators •Ability to allow single speaker or up to four people to talk at once •Instant polling tools •Interconnectivity with Blackboard •Efficient operation even on low band-width connections
  7. 7. Web Conferencing Platforms: iLink iLink is known for: • Reliability, security, and productivity-enhancing features • Commitment to environmental responsibility • Innovative “Green Meter” that calculates environmental impact and CO2 emissions saved for each iLink participant • iLink customers include HP, Aetna, The U.S. Army, Citigroup, Xerox, and 5 U.S. States
  8. 8. Using Web Conferencing in the Classroom Web conferencing in the e-learning classroom may lead to dynamic learning experiences: •Active student collaboration and participation •Students “do” more •Faculty lecture less •Increased student retention
  9. 9. Effective Web Conferencing in the Classroom To use web conferencing effectively: Training is essential for faculty to learn dynamics of facilitating online classroom discussion: • Avoid the old-model lecture mode • Avoid the “PowerPoint Drone” syndrome • Become a “Guide on the Side,” not a “Sage on the Stage”
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