Acer Iconia W510: windows 8 in a diffrent form


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Acer Iconia W510: windows 8 in a diffrent form

  1. 1. Acer Iconia W510: windows 8 in a diffrent formEditors note - This website is amazing! i never thought that this could become an blog....hopeeveryone enjoys itAs the world’s fourth-largest laptop and PC manufacturer (depending on which stats you lookat), Acer wasn’t going to be left behind in the Windows 8 convertible tablet race.Competing with the 11.6-inch Asus Vivo Tab and Samsung Ativ Smart PC, the 10-inch AcerIconia W510 is a ‘proper’ Windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrid that can run much of your legacysoftware, provides a multi-touch IPS screen, throws in a keyboard dock that also extendsconnectivity and battery life, and will last up to 18hrs on a charge according to Acer. As thesequel to the rather mediocre Iconia Tab W500, can its successor take on the best of therest?Acer Iconia W510 Design and BuildFirst impressions of the W510 are certainly positive. Though the entire unit is made out ofplastic, its matt silver finish gives it an attractive look that’s further enhanced by sleek, edgylines. That matt finish also provides a good grip, if not on a level with soft-touch, and doesn’tshow off fingerprints.The Iconia W510 is a ‘squarer’ tablet than most, lacking prominent curves and taperingedges, but – like the Microsoft Surface - this sets it apart in a good way. Build quality is alsogreat, though the keyboard dock doesn’t feel quite as solid as the tablet.One of the best things about the W510’s docked design is that Acer takes things a stepfurther than rivals. Where they only let you turn their tablets into ‘laptops’, the Iconia W510takes a leaf from the Lenovo Yoga in letting you twist the base all the way round so that thekeyboard is on the outside at the ‘tablet’s’ rear.This is great when using the base as a stand on a cramped train/bus table where you maynot have room to put the tab into traditional ‘laptop mode’. The other area where the W510trumps the Asus Vivo Tab and Samsung Ativ Smart PC is that it’s almost impossible to tip itover backwards by accident.Because it’s a 10-inch tablet where its non-RT rivals are nearly 12 inches, this Acer Iconia isone of the lightest Windows 8 convertibles you can buy. It weighs a mere 680g with keyboarddock, not much heavier than the new iPad 4; that’s jolly impressive stuff when you AcerIconia W510: windows 8 in a diffrent form about it.Acer Iconia W510 Connectivity and ButtonsSamsung is still the only one of the big players to offer a 3G convertible Win8 Atom tab, withthe Vivo and Iconia remaining Wi-Fi only. Otherwise the W510 is well-connected, especially
  2. 2. when docked. On the left of the keyboard dock you’ll find a proprietary charging port, whileon the top of the tablet there’s a headphone/microphone jack, rotation lock and power button.Most of the action is around to the left, where we have a crisp volume rocker, microHDMI,microUSB and microSD, along with a full-size USB connector on the keyboard dock.Naturally Bluetooth and NFC are present on the wireless side of things.Acer Iconia W510 Keyboard Dock and TypingAs already mentioned, the Iconia W510’s keyboard dock is well-built and sports a veryflexible hinge mechanism. Thankfully, it’s still really easy to ‘undock’ the tablet: rather thanthe Asus Vivo Tab’s slightly awkward side-mounted button which requires two hands todecouple the tablet, on the Acer it’s as simply as the pioneering Asus Transformer.We’re a tad disappointed that Acer’s dock only offers a single USB port in addition to thetablet’s own connectivity, but that’s hardly a major issue. The dock does have a built-inbattery equal to the one found in the tablet, effectively doubling the W510’s battery life whendocked.As to the dock’s chiclet keyboard, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The keys offer nice action with adecent amount of travel but they’re a little on the small side and layout isn’t great, especiallyif you’re a right-shifter like yours truly. However, this also holds true for most other 10-inchWindows 8 tablets – don’t forget that many rivals are actually 11.6-inch models which offermore room for a keyboard but also up the weight.We have no complaints about the touchpad however. It’s smooth and responsive, and itsintegrated buttons offer a solid click with no annoying dead zone.Original source