Traver Hospital - Case Study


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Traver Hospital - Case Study

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Traver Hospital - Case Study

  1. 1. BSMH 5013Human Resource ManagementCase Study 02TRAVERS HOSPITAL:The Human Resource Department SecretaryBy814284 - PRIDHIVRAJ NAIDU24rdMarch 2013
  2. 2. 1. IntroductionEthics is a critical part of a cultural system. From an institutional perspective, ethics are the ideas, valuesand habits that form the institution’s shared cultural core or script. (Bainton.R.B., 2012,p.144-133). Theseethics emphasized by the organization are physically imprinted in the charter of the organization itself.The Charter is ”the rules and norms of an institution that are the technically acquired skills, habits, legalnorms and ethical commands which are accepted by the members or imposed upon them”(Malinowki,1960,p.52)2. Background of the caseTravers Hospital is an organization with a “family like atmosphere”. The management has appointed MissNancy Columbus, a senior staff to a clerical position at the HR department. This appointment was an insightto Miss Nancy a very friendly and jovial staff with her colleagues in the top level management and meetingsheld.3. Problem StatementTravers Hospital case looks into the situation where Miss Nancy has misused the trust placed on her by theemployers. Other than that this case also looks into the matter as a misconduct of ethics, a serious problemthat may jeopardize relations within the organization.4. Three options to solve the problemThe hospital needs to focus in providing suitable training for its staff for each position specifically. Asmentioned by Verneil.M, Berge.Z, Berge.N, Davis.L. andSmith.D., (2002 p.43-61) Learning is now defined as a
  3. 3. competitive strategy in a global workplace. Therefore, trainers must engage in defining strategic goals,analyzing organizational processes and providing better systematic performance within the business context.Nancy in this case is taken into the meeting room as a secretary only based on her merit of seniority andfriendly behavior which was deemed suitable for the position, but it turned out Miss Nancy’s lack ofunderstanding of the meeting room ethics misled her to breaking the secrets of the meeting.Training for Miss Nancy is a better good of making use of her seniority and know-about of the organization, buttraining only for Miss Nancy as a person to be upgraded to an admin staff from a nurse may not be costeffective compared to taking in a trained secretary.Second option on the table of the management would be to recruit a suitable and well trained secretary for theposition. This move not only saves cost of training, but also adds on in providing the organization with a highcompetency staff, a suitable person for the position. As defined my Mirable (1997, p.74) competency as “aknowledge, skill, ability or characteristic associated with high performance on a job, such as problem solving,analytical thinking or leadership” these traits highlighted my Mirable will definitely be an asset to theorganization.Anyhow, the minus factor in hiring an out sider to fill in a position held by Miss Nancy in a work environmentwhich is family-like would stir unhappiness and make the hostile situation in the organization even worst.Third option that the management can consider would be communicating directly to the employees themselves.This is to correct the distorted information provided by Miss Nancy to her colleagues due to hermisunderstanding of management procedures, as explained by Maria.B.F in her guidelines for efficientcommunications, “Communication is essential for the efficient coordination of the activities implying suchconnections; it is a process for the materialization of which it is necessary to build communication channels thatmay transmit ideas, knowledge and exigencies”To communicate the issue well to the employees, the management must be well equipped and plan their scriptwell before confronting the cold crowd. This is because; communication is one of the most difficult tasks of a
  4. 4. manager. The source of most communication problems is the difference between the content of the message orits intended impact and the way the other organization members receive it (Maria.B.F)Anyhow option number three will only be a temporary and immediate solution to stop the resistance factorestablished by the employees to the change which they believe is happening in the hospital. The managementwill have to choose another option as well together to complete the solution for the problem.5. Best OptionAfter evaluating the issue and the solutions as mentioned above, the best optioned is to provide Miss Nancywith adequate training. This is to accommodate the factor that she is a senior staff at the hospital, provided ofthe family like environment at the organization – Miss Nancy is an asset to the management.In spite the cost of training born by the management for her training, a well-trained senior staff would mean agood relation with the employees, a person with the know-how of the hospital and also efficient after thetraining. The management will be able to cover all scopes of the problem.Other than that, training Miss Nancy will also provide the management with direct link to the employees,scoring out the needs of a labour union involvement. Miss Nancy herself with the credibility and imageprojected will play the role of Industrial Relations personnel.The implementation of this solution may take from 2-3 months as the training may take time for Miss Nancy toadapt to the new environment of her new position. This also means it will take more time for the management tosettle the mess created by the distorted information among the employees.6. RecommendationFuture recommendations to the management would be to choose well trained and person who has the know-howin the positions the management intend them to fill. This would save the management time from training timeand cost. Apart from that the management can also consider taking in staff with multiple abilities to enable jobenlargement to be practiced in the hospital.
  5. 5. 7. ConclusionFrom this case, as mentioned by Mr.Lyon to Mr.Herbert, the information was distorted by Nancy not bypurpose but because of her misunderstanding of the meeting room situation also the management side of view.It emphasizes the importance of having the right person at the right position also shows the importance ofrecruitment, even to give promotions the management needs to train and equip the employee with the necessaryskills and abilities to be able to play the role.ReferencesBainton.R.B.,(2012). Applied Ethics: Anthropology and Business, International Journal ofBusiness Anthropology vol. 3(1) pp 114-133Malinowski, B (1960). A Scientific Theory of Culture and Other Essays. New York: A GalaxyBook, Oxford University Press.Verneil.M.,Berge.Z., Berge.N., Davis.L., Smith.D., (2002) The increasing scope of training anddevelopment competency, Benchmarking: An International Journal, Vol.9 No.1 p 43-61Mirable,R.J (1997), Everything You Wanted To Know About Competency Modeling, TrainingDevelopment, Vol 51 No 8, pp. 73-8Maria.B.F, Guidelines Regarding Efficient Communication Within Modern Organizations,University of Oradea The Faculty of Economics