Performance Management (for Dr Raihan)

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5 journals edied for Dr Raihan to approve for assignment use

5 journals edied for Dr Raihan to approve for assignment use

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  • 1. Performance Management Article Summary 1 Article Publication Date Pages Summary Better Performance Management : Some Single- and Double-Loop Strategies March 2011 15 This emerging-issues article revisits the literature, making a distinction between recommendations for better implementation of what are seen as essentially good systems (single-loop learning) and recommendations that target the performance management systems themselves (double-loop learning). Performance management effectiveness: practices or context? March 2012 19 The article investigates the mutual influence of practices and context on performance management effectiveness. the results indicate positive associations between practices – training and employee recognition – and performance management effectiveness Does female representation in top Management improves firm performance? A panel data investigation January 2012 19 Female representation in top management brings informational and social diversity benefits to the top management team, enriches the behaviors exhibited by managers throughout the firm, and motivates women in middle management. The result should be improved managerial task performance and thus better firm performance. The moderating influence of organizational support on the development of salesperson job performance: Can an organization provide too much support? Fall 2012 17 Organizational support theory is used to investigate the moderating effects of both instrumental and social/psychological support on the relationships between a salesperson’s customer orientation and level of psychological empowerment and job performance Specifically, this study found that under conditions of low social/psychological support the positive effect of empowerment on job performance becomes weaker, but the positive effect of customer orientation on job performance becomes significantly stronger
  • 2. Performance Management Article Summary 2 Elements of Strategic Management Process and Performance Management Systems in U.S. Federal Agencies: Do Employee Managerial Levels Matter? 2013 14 This research explores the correlation between government employee perception regarding strategic planning components in agencies and three dimensions of performance management systems (performance- based promotions or rewards, fairness and accuracy of performance Appraisal and managerial efforts to improve performance).