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Pricepoints smm strategic framework
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Pricepoints smm strategic framework


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Moms did not respond to the ad by racing out for Motrin. They were offended by the suggestion that they carry their babies to be “fashionable”. They were outraged at the idea that they look “crazy”. They vehemently disagreed with the phrasing that “in theory” carrying your baby around is a good idea. By Saturday evening they were the most tweeted subject on Twitter. By Sunday there was a nine minute video on YouTube, to the tune of Danny Boy, showing screen shots of the outraged twitter posts interspersed with photos of Moms carrying babies in slings. Bloggers began calling for boycotts. Bloggers asked their readers to alert the mainstream press. A few voices chimed in to say they didn’t find the ad to be that big a deal. There are a few more examples here and here.) By Sunday afternoon a few bloggers and tweeters had gotten the ad agency that created the ad on the phone, to find they didn’t know a lot about Twitter and didn’t seem to have a clue that there was so much anger piling up online.
  • These conversations have always been going on but now we can actually observeFB insightsYT insightsThese inform everything
  • Human & Spider friendly Spider’s love textBe wary of content hiding scripting
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Strategic Overview
      Randolph F. Price
      Strategic Pricepoints
      949. 241. 5777
      Twitter: @Pricepoints
    • 2. What are we talking about?
      Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value. 
                                            - Philip Kotler
    • 3. What we’ll discuss in the next 45 minutes
      • Provide a framework for establishing SMART social marketing objectives
      • 4. Move beyond the checklist approach to apply a strategic filter for SMM evaluating opportunities and platforms.
      • 5. Reinforce Social CRM, which is an opportunity to have a continuous, valuable exchange with customers.
      • 6. Highlight the amplification effect on marketing results achieved through integration of social marketing with offline campaigns
    • “A brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room”
      Jeff Bezos - Chairman, Amazon
    • 7. People talk about you when you’re not in the room
      Water Cooler
    • 8. “…half the US adult population will be on a social network by 2011.”eMarketer
      Trust in "a person like me" has tripled, from 20% to 68% from 2004 to 2006.
      of Internet users participate in some form of social media, up from 56% in 2007....
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11. Content Spectrum
    • 12.
    • 13. Owned Media, Paid Media & Earned Media
    • 14. Social Technologies Adoption In The Enterprise
      March 2010 “Best Practices For Introducing Social Technologies”
    • 15. Social Media Marketing Value Chain
    • 16. The Comcast Digital Strategy
      Comcast Customer Connect
      Comcast Central
      Forum / Communities
      Corporate Blog
      Blogging on other sites
      • Customers helping customers
      Comcast blog
      • Speaking directly to customers
      3rd Party
    • What’s different now? There’s a newer bigger room
    • 23. The Internet delivers tremendous scale to WOM
    • 24. Brands are online – with or without you
      Brands have an unprecedented opportunity to converse with their customers and drive deeper connections
    • 25. So what are you going to do about it?
      Listen & Participate
      Cover Your Ears and Pretend It’s Not Happening
    • 26. Don’t fall into this trap!
    • 27. The Internet is a real-time focus group
      Brand Health Scorecard
      • KCIsSM* assess quality and quantity of conversations online
      • 28. May include:
      • 29. Sentiment
      • 30. Favorability
      • 31. Topics of conversation
      • 32. Categorical analysis
      • 33. Audience aggregation
      • 34. Social media activities by demographic
      • 35. Relative chatter
      Purchase Consideration
      *KCI: Key Conversation IndicatorsSM
    • 36. Audit: What’s the competition doing?
      Social media investments by competitive brands…
      Look at your brand and your competitor’s brands to understand:
      • What is your current social footprint?
      • 37. How are your competitors and industry approaching social media?
      • 38. Glean actionable consumer insights that can inform future social marketing endeavors
      …and what people thought of it
    • 39. Developing A StrategicSocial Media Marketing Plan
    • 40. Game plan for success in social marketing
    • 41. Let’s evaluate opportunities by asking 4 questions
      Does it use our
      social media
      Does it meet
      our marketing
      Does it follow
      social media
      best practices?
      What is the value
      exchange between
      consumer & brand?
    • 42. Establishing an architecture to tie communities together will maximize online conversations
      Existing Asset
      Global Marketing
      New Asset
      HUB & SPOKE APPROACH With new hub
      HUB & SPOKE APPROACH With your brand as hub
      MATRIX / INTERCONNECTED Without central destination
      New Asset
      Existing Asset
      Existing Asset
      New Asset
      Note: Example architectures for discussion purposes only
    • 43. Strategic Approaches Vary Complexity
    • 44. Finding your voice in social spaces
      No one voice will do
      For each environment, we measure against the arsenal and the goals
      Options could include:
      Voices throughout the food chain
      Voices for each brand/product
      Voices from your citizens – part of the brand ambassador program
    • 45. Develop your strategy: Hub & Spoke
      • Apply listen + audit to create a plan that will engage the target audience with the right messaging at the most relevant moment
      • 46. Build a unifying theme that will create deep engagement with consumers to reach objectives
      • 47. Build communications & promotions plan
    • The Platforms
    • 48.
    • 49. Key Social Media Platforms
    • 50. Social platforms command growing audiences
    • 51. Brands have harnessed the Platforms
      Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Syndication
      NBC across blogosphere
      Amplify Content via
      Video Syndication
      Nat Geo Channel on Twitter
      Sprite Step Off Social Program
    • 52. Adapting the execution to the objective
      Client: H&R Block
      Objective: CRM
      Client: National Geographic
      Objective: Tune-In
    • 53. Real Sales Impact
      • Micro-blogging: 22 corporate accounts ,
      • 54. +17 individuals using @Dell handles on Twitter
      $1 Million in Revenue on Twitter (Feb 09)
      $3 Million in Revenue on Twitter (Jun 09)
      $5 Million in Revenue on Twitter (Jan 10)
    • 55. Friends, Followers & Fans
    • 56. Integrating with traditional marketing
      Integrate with Offline
      Digital Word of Mouth
      Igniting Distribution
      Branded Integration
    • 57. Customized Outreach yield rich results
    • 58. Social marketing used to promote offline initiatives
      TV Ads
    • 59. Inspiring Influencers
    • 60. Build deeper relationships
      Nurture Communities
      Co-Created Environments
      Branded Communities
      By the fans, for the fans
    • 61. Preventing & Managing Social Marketing Fumbles
    • 62. Motrin had quite the headache….
    • 63. “With regards to the recent Motrin advertisement, we have heard you.
      On behalf of McNeil Consumer Healthcare and all of us who work on the Motrin Brand, please accept our sincere apology.
      We have heard your concerns about the ad that was featured on our website. We are parents ourselves and we take feedback from moms very seriously.
      We are in the process of removing this ad from all media. It will, unfortunately, take a bit of time to remove it from our magazine advertising, as it is on newsstands and in distribution.
      Thank you for your feedback. It’s very important to us.”
       Results 1 - 10 of about 11,600 from for Motrin.
      “hell hath no fury like a mommy blogger scorned”
      Real Impact
    • 64. What could Motrin have done?
      Online buzz monitoring is different than focus groups
      Keep an ear close to the ground to understand brand perception, competitive landscape
      Channel the Conversation
    • 65. Case Study: Listening helped inform NBC and make quick decisions during crises
      Only 9% of Alec Baldwin blog posts mention “30 Rock”
      April 19, 2007
      …of that, only 12% said they’d never watch 30 Rock again
      Season Finale
      April 26, 2007
      How bad is the damage to 30 Rock?
    • 66. Keeping Score
    • 67. What to measure with social media
      All can be trackedover time to gauge trends
    • 68. Measure against KCIs & KPIs
      Sample KCIsSM:
      • Volume of interactions with content
      • 69. Volume of user generated content
      • 70. Brand sentiment
      Social Media Dashboard
    • 77. Establish quality & quantity baselines then measure regularly
      Viral Sourcing
      Buzz Monitoring
      Daily active listening can highlight potential problems with escalation plan in place
      Source: 360i analysis of YouTube Insights, Facebook Insights & Blogosphere
    • 78. Measure the right things
    • 79. Summary
      Social media commands a growing and influential audience who engage in conversations about your programming every day.
      You can benefit from these conversations by facilitating them, listening, and getting involved where appropriate.
      The first step is reviewing where target customers are and how they’re using these new sites and platforms.
    • 80. … is becoming marginalized.Demand generation has gotten harder, more expensive, and is producing declining returns
    • 81. Social media Feeds the funnel to unlock a multitude of channels
      Are growing the channels used to fuel your funnel?
    • 82. Social media Strategy
      Effective social media marketing begins and ends with the content. If you don’t have something interesting to say all the distribution in the world won’t matter. It’s all about the content.
    • 83. Social media Strategy Has Content & conversionImpact reach across all stages of the buying cycle
      Questions? Click for answers!
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 84. Research key phrasesCompelling Curated Content
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 85. Understand their buying cycleBe Interesting
      3. Start by laying out the critical issues faced by the customer…
      1. Start by laying out the simple stages
      4. And then begin describing what that means to each role throughout the buying cycle.
      2. Identify the roles you commonly encounter
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 86. Establish content mapBe Interesting
      Think of your content as assets
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 87. Leverage multiple asset formatsBe Accessible
      Tweet key takeaways
      Repackage as presentation
      Start a discussion
      Add voice for video
      Chop into episodic posts
      Deploy as formal release
      Extend your CCC reach
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 88. Location, Location, LocationBe Accessible
      Questions? Click for answers!
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 89. Asset Deployment MatrixBe Accessible
      Layout asset types on horizontal
      Layout Channels on Vertical
      Identify which assets are deployed via which channel
      Questions? Click for answers!
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 90. Organic versus PPCBe Findable
      PPC accounts for 25% of clicks
      Organic accounts for 75%
      “It’s free, higher performing, and reaches to all forms of search. Basically, it’s a no-brainer.”
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 91. Spider foodBe Findable
      Key Word
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 92. Plant the seeds (EVERYWHERE)Be Findable
      Keep the list handy!!!
      Lead with keywords
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 93. Structural elementsBe Findable
      Structural elements account for 25% of rankings
      (The blocking and tackling – 100% in your control – get it right)
      “The basics” Top 10
      Page Titles
      File Names
      3x in Body
      Meta Description
      ALT Image Tags
      Make use of Bold
      H1 Tags
      Keyword heavy bulleted list
      Be wary of content hiding scripting
      Valid HTML & CSS per W3C Guidelines
      Adapt and apply to assets
      Questions? Click for answers!
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 94. It’s all about the linksBe Findable
      Inbound links account for 75% of rankings
      (…but not all links are created equal)
      Getting “juiced”
      The amount of Google Juice you earn for a link is determined by a closely guarded secret… that we’ve pried from a cold clammy hand to deliver to you here:
      Popularity: Old school page ranking. The higher rated a referring site, the more juice you will earn. Translation – target popular sites.
      Relevance: Google will also compare the content between your and referring site. The more similar the content, the more juice.
      Link Text: Often overlooked, but very powerful. The actual content of the anchor text itself will impact SEO. Make sure to use your tag words in the link itself.
      “HR KING announces new career as SEM manager! We wonder why?”
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 95. Extending the funnelBe Accountable
      follow a lead from first contact to eventual conversion
      Questions? Click for answers!
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 96. Paint the target…Be Accountable
      Attend event
      links of interest
      Community contribution
      High value content
      Freely distributed
      Socially shared
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 97. Customer
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 98. Program: 300 Spartans Little Book of Integrated Marketing
      … or assets out in social spaceBe Accountable
      Conversation Content
    • 99. Identify which assets move the needleBe Accountable
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 100. Evaluate quantifiable performanceBe Accountable
      Asset Scorecard
      Little Book of IM
      Date of Birth:
      ₤6.6k $10k
      Bob Barker
      Sales accepted
      60.9 / 10.1
      12.9 / 1.3
      © 2009 Alterian
    • 101. September 2009 “Social Media For Product Development”
      Mapping Social Media On To Classic Product Life-Cycle Management