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10101 Digital Alchemyst Lab 2008
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10101 Digital Alchemyst Lab 2008


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Approach To Creating Experiences Behavior Mapping Day 2: Visual All-Day Design Ideation Personas/ Shadowing Day 1: Day 3: Scenerios Experience Collect Present Archtecture Content Artifacts Concepts Customer Goals One Page Animated Brief Artifact Brand Translation Business Brand Goals Discovery // Insights Goals Experience Brief Ideation // Deep Dive Proof of Concept Experience Design Fueled by customer insights and driven by brand values—the Mixed Rough Media Technology Experience Brief lies the Prototype Brief Landscape foundation for the actual experience Ideation/Deep dive allows the teams who to be built upon. It does not provide architect the experience to explore various the answers—but forges the methods that drive creative problem Motion Technical appropriate strategic direction for Design solving and innovative solutions. Design the teams to pursue. Interface Design Uncover Define Ideate Build Design Customer, Brand & Business Insights The Experience Strategy Immerse Interdisciplinary Teams The Concept The Experience It starts with the customer, their wants, The Experience brief sets the Teams must experience it for An Experience is tactile. With a Big Idea and Concept in needs and expectations—the brand and business stage for breakthrough ideas. themselves. The ideation/deep dive is an The winning concepts, fueled by place—thedetailed Ex- objectives are also articulated to ensure that the experience (yet to be determined) will be strategi- A one-page Experience Brief succinctly intense 3-day series of worksessions involving a “Big Idea” are built out in perience Design pro- captures the challenges and provides a both creative and non-creative team members: cally aligned. high level strategy for how an Experience rough—but tangible fashion. A proof cess begins. of concept can be executed in a will be used to meet the challenges. Day 1: A day will be planned for teams to get out of the Personas, Scenerios, Social Trends and other office and capture as much first-hand insight as possible. number of ways (prototype, motion The core and extended teams are illustrative tools bring the customer to life and help test, clickable storyboard, etc.) the now fully engaged in the design A Mixed Media version of the brief is then Day 2: Teams will re-unite and engage in highly collab- establish emotional and rational mind- end result is something that goes process. First the core team lays created to provide inspiration and orative ideation sessions lasting the entire day. out the foundation—then the sets. beyond a static two- direction for both the internal team and Day 3: Teams will present concepts in both written and extended team is brought in to client. Regardless of format—its purpose is visceral formats including sketches, photographs etc. dimensional page. execute the design. to generate enthusiasm and understanding.
  • 2. TECHNOLOGY v BRAND EXPERIENCE LAB v v CREATIVITY CULTURE Strategy and Solutions for Experience Marketing 1
  • 3. Self-Reinforcing Internet Momentum Search Commerce Commun- ication “Holy Trinity” Content Broadband 10
  • 4. BRANDS LOVEMARKS Low Love High Love High Respect High Respect LOVE RESPECT PRODUCTS FADS Love/Respect Axis Low Love High Love The Love/Respect Axis is a fantastic way to separate Lovemarks from brands, Low Respect Low Respect fads, and products. Remember—to be a Lovemark you must have high Respect. No Respect, no Lovemark.
  • 5. 2006 Annual Trust Barometer The Trust Pyramid Trust is derivative of a corporation’s country of origin, industry, as well as its own behavior. It is conveyed through communications programs combining a channel mix, paid and earned media, credible spokes- people, frequency of communications, and the coupling of local and global communications. 8
  • 7. Web 2.0 CONFIDENTIAL 2/17/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH | Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Я Page 25
  • 8. Trend Blend 2007+ Market deregulation Market deregulation Democracy 2.0 Democracy 2.0 Virtual currencies Virtual currencies Global voting Global voting Single global currency Single global currency Embedded intelligence e-voting e-voting Embedded intelligence Pessimism Pessimism Psychological neoteny Psychological neoteny Micro-payment Loneliness Tribalism Micro-payment Loneliness Tribalism Outsourcing Outsourcing Nationalism Nationalism Contactless payment Liberalism (opens in 2008) Liberalism (opens in 2008) Contactless payment Road pricing Road Road Depression Emotionally aware machines Nanotech Conservatism Biotech Road pricing booking Depression Emotionally aware machines Nanotech Conservatism Biotech Compliance Compliance booking Documentaries Documentaries Distributed manufacturing Individualism Individualism Debt Debt Ethics Ethics High speed link Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Distributed manufacturing Fertility High speed link Fertility Artificial Artificial Generational change Generational change Digital cash Digital cash intelligence intelligence Fantasy Fantasy Urbanisation Urbanisation Cloning Cloning Time starved Luxury Health Anxiety Anxiety Fear Fear Time starved Luxury Health (need for speed) (need for speed) travel travel Work/Life balance Work/Life balance Corporate power Humans 2.0 Corporate power Humans 2.0 Corporate Stored value cards Stored value cards up Speeding up Speeding c Corporate Guilty c social social Guilty pleasures Luxury goods Too much choice Speed retail Robotics responsibility responsibility pleasures Luxury goods Too much choice Speed retail Escapism Robotics Escapism Private equity Long-tails Long-tails Simplicity Simplicity Nostalgia Happiness Private equity Globalisation Nostalgia Premiumisation Premiumisation Happiness Globalisation Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go Indulgence Indulgence Always-on Free agents Free agents Always-on Power shift eastwards Reality Reality Power shift eastwards Pre-pay Wisdom of Wisdom of Too much information Pre-pay crowds crowds Too much information Aggregated Aggregated Ageing Ageing customisation customisation Forgetting Forgetting Time compression Labour Labour Farmaceuticals Social networks Sensory Sensory Time compression NGO power Geospatial web migration migration Farmaceuticals Social networks Private experiences Place shifting Place shifting NGO power Geospatial web Private experiences currencies currencies Identity Natural Exhibitionism Identity Carbon trading Carbon trading Natural Exhibitionism Fragmentation Fragmentation solutions solutions Voyeurism Voyeurism Low cost travel Low cost travel Search for meaning Search for meaning Boredom Resource scarcity Resource scarcity Fair trade (Mon – Fri only) (Mon – Fri only) Boredom Fair trade User-filtered User-filtered Remote monitoring Skills shortages Skills shortages Trust + transparency Personalisation Remote monitoring Trust + transparency Personalisation VoIP VoIP Religion Water Water Religion User-created User-created On-demand On-demand Online medical records Online medical records Location Location scarcity tagging tagging scarcity Blurring of sectors Voter antipathy Voter antipathy Mass Mass Car sharing Blurring of sectors customisation customisation Extended financial families Extended financial families Car sharing Death of Climate change Climate change Death of cheques Open innovation cheques Open innovation Telemedicine Telemedicine Bio-simulations Bio-simulations Emission Smart Smart Emission taxes Car politics Activism Flat tax systems vending vending Services Localisation taxes Car politics Activism Flat tax systems Services Localisation Sustainability Sustainability RFID RFID Device convergence Pop-up retail Discipline Discipline Fuel cells Fuel cells Third spaces Self-serve Device convergence Pop-up retail convergence convergence Third spaces Self-serve Story telling Story telling Slow food Slow food Slowing down Slowing down Customised treatments Customised treatments Constant partial attention Constant partial attention Blended families Blended families Self-reliance Self-reliance Authenticity Authenticity Food miles Food miles LEGEND LEGEND Hydrogen power Hydrogen power Alternative technologies Alternative technologies SOCIETY & CULTURE SOCIETY & CULTURE River of consciousness River of consciousness Seasonal Seasonal GOVERNMENT & POLITICS G OVERNMENT & POLITICS WORK & BUSINESS WORK & BUSINESS MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS M EDIA & COMMUNICATIONS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Regional Local transport Local transport Regional FOOD & DRINK FOOD & DRINK Convenience Convenience MMEDICINE & WELL--BEING EDICINE & WELL BEING FINANCIAL SERVICES FINANCIAL SERVICES RETAIL LEISURE RETAIL LEISURE TRANSPORT AUTOMOTIVE T RANSPORT AUTOMOTIVE This map is published under a Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 2.5 License.
  • 9. wildfire / designing interactions / Wildfire / Designing Interacions / Digtal technology has changed the way we interac wih everything from the games we play to the tools we use at work. In his new book, Bill Moggridge, designer of the firs laptop computer and co-founder of design firm IDEO tells the personal sories of 40 innovators who have shaped our interacion with technology / FIAT / SERVICE ECOLOGY / LIVE|WORK /
  • 10. Media Fragmentation 26 Different Media Touchpoints Word of mouth Outdoor Billboard TV Cable Picture Phone ISP/Search Engine Instant Messenger At Retail Email Ads Radio Yellow Pages Product Article Satellite Radio In-Store Promo Text Messaging Newspapers MP3 Player Newspaper Insert Web Radio Direct Mail Video Games TV Broadcast PDA Magazines Cell Phone Internet Ads TIVO BIGResearch, 2006
  • 11. What Does the Brand Experience Lab (BEL) Do? Cultural Knowledge Testing BEL Narrative Research Development Authentic Relevant Integration Ideation Implementation Branded Expertise Experience Creative Product Solutions Emerging Technologies 7
  • 12. Project Apollo: Measuring Impact of Cross-Medium Integrated Advertising
  • 13. Figure 2 Lifestyle Advertising in a media marketplace Lifestyle Media Lifestyle Advertising Socialization Trust Participation Engagement Personalization Relevance Consumer Conversations Advertiser Content provider Media distributor 18 Our perspective 19
  • 14. September 2004
  • 15. CONFIDENTIAL 2/21/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Page 11 |
  • 16. Video Over IP Digital Engagement Network Pricë!ess Pricë!ess Digital Alchemyst Digital Alchemyst © 2007 DigitalAlchemystsGroup Randy F. Price 949. 241. 5777 Page 6 CONFIDENTIAL |
  • 17. Economics of Moving 20 of our customers Research indicated that Movers How do we more moved away this year! spend $8,500 during their move, effectively target that and are open to trying new products consumer segment? and services. Key Mover Categories:* • 84% of home buyers plan major improvements • 79% of home buyers plan to make new appliance purchases • 67% of movers plan to buy new furniture • 71% of movers will need a variety of insurance • 58% of movers will purchase an existing home products • 52% of movers will change or use banking services • 71% of movers will change cable/satellite services • 38% of movers will build a new home *Beta Research Corporation Homestore CONFIDENTIAL 2/21/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH | Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Я Page 11
  • 18. CONFIDENTIAL 2/21/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Page 5 |
  • 19. C2 ✆ CONFIDENTIAL 2/21/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Page 6 |
  • 20. New Touch-Based Mobile Services Emerging Get information Your NFC device by touching is your ticket! smart posters! TOUCH Buy goods from Your NFC vending machines device is your with your phone! travel card! Get information Your NFC device about your current is your credit card! job or task! © 2006 NFC Forum 5
  • 21. NΞTWORK Ξ ↻u r bP↺¡NT Я ё Яr :Searchⓡ craigslist C2 ✆ CONFIDENTIAL 2/21/2007 © 2006 Priceless reSEARCH Randy F. Price 949.241.5777 Page 7 |
  • 22. Pricë!ess Pricë!ess Digital Alchemyst Digital Alchemyst © 2007 DigitalAlchemystsGroup Randy F. Price 949. 241. 5777 Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL |
  • 23. Telesoft VC Ecosystem Mtg Nov 2005 % of Time Spent on Internet 60% 50% 43% Communications 40% 44% 30% 21% 19% 20% 10% 10% 4% 3% 0% Email IM Voice Browsing Chat Search 14
  • 24. There is a clear imbalance Hours per week during leisure time (global average) 37% Under 18 Aged 18-35 Aged 35-54 30% 55 and over % adspend 16 16 13% 16 14 13 12 11 9% 8 8 8 5% 7 6 0.4% 5 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 TV Radio Newspapers Magazines Cinema Digital Source: “Surveying the Digital Future”, Jeffrey Cole, 28 countries, 2005
  • 25. Mobile Plus strategy – advertising Different Advertising Global On-line Advertising Revenues (£bn) Opportunities on Mobile 35.0 31.7 30.0 27.8 24.6 25.0 21.2 SMS/MMS Customer 20.0 17.2 push pull 15.0 13.4 9.4 10.0 6.4 5.3 5.0 5.0 0.0 Idle Mobile TV 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 screen inserts Source: Yahoo investor presentation Mobile advertising currently being trialled in UK, Spain and Ireland 10 Communacopia 2006 20 September 2006
  • 26. Leading in innovation: a history of firsts • Carat: first media independent; quantitative media planning a lead discipline • Isobar: first global digital communications network • Posterscope: first global OOH network • Deepblue: first in communications planning • MMA’s Avista: “filling a void in [ROI] analytics…”* MMA’ analytics…” …”* • Synovate Tandem: first global therapy monitors • Synovate Motoresearch: first virtual reality techniques * Source: Gartner, Cool Vendors, March2006 March2006
  • 27. … is the 30 second TV commercial dead…? … Nigel Morris, CEO - Isobar
  • 28. Advertising Dollars Follow Audiences Global Online Advertising Revenue (dollars in billions and % of total ad spend) =1 8% dC AGR $51.6 P rojecte 5 yr $46.7 $41.4 $35.2 $28.8 9.5% 9.9% $22.5 8.8% 8.1% 7.0% 5.8% 2005 2006E 2007E 2008E 2009E 2010E Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, “Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2006-2010”, June 2006. PAGE# 4
  • 29. Online ad growth US Online Ad Market $ in Bn $35.4 $30.6 $25.8 $15.0 $21.1 $13.2 $16.7 $11.2 $9.2 $12.5 $7.2 $13.9 $12.0 $5.1 $10.1 $8.3 $6.5 $5.0 $4.5 $5.4 $6.5 $2.4 $3.0 $3.6 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Classifieds/Other Branded/Display Search
  • 30. Multi-Channel Online Marketing 1) ValueClick Aggregates Online 2) Optimizes Traffic via 3) Drives Traffic to Advertisers Users via Publisher Networks Technology and Expertise via Multiple Online Channels: Display Ad Online Publishers Units Users Web Sites Opt-In Email Advertisers Email (5,000) Search CPC VCLK Markets: (50,000) Search 160mm US 80mm EU Affiliate Marketing Comparison Shopping Ad Serving Tech. Publishers Email Mgt. Tech. Agencies Ad Agency Tech. 4
  • 31. Explosion of video
  • 32. Scale matters Top US Online Properties, Ranked by Ad Revenue 2006E Domestic December 2006 December 2006 Revenues PV / UVs PVs UV (ex-TAC) (000) (MM) 1 $4.1 106,382 10,734 101 2 $2.7 129,876 35,651 274 3 $1.2 111,612 14,601 131 4 $1.0 97,681 16,445 168 5 $0.3 31,969 644 20 6 Interactive Media $0.3 73,273 41,450 566 Note: Domestic revenue is estimated based on analysts’ reports, except for AOL, which are actuals. Traffic source is comScore Media Metrix, Dec. 2006
  • 33. Underinvested in the Internet Top 10 overall advertisers Top 10 online advertisers • PG • Vonage • GM • ATT • Time Warner • Dell • Verizon • Walt Disney • ATT • GM • Ford Motor • Apollo • Walt Disney • Experian Group • Johnson and Johnson • TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. • GlaxoSmithKline • Netflix • DaimlerChrysler • Verizon For 2005 Jan – Nov. 2006 Source: AdAge, June 26, 2006 Source: TNS
  • 34. And digital is on the rise Average hours per week media consumption • 80% of all media digital by 2020 100 90 • 66% of all media digital by 2010 Games 80 • 50% of all media digital by 2007 Wireless 70 Outdoor 60 Digital radio Cinema 50 40 Analogue Digital TV radio 30 Analogue TV 20 10 Internet Print 0 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020 Source: Carat
  • 35. While consumers are moving on % UK adults carrying out more than 1 media activity, during timeslot 12% 2001 10% 2005 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% 6am 8 10 12 2 4 6pm 8 10 12 2 4 6am Source: Carat
  • 36. Diminishing returns in TV [ 7.84 / 21.00 ] x [ 0.5 x 0.5 ] = 9.3%
  • 37. appendices
  • 38. Linking Strategy and Measurement Metric Examples ePL Shareholder value Enterprise Channel value Value Creation Cross BU value Customer Lifetime value Value Customer retention Customer acquisition cost Program Response rates Success Net yield Daily traffic volumes Operational Click throughs Management Log file analysis
  • 39. US Adv Spending 2004-2006
  • 40. Another take on the same numbers... Same four categories account for only 51% of the aggregate marketing budget in 2005 And note a new category...
  • 41. Let’s compare to overall U.S. advertising spend Same four categories account for only 57.5% of the aggregate marketing budget in 2005
  • 42. 24/7 Media: Targeted Global Online Network The 24/7 Media segment offers advertisers an array of campaign solutions, from highly targeted to broadest possible, across the Web sites of the 24/7 Web Alliance. 1 Competitive Advantages Proprietary behavioral targeting solution Sound editorial content across branded network of 850 publishers Alignment with publisher ensures quality inventory and dependable volumes Competitors ValueClick Right Media Burst! Tribal Fusion Other ad networks PAGE# 7
  • 43. 24/7 Technology: Integrated Ad Serving In addition to powering all 24/7 Media solutions, 24/7 Technology’s innovative products are licensed to publisher clients with independent ad sales teams. 1 Competitive Advantages Fully integrated analytics package enables advanced ad targeting Leverages internal development specs and vetting for external clients Flexible deployment options based on singular platform Competitors DoubleClick/Falk ValueClick Accipiter ADTECH Other ad servers PAGE# 9
  • 44. 24/7 Search: Paid Search Optimization Powered by the industry leading Decide DNA technology, 24/7 Search provides marketers with highly optimized paid search campaigns. 1 Competitive Advantages Highly scalable, award-winning Search Engine Marketing technology Integrated advanced character capabilities (foreign language functionality) Multivariable optimization controlling: keywords; bids; search engines; content Competitors aQuantive Efficient Frontier Performics Did-it Other SEM’s PAGE# 8
  • 45. Pan-Asian Joint Venture with Dentsu 24/7 and Dentsu have expanded their partnership beyond Japan to deliver SEM services to additional strategic advertising markets throughout Asia. 1 Dentsu and TFSM each contribute $5.0 million in capital to Dentsu 24/7 Search Holdings (“DTF-SH”) 1 K.K. 24-7 Search will establish and provide initial management for local DTF-SH K.K.SEARCH operations in each target country 1 TFSM will license its leading SEM technology, Decide DNA, to each local operating company (Opco) 1 Dentsu leverages local relationships for the benefit of local Opco’s. 1 Local Opco’s will be the preferred SEM service providers for Dentsu and TFSM affiliates in each region PAGE# 12
  • 46. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE A 360° CONVERSATION David Adelman, media director Richard Beaven, CEO Johnson Johnson Global Marketing Group Initiative North America The rise of digital media, with all its new forms of reaching consumers, To find out where this is all heading, along with the wrench- ing changes the trends have wrought within companies, writer is bringing about a change in how marketers and their agencies do Kathy Haley talked recently with David Adelman, media direc- business. Before, marketing efforts centered around different media tor, Johnson Johnson Global Marketing Group; Richard Beaven, CEO, Initiative North America; and Andrew Swinand, silos, such as print, broadcast, cable and online.Today, in a move that is president-chief client officer, Starcom Worldwide. An edited transcript of their conversation follows. shaking up marketing as companies are pushed to rethink—and even restructure—their efforts, the focus is shifting to a customer-centric ¡ADVERTISING AGE: Is 360° media the approach you and your organizations are using today? approach: a 360° media world. DAVID ADELMAN: That’s a good enough name for it. We call Even while some are just starting to realize they need to change, the it integrated communications. ANDREW SWINAND: The definition has changed. Before, definition of 360° media is expanding as the marketers and their agen- people talked about surrounding the target, and it was very much that you would build a silo around every angle. But it was all still cies already in this area push the boundaries and explore the shifting very isolated. The biggest thing that changed is the definition of relationship with the consumer. Continued on page M48 New York, as U.S. director of digital communications in March. departments, their experience is similar. Making sure different ment of emerging media that might be highly appropriate for Smaller integrated shops, such as Deutsch Inc., say their disciplines are working together is crucial, with insights people some clients’ campaigns. To experiment with venues such as larger competitors are finally coming around to their way of providing oxygen to people providing ideas.” these, agencies and their clients must be willing to take some doing things, putting creative development and media plan- As agencies reorganize, they are also trying to improve how calculated risks, Mr. Tobaccowala says. ning under one roof. “We’ve been seeing for a number of they assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. Many compa- He recommends an approach he calls 95/5: “Take some of years a growing frustration with the separateness that exists at nies are building proprietary systems and tools to measure the most interesting people in your company and, instead of the media-only shops,” says Peter Gardiner, chief media officer how consumers come into contact with brands and which con- putting them against your biggest existing business, put them at Deutsch. “They’ve figured out this all has to work together, tacts are most effective in building usage and loyalty. against your biggest opportunities.” Assign to these people and they’re hiring people to rebuild themselves back into inte- Both Starcom and Mediaedge:cia are working with market 5% of the company’s budget to pursue the opportunity, leav- grated companies.” research company Integration to build custom versions of its ing the rest of the company to deliver 100% of objectives with Ms. Gerzema says Universal McCann is organizing itself MCA (Market Contact Audit) product. Mediaedge calls its tool 95% of budget. Do not, under any circumstances, cut the 5% from a communications perspective, tying three “ecosystems” Connections and designed it to analyze the relative impact of of budget assigned to the experimenters, and do not require together organically. The client relations department consists different media choices, not only in driving initial demand for them to move a single case of product. of account directors and planners who understand the busi- a product but also in spurring consumers in the activation “By their very nature these people know your existing busi- ness side and work with clients most directly. The insights and phase, when ad campaigns are trying to get them to buy. nesses, and they have the credibility within the company that applications team includes researchers, media planners and By studying consumer behavior and the way different they can mess things up if they are learning,” Mr. Tobaccowala consumer insight specialists. The operational team is the inter- media influence it, Mediaedge and other agencies are adapt- says. “And once they learn, they can incorporate their learning nal group working behind the scenes in human resources and ing to the 360° world, says Lee Doyle, the company’s manag- into the company.” internal communications to help optimize efficiencies across ing partner and director of client services. “We’re examining Above all, Mr. Tobaccowala says, companies must move for- the board. Ms. Gerzema says that each group includes differ- what is the communications challenge better than we have in ward with strategies like 95/5 if they are to take full advan- ent disciplines but that each can learn from the other. the past,” he says. tage of 360° media realities. “One of the things I’m trying to do is share best practices,” Because tools such as Connections rely partly on consumer “You cannot learn by thinking about this,” he says. “You Ms. Gerzema says. “Even though people may be in different interviews, however, they can’t always provide much measure- can only learn by doing.” o NOVEMBER 6, 2006 M5
  • 47. 360 0 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF ADVERTISING AGE MEDIA GUIDE AT A NBC UNIVERSAL SIZZLING OPPORTUNITIES GLANCE NBCU sales and marketing is well-positioned to Sci Fi gives serve clients in the rapidly changing media land- advertisers 2 broadcast networks, 13 cable full access to what critics hail as channels, more than 25 Web sites scape. “one of the best shows on television” with a 360° opportunity Keith Turner that includes on-air, online, VOD, President, Sales and Marketing New platforms, new metrics The core programming con- DVD and print. NBCU Television Networks and new accountability tent of each NBCU network New look, new require a new approach to the and cable channel has been communities, Marianne Gambelli marketplace, and NBCU is extended online with original more EVP, Sales and Marketing opportunities to reach women who working with clients develop- “webisodes,” behind-the- are dynamic, smart and excited ing the best solutions for scenes videos and blogs, Flash about the possibilities of life. James Hoffman brands and products. games and full-episode SVP, Network Entertainment Sales streaming, as well as other Beginning with the 2006 interactive features. CASE STUDIES * Shari Post upfront, NBCU introduced VP, NBC Late Night, NBC Daytime the TV360 programming NBCU wireless offerings and Bravo Sales strategy, designed to engage have been expanded to Consumers interacted with consumers with original include wireless Web, video, advertiser’s brand through John Kelly sponsorship of play-at- content on multiple plat- ringtones, wallpaper and home game, exclusive mobile SVP, NBC News Networks forms and provide advertis- games, in addition to live model video bios, SMS alerts and ers with deeper integration text polling and voting. multiple in-show integrations. Mark Miller opportunities. Video-on-demand has Advertiser SVP, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel engaged Sales extended promotion and consumers The NBCU sales team is advertiser reach into a medi- through in- well-versed at working with um allowing consumers show Seth Winter integration, SVP, Sports and Olympic Sales clients to develop these mul- more control over when and nominated artists’ ringtones, and tiplatform opportunities. what they watch, in a pre- featured-artist segments through- NBCU recognizes that suc- qualified ad environment. out Telemundo, Mun2 and Tom Paredes VP, Sports and Olympic Sales cessful campaigns are ones And finally, with the addi- programming. that work for both the client tion of broadband sites such and the media company, and and dotcome- Advertiser Steve Mandala received SVP, Telemundo Network Sales most important, the view-, NBCU is able to give sponsorship er/user. These campaigns advertisers greater exposure of mobile SMS and MMS cam- need to be organic to the in some of the fastest grow- paigns, iTV voting, customized Peter Naylor features and in-show SVP. Digital Media Sales programming concept, rele- ing consumer segments integration connecting consumers to vant and timely. online. o the brand across multiple platforms. PLATFORM PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES On-Air NBC, Telemundo, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, Sci Fi, Entertainment, news and sports programming across Branded entertainment and customized solutions with USA Network, Sleuth, Universal HD, two broadcast networks and 13 cable channels. in-show product placement, off-channel promotions, Weatherplus, Mun2, Telemundo Puerto Rico, billboards, logo features and customized segments CNBC World TV Web Sites,,, Deep interactive online content such as deleted scenes, Customized sponsorships with branded integration on,,, webisodes, games, blogs from show characters and exec- show sites, including sponsor logo, display ads, preroll,, utive producers and mash-ups from most NBCU shows. and rich media ads,,,, Broadband,,, User-generated video, blogs, message boards, photo Customized sponsorships with feature/site ownership,, galleries, RSS feeds and podcasts on NBCU original through logo and product integration, display ads,,, broadband community building Web sites. preroll and rich media ads,,, VOD NBC, Bravo, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel Full episodes, available after network airing Commercial units and sponsorship (lengths vary) iTV Various shows from across NBC, Bravo, USA Remote-controlled iTV applications for voting, polling and Sponsorship, ads (varying lengths) and brochures Network, Sci Fi Channel brochuring Mobile NBC Mobile Wireless video, ringtones, games and wallpaper from NBC Logo and commercial integration into programming News, NBC Late Night, “Access Hollywood,” Bravo origi- (commercial lengths vary) nals and NBC Primetime programming Contact your NBCU account executive for more information on case studies or visit M30 NOVEMBER 6, 2006
  • 48. The result of the additional sensing and connectivity will be a rapid proliferation of applications that take advantage of this quot;real-world Web,quot; similar to the flood of ideas (many ill-founded, some transformational) that have surrounded the World Wide Web (see Figure 15). Business applications will center on increasing visibility of physical assets, including equipment, products and even people. CIOs should seek early tagging and sensing applications where improved visibility of items or location will avoid ongoing costs or avert undesirable events. Figure 15. Emerging Technologies Location GPS, Galileo Object Identification 1-D and 2-D Bar Codes, RFID Tags Point-of-Sale Scanner Reads Phone Screen Micro- electromechanical Systems Direction, Acceleration Wireless Networks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee Lookup Services Sensor Networks People, Products, Bar Codes ... Temperature, Chemicals … Source: Gartner (September 2006) 3.2 Create Road Maps for Emerging Business Figure 16 shows some emerging business trends. Proactive transparency has crept up on businesses during the past five to seven years. Innovators are using the trend as a competitive weapon. A clear example is open-source software, through which powerful new models for creating business value have been developed. For public corporations, the globalization of capital flows requires increased disclosure of information. To compete for capital, they must reduce risk to lenders by keeping them better informed. In globalized microbusiness, IT is penetrating emerging consumer markets at an incredible rate. Using the Internet, a small company such as Share Microfin can interact with major financial corporations around the globe. Companies lend small amounts, perhaps $60 or $70 at a time, to transform the lives of individuals who use the money to start a village business. In this case, business units of ING and Deutsche Bank are forming partnerships with this innovative institution. In the quot;next era of productivity,quot; improvements in productivity from past IT efforts will slow down, causing businesses to commence a new generation of profit-seeking productivity gains in business processes and especially in occupations that have been largely untouched by IT. Of the 22 major occupational categories recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, five clerical Publication Date: 27 October 2006/ID Number: G00144450 Page 25 of 29 © 2006 Gartner, Inc. and/or its Affiliates. All Rights Reserved.
  • 49. Using The Internet to Engage Consumers: Techniques and Technologies Harun Asad May 2006 AOL Confidential - not to be reproduced or distributed without prior written consent of America Online, Inc.
  • 50. Agenda Why Focus on “Engagement”? What Is AOL Doing?
  • 51. AOL Consumer Insights Social Orientation Media Engagement
  • 52. A Framework for Engagement IAG Research, Making Engagement Work, April 2006
  • 53. AOL Targeting Capabilities Content Audience Data Behavioral Affinities Affinities Targeting Targeting
  • 54. How Does Targeting Fit With Engagement? Targeting
  • 55. Customer Strategy Investment Optimization Mission: Drive significant improvements in marketing productivity by “building the bridge” between strategies and ongoing performance optimization Customer Strategy Measurement Ongoing Optimization Economic Design Strategy Measure- Measurement Business Execution Development ment Plan Reporting Case CRM Strategy Ongoing Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization Segmentation Value Proposition Development Customer Information Design Channel Investment Optimization Measurement Infrastructure Enablement Analytic Customer Insight Loyalty Strategy Pricing Strategy 13
  • 56. Strategy Analysis Team Overview Increasing Marketing Productivity Through Customer Insight Strategy Development Measurement and Decision Customer Research (CRG) (SD) Analysis (MDA) Market analysis Measurement strategy development Survey development Test design and sampling Competitive analysis benchmarking Analytic segmentation Analysis and Interpretation Channel strategy analysis Test design Multivariate analysis Value chain analysis Reporting and analysis design Conjoint and discrete choice New technology trends Statistical modeling In-house moderating Focus groups Business model analysis Financial modeling On-on-ones Financial economic analysis Web marketing measurement Usability Site analysis Use model analysis Customer data design/architecture Competitive assessment Benchmarking Process modeling and design SAS, SQL, on-line measurement tools Focused on practical, achievable initiatives that can be implemented • Grounded in 20 years of implementation experience of what works Accountability for success of results in the market Team Combination of strategy generalists and analytic specialists Experienced consultants from top strategy analytics firms – Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Mercer, MAC Group, Monitor, Accenture, Epsilon, Capital One 92 team members globally
  • 57. Key Trends/ Challenges Industry trends are making measurement …Digitas is working with clients to face more challenging… these challenges and drive greater insights GM, Delta, Celebrity Marketing “Balanced Difficulty linking marketing investments to Scorecards” shareholder value Financial Services interactive PL Gillette, FedEx brand testing ATT Winback Test Learn Difficulty optimizing marketing investments across multiple dimensions Delta, Celebrity Lifecycle Measurement/ Modeling • Channels AEFA Channel Performance • Products Barnes Noble Readers Advantage ROI Modeling • Lifecycle stages LL Bean Cross-Channel Measurement/ Modeling Financial Services Profiling/ Targeting Cost/ complexity of robust measurement Travel Services Web Measurement Improvement solutions Gatorade Consumer Panel
  • 58. Summary Mission Core Competency Client’s Measurable Success Objectives Three Service Areas Operating Method Proprietary and confidential. Do not copy, duplicate or distribute without prior permission from Javelin Direct Inc. © 2006 Javelin Direct Inc. All rights reserved.
  • 59. Accountability Solutions Customer Level Data Campaign Level Data Company Level Data Fans Campaign Reporting Causal Modeling 7.2 6.8 Predictive High Value Customer LTV 6.4 Models Recognition Program Analysis 6 5.6 Variety 5.2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 111213 141516 1718 Seekers Churn by Month -- Actual and Moving Average curves Media Mix Modeling 1.80% 1.66% Mvo ie 1.60% 1.58% 1.61% 1.53% M a inim lists Fa s n 1.51% W tch a ers 1.44% 1.46% 1.42% 1.42% 1.40% 1.40% 1.37% 1.36% 1.35% 1.31% Nwe H hR k/ ig is C h u rn R ate 1.25% 1.20% C sto ers u m H hM in na e ig a te nc 1.09% 1.00% 0.80% Variety 0.60% N o S eke e rs Frills P m alers iece e 0.40% Apr-02 May - Jun-02 Jul-02 Aug- Sep- Oct-02 Nov - Dec- Jan-03 Feb- Mar- Apr-03 May - Jun-03 Jul-03 02 02 02 02 02 03 03 03 Involuntary Voluntary Total 3 per. Mov. Avg. (Voluntary) 3 per. Mov. Avg. (Involuntary) 3 per. Mov. Avg. (Total) Churn Models Segmentation Campaign Planning Best Practices -- Flighting of Tactics Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Mass DRTV Interactive Catalog Events Edg emt ninSge n DM (Other) FSI igRk e Hh is/ N w v Mie Pc- Vie o iee a ty r Vluta Ivluta onr n nr y o y Bill Inserts up2speed ta S e in atsHh a u m as a e e r e e or isonc isonc ol tin g n Sr g emt Mims igMt. Ctoe Fn Whr mle Skr NFlls Dcnet Dcnet Tta li in s rs tc s a s e s i eMail* Bundles DM Mims in atsli 6.5 1% 0% 0% 0% 7% 0% 6% 1.8 5%10 2% .6 .3 .1 .4 .9 .5 .3 4% .6 0% *email sent in Week Two of each month per client requirement Hh is/Hh at. 6% 1.7 0% 3% 9% 8% 5% 6% 1.7 3.0 0% igRk igM in .7 5% .2 .0 .0 .2 .8 .7 2% 2%10 Individual tactics play a unique role while integrating seamlessly for clarity, consistency and maximum communication impact. N Ctoe e u ms ws r 1.6 6% 2% 7% 5% 1.5 5% 9% 1.9 2.4 0% 6% .6 .8 .8 .0 0% .3 .2 4% 1%10 Mass, interactive and events : Raise awareness for promotion and seed the market for targeted tactics as Fn .5 0% 2% 0%6.9 3% 0% 1.1 0% 8% 7%10 .7 .1 5% .5 .7 0% .7 .5 .3 0% Catalog, DRTV, bill inserts and FSIs: Generate interest in specific offers; capture low hanging fruit Mie ahrs oWe v tc 1% 2% 0% 6% 5.5 4% 1.8 6% 1.3 3%10 .9 .8 .1 .0 2% .7 1% .9 0% .0 0% Direct Mail: Communicates one-to-one based on optimal model/consumer criteria to stimulate purchase Permission marketing and events: Follow up and reinforce awareness/offers Pcmle ieee rs a 9% 1% 0% 0% 4% 5.9 9% 1.1 1.1 2%10 .0 .6 .1 .4 .8 0% .6 1% 0% .5 0% Vre Skrs a ty e e i e 1% 3% 0% 7% 1.2 9% 5.9 2% 9% 5%10 .5 .1 .1 .6 0% .5 0% .5 .3 .2 0% NFls or il 1.3 1% 0% 0% 6% 6% 2% 5.0 1.4 2%10 0% .8 .2 .2 .8 .3 .3 7% 2% .6 0% s r ll u ms ACtoe a r r e 7% .2 .4 0% 0% 2% 2% 1% 1% .2 0% 1.9 4% 0%1.0 1.2 1.5 1.4 1.5 1.8 9%10 w Mrtioo1%mesrpsndnigligteclls Rssm 10 ig nf 0 o o i er etei hh hde . o u to0% Retention Modeling Customer Test Design Migration Proprietary and confidential. Do not copy, duplicate or distribute without prior permission from Javelin Direct Inc. © 2006 Javelin Direct Inc. All rights reserved.