Broadband Florida Grant Projects Briefing Abstract


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Description of Florida Broadband Grant funded Projects from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

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Broadband Florida Grant Projects Briefing Abstract

  1. 1. DMS Broadband Florida Projects AbstractTotal State Broadband Data Development (SBDD) Grant1st Award, 12/28/2009: $2,568,458Supplemental Award, 10/28/2010: $6,308,570Total Federal funds: $8,877,028With initial SBDD grant funding and Legislative budget authority DMS through competitiveprocurement entered into contract with Connected Nation to inventory and map broadbandservices and availability to Florida citizens and Community Anchor Institutions. The projectresults have been online and available to the public since June of 2010. The project is ongoingand continues to provide essential research and baseline information to citizens, anchorinstitutions, business and universities. This project’s initial funding and term was for $2.1M fortwo years.DMS also entered into contract with the University of Florida Public Utilities Research Center tostudy and analyze; current government investment in broadband services and infrastructure,current and future broadband needs and develop options with recommendations to improvethose investments. This project funding was for $500,000 and runs through February 2011.With the supplemental SBDD award and Legislative authority once provided, DMS would createa Broadband Programs Office (BPO) to manage projects funded through the supplementalaward. With SBDD funding and Legislative authority the BPO through the funded projectsdescribed below would manage the implementation of those broadband projects to; continuemapping for three additional years, organize and disseminate broadband information, apply foradditional funding when available, provide E-rate support to schools and libraries and developregional broadband planning. The outcomes of these projects will inform and enable Florida’sleaders and institutions responsible to address broadband challenges and future opportunities.DMS as prescribed in the grant application would partner with the Department of State, Divisionof Libraries and Florida’s Regional Planning Councils to carry these projects out.Florida’s BPO would manage SBDD funded and authorized projects: BPO Office and Technical Assistance Strategy: Establishes a Florida E-Rate Team who will provide schools, libraries and health care institutions with coordinated support to apply for federal programs funding such as E-rate. Establishes a Broadband Grant Team who will work with anchor institutions throughout Florida to obtain additional funding opportunities. Funding: $2,416,226, Duration: 2011-2014 Data Strategy (mapping): will continue to focus on currently funded broadband services data collection, integration, verification and display activities and their extension into years 3-5 including the incorporation of best and lead practices. Funding: $2,342,344, Duration: 2012-2014,
  2. 2. Library Technology Strategy: The Library Connectivity Assessment project will deploy technology teams to provide a hardware and network assessment to 180 Florida public libraries. The project team will work with each library to provide recommendations for increasing E-rate funding and addressing larger, systematic problems. Funding: $560,000, Duration: 2011-2012, Partner with Dept. State Planning Strategy: Local Regional Technology Planning Teams: In partnership with Florida’s 11 Regional Planning Councils (RPCs), DMS would develop and implement regional planning process, toolkits and training that can be integrated into the current work of the RPCs to assist regions to develop broadband plans. The project will inventory and document local broadband assets and broadband demand through an inclusive process that draws residents and institutional actors to develop a comprehensive regional plan. Funding: $990,000, Duration: 2011-2012, Partner with Regional Planning CouncilsBroadband Florida’s goal, as led by the BPO’s strategies, is to provide Florida with a unifiedvision and planning framework to stimulate sustainable investment in broadband infrastructure,adoption, literacy, computer ownership, access and participation in the digital economy.