Flawlessly Straight Hair: Straightening Tips for All Hair Types


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Flawlessly Straight Hair: Straightening Tips for All Hair Types

  1. 1. Flawlessly straight hair is popular in todays leadingbeauty circles. Yet straightening curly, frizzy, or downright unruly hair into perfectly straight tresses can be achallenge. Read on to discover straightening tips for even the most stubborn locks.
  2. 2. Styling Tips for Straightening Hair
  3. 3. .1Start with a Good Blow-Out.
  4. 4. Following shampoo and conditioner, apply a product like Frederic Fekkais Ironless Silky Straight Serum on your hair, focusing on the tips. Next use clips to separate your hair into sections. Blow-dry each of these sections inturn, beginning in the top, front layers and working to the back, bottom sections. To manage and smooth each segment, use a high-quality, round, natural bristle brush. Philip B. offers several excellent brushes. To maximizesmoothness, clip the filter attachment onto your hairdryer. Finally, the direction you aim matters; point the nozzle of the dryer down the shaft, from the root toward the tips. Focus on each section until it is completely dry.
  5. 5. This task can seem to take an eternity, unless you have afast-working hairdryer. T3s Featherweight model is ideal -it uses infrared heat to boost manageability and shine, all while drying hair up to 60% faster.
  6. 6. .2Time to Iron.
  7. 7. If your tresses arent straight after blow-drying, youll have to use a straightening iron. Re-clip dry locks into sections. Starting at the back of the head, gently guide the straightening iron down each section. Avoid applying the iron twice to the same segment. If this routine desiccates your hair, try a higher-end straightening iron like made by T3. This incredible tool uses negative ions to enclose each hair cuticle in protective moisture.
  8. 8. Heres another timesaving tip: skip the blow-drying step by using a steam straightener - again, T3s ManeTamer model is exceptional. Steam technology allows such straighteners to be applied to damp hair.
  9. 9. .3Form a Strong Heat Defense.
  10. 10. Over time, heat can cause hair to become dull, brittle, andtough to manage. So, protect your hair with a product likeOscar Blandis Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray. Oscar Blandi has created a spray that defends hair against 450-degreeheat. The sprays keratin proteins also work to protect and nourish hair. Just spritz this Oscar Blandi innovation ontoeach segment of hair before applying any heated tool, and enjoy radiantly healthy tresses despite the heat.
  11. 11. Its also wise to get into the habit of applying a weekly oiltreatment. Philip B.s Rejuvenating Oil will do an especially good job of augmenting the oil naturally produced by the scalp.
  12. 12. A Natural Straightening Approach
  13. 13. Long before Frederic Fekkai and Oscar Blandi designed their marvelous straightening solutions, ladies pined forstraight, smooth locks. They applied natural concoctions toencourage straightness, and you can too, with our Lemon-Coconut Milk Creme. Vitamins A and E in coconut milk cut frizz, enhance softness and shine, and protect hair against breakage. Lemon juice helps remove product build-up. Begin by stirring lemon juice into a glass of coconut milk. Stick the glass in the fridge until it takes on a creamy texture. Slather this paste onto your hair, being careful to saturate both the tips and the roots. Next, wrap a heatedtowel around your scalp, and wait for a couple of minutes. Rinse and shampoo. Style as you wish.
  14. 14. Or, just choose the easy route - apply Frederic Fekkais Ironless Silky Straight shampoo and conditioner.
  15. 15. http://www.beauty.com/