The PR tool for pitching your media contacts: @prezly


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Prezly helps brands keep media as friends.

Journalists and online influencers get bombarded with irrelevant messages from brands hoping to get media coverage. This spray and pray approach is poisoning the relationship between brands and media and it’s making it increasingly difficult for brands to get coverage.

Brands like Danone, HP and Toyota use the online service to identify their relevant media contacts and to pitch them in a multimedia format that improves the chances of getting coverage.

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The PR tool for pitching your media contacts: @prezly

  2. Most news writers publish only one story per day
  3. Yet half of them get pitched over twenty times per day
  4. How do you cut through the clutter with your stories?
  5. Get to know your media contacts to send pitches that resonate
  6. Pitch in a multimedia format that improves the chances of getting coverage
  7. We help many brands connect with their media contacts
  8. If we could no longer use Prezly it would feel like going back to sending out press releases by postage mail or fax Koen Dekoning PR Manager, Toyota & Lexus Belgium
  9. Learn Get better coverage Save time
  10. Contact management Excel, FileMaker,.. Press release distribution via email Outlook, MailChimp,.. Press room publication Client website, CMS File sharing Dropbox, Wetransfer,.. Your current tools?
  11. Contact management Write, layout, distribute, view reports Press release distribution File sharing Press room publication Export Duplicate content Insert links Insert links and previews Upload, view reports Keep up to date Publish, add media assets, view analytics
  12. That’s a lot of overhead
  13. Media contact management Multimedia email pitching Branded newsroom ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Statistics & reports
  14. Media contact management
  15. ✔ Central database ✔ Made for media relations ✔ Social media enrichment ✔ Contact commenting ✔ Mail & newsroom activity stats ✔ Mobile access ✔ Easy Excel import
  16. Multimedia email pitching
  17. ✔ Personalised emails ✔ Fast loading media previews ✔ Open and click tracking ✔ Mobile friendly ✔ Brandable
  18. Branded newsroom
  19. email pitch + social + web 2/3 organic visitors
  20. Long tail 430 views/month 5:06 visit time
  21. Media coverage
  22. ✔ Visual content hub ✔ Brandable ✔ Fast & easy setup ✔ Own domain name ✔ Multiple languages ✔ Integrate in your website ✔ Social media sharing ✔ SEO optimised
  23. Statistics & reports
  24. ✔ Google analytics ✔ Email pitch tracking ✔ Contact interaction history ✔ Export reports to Excel
  25. Pricing €350/month €50 /extra room
  26. Training & setup €1,000
  28. Let’s rock! ➜ Try the 15 day trial