Melissa - Picture Perfect Memories


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Melissa - Picture Perfect Memories

  1. 1. Picture perfect memories…Girls… they clean out their room a lot, whether it’s for boys, girlfriends, or even guests – wellsometimes. As Aria was cleaning out her room she found an old album that she used collect picturesin, so that one day she can have the perfect memories to show to her family. However she realisedshe had stopped taking pictures, to which she was confused as to why she had stopped. Sheimmediately found her old camera and asked the girls to come over since her parents were out andher brother was at a camp. Whilepreparing a little snack for the girls Aria started to think aboutsomething different, something unusual. She had a great idea.“Knock, knock!” Emily walked in cheerfully with Hanna and Spencer.“Hey what’s up guys come in.”“Oh my god check these new birds I bought, they were on sale and their absolutely fanatical!”squealed Hannah pointing at her new trendy heels.“They’re amazing…” muttered Aria.“What’s wrong Aria, you look kind of upset…” asked Spencer.“Oh, I’m not I’m just worried because I have an amazing idea and I really don’t know if you guyswould want to do what I want…”“Aria, were best friends of course were going to do what you would want, we will do everything foreach other. What do you want?” asked Spencer suspiciously.“I want to go on a holiday…”“Okay…and…” replied Emily“I want to go with you guys!” blurted out Aria.As silence fell in the room both Emily and Spencer was trying to find something to say, they hadnever gone out on a holiday before. Not alone…“Sure, when, where, and what time?” Asked Hanna happily.“I was thinking to Greece- Malia”“Awesome!” replied Hanna in relief.“Spence, Em, So…” asked Aria in curiosity.“Aria…” sighed Spence.“Spence, please. Just once. We go out and we have fun, and since Aly’s death we haven’t reallybeen happy. Imagine the blue sea, the hot weather the sun’s rays shining straight on us… please.”“Why now, why can’t we go another time Aria?” Asked Emily unhappily.
  2. 2. “Because I realised I never had many pictures of Aly and now that she’s gone I’ll never have any. Iwant to make the best of what I got now, so just please…”“Okay, Ill try and I’ll see what my mum thinks…” replied Spencer.“Same I’ll try too but…” also added Emily“Em just try will you.” Interrupted Aria.“Okay.” Said Emily and checked her time. “I gotta go now I have to go and see Coach” replied Emilypicking up her pace.2 DAYS LATER.As the girls arrived into their new room, which they will be sharing they excitedly put their bagsdown and just watched the view in silence until…“Okay, I still can’t believe were in Greece!” clapped Hanna.“Come on, our first picture” said Aria in satisfaction.The girls gathered together unaware of what soon will happen will make their whole trip to themagnificent Island will become a misery.The camera snaps and Aria receives her first picture.Suddenly, Hanna realises a difference.“Wait, what’s that?” Asks Hanna in confusion“Oh my God…” says Hanna underneath her breath.“What?” Asked Emily worriedly.“It’s A, there’s a note on the photo”.“What!? What does it say?” shouts Emily in terror.“You won’t be smiling for long bitches… -A”3 DAYS LATER.The last day of holidays are always upsetting, especially if you’re still unaware of what’s to come…Aria looks through the pictures she had taken with the girls in the heat of the Greek weather, thennotices a blonde girl staring at them while they laugh. A girl who very much looked like Alyson.Suddenly she realises that the blonde girl is in all of the pictures taken staring at them in anger…Aria throws the pictures on to the floor in horror, and calls out for the girls… but the only reply is thetext she receives…“They can’t hear you –A”