Haley - Just Another VAcAtiAn AwAy


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Haley - Just Another VAcAtiAn AwAy

  1. 1. Scene 1: At Hanna‟s placeHanna: We need to get away from Rosewood, and „A‟.Aria: That‟s not a bad idea.Spencer: our parents would never let us leave.Aria: then we convince them, Spenc.Emily: we NEED to get away from this place.Hanna: where should we go?Emily: we have to go as far as we can go.Spencer: Florida?Aria: how about St. Augustine? It‟s a crowded place, right? There‟s no way „A‟ can find us.Emily: hanna what‟s this paper on your bed?Hanna: I don‟t know read it.Emily: Planning a vacation can end up deadly –AHanna: what‟s that suppose to mean? How does „A‟ know that we‟re planning a vacation?Spencer: Hanna, has anyone else been in here?Hanna: Not that I know of, Emily?Emily: No just us.Aria: Then how does „A‟ know?Scene 2: At Fitz‟s placeFitz: So you‟re going away?Aria: just for a few days. I‟ll be back on Monday.Fitz: Who are you going with? And where are you going?Aria: Spencer, Hanna and Emily, and we‟re going to Florida.Fitz: (looking confused) Aria, I just don‟t understand why you are going away.Aria: It‟s kinda personal. I just need to get out and clear my head.Fitz: Ok. Well stay safe.Aria: I willAria‟s Phone beeps: Spencer: you coming?Fitz: Aria?Aria looks up nervouslyFitz: is something wrong?Aria: um, what? No, I have to go. I‟ll see you on Monday.Fitz: ok, byeScene 3: Just arrived at St. AugustineHanna: Wow, why did we pick such a boring place.Spencer: it‟s not boring. It‟s historicalHanna: Spencer, what‟s interesting to you is not interesting to the rest of us.Aria: There is no way „A‟ can find us here.Emily: let‟s just hope.Spencer: I think no matter what we all should stick together.All: Agreed.*phones beep* “The first city is about to gain 4 more ghosts, and you‟re one of them –A”Hanna: ‟A‟ is here too. Great!”Scene 4:They all decide to go to the fort first.Once at the fort for awhile Aria looks around.
  2. 2. Aria: guys, where‟s Emily?Everyone panics and looks for Emily. Everyone texts and calls her without any luck.Aria: “We need to figure out who A is immediately before Emily gets killed or seriously injured”Scene 5: walking around looking for Emily.Hanna: hey guys, look at that store! Such cute stuff!Hanna walks into the store.Spencer: Hanna, we have to look for Emily.Aria: Spencer‟s right Hanna. Emily‟s missing we need to find her.Hanna‟s looking at something when a hand covers her mouth and pulls her away.Spencer and Aria walk into the store and notice Hanna‟s not thereSpencer: where‟s Hannah?Aria: she was right here! (points near her) Hannah?Spencer: let‟s not panic!!Aria: We should go look for them, Spencer. They could be hurt.Spencer: have some faith…I have a plan!Spencer whispers something into Aria‟s ear.Aria: OkScene 6: On the streets of St. AugustineHannah and Emily are together and they are wandering the streets looking for Spencer and Aria whenEmily: Hey, is that Caleb?Hannah: yeah it is. Why is he here?Caleb: Hanna, thank God you are alright. Where‟s Spencer and Aria?Hannah: “we have no idea where Spencer and Aria are. we just woke up on a bench and decided to wander around”Meanwhile Spencer and Aria are on the opposite side of town.Spencer and Aria‟s phones beep.two gone two left. Watch your back or you‟ll be next. –ASpencer and Aria look at each other.Spencer: we need to figure out who „A‟ is once and for all!”Aria: what‟s that? It looks like Emily‟s bracelet?Spencer picks it up: it is Emily‟sAria: That‟s weirdThey are walking down a road when Aria asks Spencer: Do you think that „A‟ is trying to break Ezra and I up doyou?Spencer: I can‟t be sure but right now isn‟t the time. We need to find Hannah and EmilyAria: rightScene 7: still looking for each otherSoon Spencer stops to tie her shoe and when Aria turned around Spencer was gone.Aria freaks out!Spencer is now with the other girls.Spencer: how did I get here?Emily: I don‟t know.Hanna: wait where are we?Spencer: good questionThe other girls get a text that reads: Poor Poor Aria. Never can she love anyone ever again. You three are next –AHanna: we need to leave here ASAP!
  3. 3. Emily/Spencer: yeah.Aria decides to walk back to the town. Soon, she gave up and laid down on a bench. Soon she heard her name beingcalled, and she looked up.Emily: Aria! Thank God you are ok!Aria: where did you all go?Spencer: we don‟t know.Hanna: at least we all are safe.They hugged it out.Their phone beep: awe reunited again. Next time I WILL kill this was you free pass. –AThe girls look at each other and decide that it‟s time to go home. They can‟t hide from „A‟ anywhere.