Prestressed Concrete Design


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A collection of articles about prestressed concrete design - Source:

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Prestressed Concrete Design

  1. 1. Prestressed Concrete DesignSource: on the title to view the full article.Design of Prestressed Concrete Beams Using Expert SystemsCable Design for Continuous Prestressed Concrete BridgesBehaviour of Prestressed Concrete End BlocksActive Control of Bridge StructuresApplication of Expert Systems to Prestressed Concrete Bridge DesignRequirements for the Use of Presss Moment-Resisting Frame SystemsAnalysis of Continuous Prestressed Concrete BeamsFinancial Seismic Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers using aDistribution-Free ApproachAutomated Determination of Concordant ProfilesA Geometrically Nonlinear Three Dimensional Cohesive Crack Method for ReinforcedConcrete StructuresPrestressed Concrete Beam with Aramid Fibre Compression Confinement and ExtenalTendonsExperimental Development, Tradeoff Analysis and Design Implementation of HighForce-To-Volume Damping TechnologyPrestressed Beams Lifting Off Elastic SupportsThe Penn Street Parking Facility - a Design-Build Success StoryDesign-Construction of the Paramount – A 39-Story Precast Prestressed ConcreteApartment BuildingDesign Procedure and Behaviour of Advanced Flag- Shape (AFS) MDOF SystemsPolyaramid Ropes for Tension Structures
  2. 2. Advanced Flag-Shape Systems for High Seismic Performance including Near-faultEffectsPlastic Analysis of Anchorage Zones for Prestressed ConcreteControversial Aspects in Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Structures in ModernTimes: Understanding and Implementing Lessons from Ancient HeritageParallel Lay Aramid Ropes for Offshore StructuresConcept and Implementation of a Selective Weakening Approach for the Seismic Retrofitof Reinforced Concrete BuildingsModel for Concrete Confined By Aramid FRPMaintenance of Precast Prestressed Concrete Parking StructuresImproving Predictions for Camber in Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge GirdersEconomic Viability of Structures with FRP Reinforcement and PrestressEarly Applications of Prestressed Concrete in the United KingdomGirder End Cracking In Prestressed I GirdersDuctility of Sections Prestressed With FRPFlexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Prestressed With External Parallel Lay AramidRopesAchieving Optimum Rotation Capacity from Concrete Pretensioned With AFRPExternal Prestressing With Polyaramid RopesDuctility and Deformability in Beams Prestressed With FRP TendonsDevelopments of an Expert System for the Design of Prestressed Concrete BridgesDevelopments in the Use of Unbonded Parallel Lay Ropes for Prestressing ConcreteStructuresThe Use of Aramid Fibre Reinforced Plastics as Prestressing Tendons for ConcreteProperties of Polyaramid Ropes and Implications for Their Use as External PrestressingTendons
  3. 3. Optimal Cost Design for Beams Prestressed with FRP TendonsInfluence of Bond on Rotation Capacity of Concrete Pretensioned with AFRPExperimental Investigation on the Ductillity of Beams Prestressed with FRPDesign Guidelines for Concrete Beams Prestressed with Partially Bonded FiberReinforced Plastic TendonsBehaviour of Beams with External TendonsA Novel Approach to Prestressed Concrete Bridge DesignAnalysis of Hollowcore Concrete Floor Slabs under FireCode Provisions for Seismic Design of Multi-Storey Post-Tensioned Timber BuildingsConceptual Retrofit Strategy for Existing Hollowcore Seating ConnectionsDAD Post-Tensioned Concrete Connections with Lead Dampers: Analytical Models andExperimental ValidationDynamic Testing of Precast, Post-Tensioned Rocking Wall Systems with AlternativeDissipating SolutionsDesign and Construction of Prestressed Timber Buildings for Seismic AreasEffect of Aspect Ratio on Fire Resistance of Hollowcore Concrete FloorsExperimental Investigation of Existing Hollowcore Seating Connection SeismicBehaviour Pre and Post Retrofit InterventionValidation of an Alternative Reinforcing Detail for the Dapped Ends of PrestressedDouble TeesWhy Is FRP Not a Financial SuccessTests on Beams Prestressed With Polyaramid TendonsTension Bending and Sheave Bending Fatigue of Parallel Lay Aramid RopesStructural Applications of Type G ParafilShould FRP Be Bonded To Concrete
  4. 4. Shear Strength Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Beam Column Joint Focusing OnTendon Anchorage LocationRotation Capacity of Beams Prestressed with Synthetic External TendonsRigid Body Analysis of Concrete Beams Pretensioned with Partially Bonded AFRPTendonsRepair of Concrete Bridges Using Parafil RopesPrestressing With Parafil TendonsPrestressed Concrete Bridge Design Expert SystemCable Stayed and Suspended Post Tensioned Solutions for Precast Concrete Frames theBrooklyn System