Sites Of Ancient Rome
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Sites Of Ancient Rome






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Sites Of Ancient Rome Sites Of Ancient Rome Presentation Transcript

  • Sites of Ancient Rome
  • Roman Forum The  Roman Forum , (Latin:  Forum Romanum ) sometimes known by its original Latin title, is located between the  Palatine hill  and the  Capitoline hill  of the city of  Rome . It is the central area around which the  ancient Roman civilization  developed. Citizens refered to the location as the "Forum Magnum" or just the "Forum".
  • Vatican City Peter’s Basilica The  Basilica of Saint Peter  ( Latin : Basilica Sancti Petri), officially known in  Italian  as the  Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano  and commonly known as St. Peter's Basilica , is located within the  Vatican City  in  Rome . It occupies a "unique position" as one of the holiest sites and as "the greatest of all churches of  Christendom ". In  Catholic  tradition, it is the burial site of its namesake  Saint Peter , who was one of the  twelve apostles  of  Jesus  and, according to tradition, was the first  Bishop of Antioch , and later first  Bishop of Rome  and therefore first in the line of the papal succession. While St. Peter's is the most famous of Rome's many churches, it is not the first in rank, an honour held by the  Pope 's  cathedral  church, the  Basilica of St. John Lateran .
  • Mausoleum of Augustus The  Mausoleum of Augustus  was a large tomb built by the  Roman Emperor   Augustus  in  28 BC  on the Campus Martius  in  Rome . The Mausoleum, now located on the Piazza Augusto Imperatore, is no longer open to tourists, and the ravages of time and carelessness have stripped the ruins bare. However, the ruins remain an impressive and dominating landmark on the northern side of the Campus Martius.
  • The Roman Pantheon The Pantheon in Rome was built as an heathen sanctuary between 118 and 125 AD by emperor Hadrian. Today it is a Catholic Church, that is dedicated to all martyrs. With a diameter of 43,4 m, its dome was the biggest in the world till 1913.
  • Roman Colossuem The  Colosseum  or  Coliseum , originally the Flavian Amphitheatre  ( Latin :  Amphitheatrum Flavium ,  Italian   Anfiteatro Flavio  or  Colosseo ), is an elliptical  amphitheatre  in the centre of the city of Rome ,  Italy , the largest ever built in the  Roman Empire . It is one of the greatest works of  Roman architecture  and  Roman engineering .