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Social Media Marketing - Gilbert 2009.05.06
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Social Media Marketing - Gilbert 2009.05.06


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Using social media as a free marketing tool for your business.

Using social media as a free marketing tool for your business.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • Show of hands:
    - Those actively marketing online.
    - Those using a website to market themselves.
  • Social Networking is not a new idea, it has existed forever and we have always used our social networks to find things such as jobs, new friends and even new partners. In a normal friend network you might know Paul, John and Sally however most of the connections in your social network are hidden because your network is only as good as the connections that you can see. Online social networking sites solve these problems by allowing you to add friends, as you add friends you are allowed to see their friends which starts to open up hidden opportunities for creating new relationships.

  • Facebook is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, co-workers, and others who share similar interests or who have common backgrounds. Many use it as a way to stay in touch after finishing school, or as a way to share their life publicly. What makes Facebook different from other social networks are its extensive privacy controls, its development platform, and its large and quickly growing user base. Facebook has been called the \"thinking person's\" social network.

  • Israel press conference.
    2008 Obama campaign updates.

  • - YellowPages-style directories will go away. They’re (1) expensive, (2) information is outdated, (3) slow and (4) you can’t keep one in your pocket. Presence in social media allows them to find you when necessary.
    - More than location, product/service offerings. They expect to *do business* online.
    - Websites, email, social networks do not know geographic or time boundaries.
    - Broadcasting (Yellow Pages, direct mail, billboards) => narrowcasting (online advertisements). Lower cost and higher ROI.

  • Both!
    Social feedback used to provide value to new customers.
    The marketing is meaningful outside of a sales context. OR...the information


  • - If you’re getting serious about building online presence...
    - Next month...
    - Slides will be posted on SlideShare, OpenRain blog etc.
  • SEO is a *big* topic; very technical.
  • -
    - The Google Toolbar will tell you your P

  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Marketing Using social media as a free marketing tool for your business.
    • 2. Social Networking/Media Social Networking is not a new concept, but online mediums can be ✤ far more powerful. Social Media changes the way new information is created, published ✤ and propagated. Reach ✤ Accessibility ✤ Usability ✤ Recency ✤ Permanence ✤
    • 3. Blogging “Web log” allows you to report and publish information. ✤ Discussion held alongside the article. ✤ Text, pictures, video, audio. ✤
    • 4. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site which was launched in May 2003. Mainly used for professional networking. As of February 2009, it had more than 35 million registered users, spanning 170 industries. Online resumes. ✤ Contact list. ✤ Discussion groups. ✤ Researching possible new hires. ✤
    • 5. Google Groups Google Groups is a free service from Google where groups of people have discussions about common interests. Users can find discussion groups related to their interests and participate in threaded conversations or they can also start new groups.
    • 6. Facebook Keeping track of connections. ✤ Media sharing. ✤ Status updates. ✤ Groups. ✤ Custom applications. ✤
    • 7. Twitter 140-character or less “micro-blog” entries. ✤ Mobile text/SMS notifications. ✤ Direct, brief communication with huge audiences. ✤
    • 8. Social Media/Networking Links YouTube - Post your own MySpace - Social networking. ✤ ✤ videos. Embed them in your homepage. Plaxo - Social networking. ✤ Twitter - “Micro-blogging” Orkut - Social networking. ✤ ✤ Flickr - Share photos. Groups Bebo - Social networking. ✤ ✤ and comments supported. Tagged - Social networking. ✤ SlideShare - Post presentations ✤ (such as this one) for others to Ning - Create your own social ✤ download. nework site!
    • 9. But how is this useful?
    • 10. Twitter Cases U.S. Airways Hudson River plane crash. (January, 2009.) ✤ Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN. (April, 2009.) ✤ CDCFlu, mexico_df. (April, 2009.) ✤
    • 11. Case: McCain vs. Obama
    • 12. What about marketing?
    • 13. 21st Century Marketing People will look for businesses online. ✤ Customers expect online interaction. ✤ Your audience is worldwide. ✤ Communicate specific messages to specific audiences. ✤
    • 14. Building Cohesive Presence Keep people in your network. ✤ Encourage feedback and participation. ✤ Provide value in marketing. ✤
    • 15. Case: Information Or Marketing?
    • 16. Case: Marketing Cohesion Ideally, commit to doing ✤ business. Otherwise, keep viewers in ✤ your network.
    • 17. Cases: LinkedIn Groups
    • 18. Getting Found Get a proper business website. ✤ This will be the hub of your online business presence. Integrate! Draw traffic to your site with meaningful links. Start networking online. ✤ Don’t be afraid to make new connections. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) Provide value to your audience with meaningful content. Commit to routinely providing value. ✤ Provide valuable, fresh content on your website. Get attention, become an authority, build trust and make make sales. (Google Groups, ListServs.) Tell people! ✤ In person, over the phone, business cards.
    • 19. Resources ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤
    • 20. Presenter Information Preston Lee is a founding member of OpenRain Software: bringing businesses online with dynamic internet applications. He has provided senior engineering leadership for Apollo Group, Cisco Systems, the U.S. government and many other Phoenix-area and multinational institutions OpenRain provides expert web design, where he has become recognized for a wise development and marketing services for the balance of technical, business and customer desktop and mobile web. Based in Phoenix and perspectives. He has also earned MBA, BS in one of Arizona’s most successful web Computer Science & Engineering, AA and AGS development shops, OpenRain services national degrees. clients and also offers personalized hosted deployment and training services. While not on the job, Preston is active in over a dozen local tech communities and enjoys OpenRain, LLC woodworking, music production and filling 1 (623) 691-7869 frames on his digital SLR. He can be read regularly and contacted via his blog at...
    • 21. General SEO Strategy Integrate relevant online activities. ✤ Publish clear, consistent, meaningful, professional messages. ✤ Regularly update content. ✤ Maximize relevant inbound links from relevant external sites. ✤ Work with a developer to set meta, image tags etc. ✤ Do not spam. Search engines are a lot smarter than they used to be! ✤
    • 22. Google PageRank Google’s opinion of your websites importance relative to other sites ✤ on the Internet. 0-10 scale. Exact calculations kept secret. ✤ Google Toolbar reveals your PageRank. ✤
    • 23. PageRank Examples 0 Completely new website. (Lowest possible.) ✤ 1-3 Most small businesses with little/no marketing and PR. ✤ 4 (Established but small.) ✤ 5 ✤ 6-8, (Medium/Large scale sites.) ✤ 9, (Extremely important.) ✤ 10 (Highest possible.) ✤