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We check what are the e-readers and tablet users habits. We believe that it could help you to get to know them better. It could be also useful while creating the content of digital magazines.

We check what are the e-readers and tablet users habits. We believe that it could help you to get to know them better. It could be also useful while creating the content of digital magazines.

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  • 1. Tablet readers habitsSee who are your readers.
  • 2. People always give priority to the device that is easy to handle andconvenient for use. Tablet is a one piece mobile computer with touch screenaid to use by their users easily and can watch and read any informationconveniently.Tablet shipment grows 142.4% in first quarter of 2013 worldwide.About 90 million people will use tablet within 2014 and 58% is happy andvery satisfied during reading from own tablet.
  • 3. When they are reading?Tablet usages by time in a day with % of users are as follows:5% - from 2 to 5 am18% - from 5 to 8 am33% - from 8 to 11 am34% - from 11 to 2 pm59% - from 5 to 8 pm53% - from 8 to 11 pm22% - from 11pm to 2 am
  • 4. What they are Reading?Users read and access various contents through their tablet. It has rank asthe most popular electronic equipment in today’s world.71% users like to read from own tablet rather than other devices.41% - Weather forecast37% - International news41% - Local news51% - Magazines41% - Newspapers51% - e-books25% - Financial information21% - Lifestyle information
  • 5. What is the percent of man, females and kids readers among tabletusers?21% female are engaging to read in tablets16% male are reading in tablets23% kids read with tablets.
  • 6. What age they are?In second Quarter of 2011 a demographic evaluation among e-reader intablets are as follows:7% - between ages 13-1710% - between ages 18-2418% - between ages 25-3414% - between ages 35 – 4421% - between ages 45 – 5430% - 55 years and older
  • 7. Which magazines are the most popular on tablets?EsquireMen’s JournalSports illustratedTimeBloomberg Business WeekFortuneGolf World
  • 8. How much time they spend on reading?The tablet users love multitasking.85% spent average 1.6 hours daily during watching TV+ Tablet66% spent 1.2 hours during watching TV +simultaneously PC+ Tablet.74% use to read daily with their tablet, averaging 14 hours per week.
  • 9. Weekly usage percentage in hours is as follows:15% - 1 to 3 hours weekly17% - 4 to 6 hours weekly20% - 7 to 10 hours weekly30% - 11 to 20 hours weekly11% - 21 to 30 hours weekly7% - 30+ hours weeklyAverage 13.9 hours weekly
  • 10. Conclusion:To see the above data we realize about the Tabletusers habit and how tablet reading will exploding incoming years.
  • 11. PressPadApp.comMobile Publishing Made Easy
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