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  • 1. Investing in Social Innovation Q1 2010 Quarterly Report
  • 2. Goals of PT Investments
      • Increase the chances of start up success with both capital and expertise
      • Engage our top talent in building the Jewish future by enabling them to leverage their resources, network, add a layer of meaning to their work
      • Connect North American, Israeli and other Global professionals with the context of supporting Jewish start-ups in a manner not bound by geography
      • Grow PresenTense's Network to benefit PresenTense and its community
      • Develop PresenTense as a resource for Innovation in the Jewish Community 
  • 3. Assumptions 
      • PresenTense Fellows:
        • Require funding and continued community support, and 
        • Are looking to PresenTense for assistance
      • Young professionals in the PresenTense community (and those not yet a part) are looking for more ways to get involved with our Fellows' projects
      • PresenTense has a competitive advantage to connect social entrepreneurs with the resources that they need to scale their ventures
  • 4. Targeted Programming
      • PT Investment Fund Activities
        • Partnership Meetings
        • Project Assessment
        • Partnership Building 
          • Recruitment
          • Communications
          • Online presence etc... 
      • Portfolio Involvement
      • Events
        • Education
        • Networking
  • 5. Planned vs. Actual Milestones
      • Management Committee and Process Development
        • Completed: Israel MC, description, meetings
        • Ahead: Finalizing MC membership, Advisory Board
      • Partner Recruitment and Marketing Plan
        • Completed: Fund documents, PT announcements, $1,000, 8 verbal commitments, fellows survey
        • Still in process: leads spreadsheet, marketing materials, website, one-on-one meetings, partner survey, fellows mtgs
      • Infrastructure and Program Schedule
        •  Still in process:  GoogleSite, newsletter, meeting schedule
        • Ahead:   social media outlets
      • Partnership Systems and Procedures
        • Still in process: determine application process, project review, meeting format, partner reports, entrepreneur feedback, partner handbook
  • 6. Unexpected Events
      • Time Management
      • Trip to the US 
      • New strategy 
  • 7. Next Quarter's Plans
      • First Partnership Meetings 
      • First Networking and Educational Event
      • Continued recruitment
        • Target 15-20 people
        • $10,000-$15,000
      • Invitation to Fellows and First Application Round
      • Post Institute Fellows Assessment
      • Creating platform for local PT Investment groups
  • 8. Projected vs. Actual Budget
    • Projected:    $2,715 
    • (Marketing Material, Meetings, Travel and Salary)
    • Actual:        $2,128                Savings of $590
      • Did not print any marketing material
      • Overestimated meeting and travel budget
      • Did not plan NYC event because of PT in NYC