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An introduction to the mission and platform of PresenTense, through the examination of two types of Judaism and Zionism: that which survives, and that which inspires.

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PresenTense Introduction

  1. 1. What is Shai Davis Director of Communications introduction of self pt comes to answer a question
  2. 2. he average hat does t W ink it means student th e” Jewish? to “b think about the average college student -- or any young, ‘desirable’ semi-afiliated Jew that organizations try to reach.
  3. 3. fighting anti-semitism assimilation they broadcast 2 general messages: be jewish by fighting anti-semitism and assimilation (or put more positively, be proud of being Jewish and marry Jewish).
  4. 4. ? why ...but but we don’t enough ask the obvious question: why? why fight the trends? why no go darwin- style into the dark night?
  5. 5. Well, what’s the point of a Jewish state? What’s the point of a Jewish people? to answer that, we need to consider the most basic questions
  6. 6. what does “jewish” really mean? and this. let’s do a thought experiment:
  7. 7. a tale of 2 conferences 2 conferences. both met in the same building, a few months apart. the GA - meets to discuss the basic challenges facing Jewry and Israel. Issues of money and security are paramount. the president’s conference - on the other hand - brought together the leaders of google, facebook, yahoo, and 7 nobel laureates to discuss the possibilities for the future. Our tomorrow - issues of technology, medicine, culture, etc. that eect not just the Jews but the world at large. Solutions coming from israel for the good of the globe. so we have challenges vs possibilities which is more jewish?
  8. 8. in fact, there are 2 approaches to “being” Jewish - internal and external
  9. 9. israel is home to 2 types of zionism israel is home to 2 types of zionism this dichotomy is reflected in the 2 historic zionisms (broadly speaking): israel for the sake of jewish security and israel for something greater - as a platform to solve global issues.
  10. 10. survive
  11. 11. inspire
  12. 12. Jewry is a social network. the jewish ppl is social network: nodes, language, culture, even an ‘operating system’ we can put it to work to get our ideas, our solutions out there
  13. 13. PresenTense Leverages the Jewish Platform that’s what PT is doing. we began 2.5 years by asking why be jewish
  14. 14. PresenTense Magazine the magazine provided a forum for young (=optimistic, innovative, fresh) Jews to exchange ideas about issues at their heart
  15. 15. 8 issues to date, 232 contributors this year, 30K readership ad-supported, volunteer driven open-source
  16. 16. PresenTense Summer Institute now answering the question of HOW to get these ideas going 6 weeks, jerusalem, 16 fellows, marketing, networking, business models, plans, pitches 27 ventures launched to date, 11 have received funding or have been acquired by other organizations mentors, coaches, faculty - top of their industries
  17. 17. Bible Raps starting their second US tour - launching a CD soon
  18. 18. Bible Raps starting their second US tour - launching a CD soon
  19. 19. 10K in funding so far, 250 family members 70 units
  20. 20. strip acquired by OU, commissioned for greeting cards, businesses and organization
  21. 21. PresenTense Hubs even the how is not enough, you need a community creativity community pioneering hoping to expand in more cities
  22. 22. Fostering Innovation for the Jewish People PresenTense Network volunteer-initiated events in 5 cities this year expanding online soon
  23. 23. creative zionist - the movement of the jewish people to realize their collective potential.