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WoodPanel Presentation by PresentationGFX.com

  1. 1. Who Are We? Wood & Panel is an unrivaled “interactive digital magazine” and a engaging multi-media platform. We are one of the forerunners of the digital dimension. Wood & Panel covers all aspects of the wood, wood –based panel (wbp) and woodworking industry. We exactly know what makes the “clicks and hits” and what industry professionals prefer to know. INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MAGAZINE
  2. 2. Why We Chose To Be Digital? Complete Audio/ Visual Experience Access to Social media Channels Reach Target Customers Easy to Navigate Eco friendly Access Anywhere Anytime Cost Effective Drives Engagement Global Reach Digital online magazine
  3. 3. Advantages Of Our Digital Online Wood & Panel Magazine: Rich In Content And Information Content + Pictures + Audio/Videos experience Can be accessed with the click-of-a-mouse Drives Consumer Engagement Convenient And Most Effective Medium
  4. 4. Key Features: Woodpedia: Know your wood Dedicated App: for constant update and On-time delivery Easy to navigate: Updates at your finger tips Live Video: Read and watch right from the magazine page ShowBiz: Where the industry is meeting, where you need to go Market Insight: Know the trend Hot Products: Which products are ruling the market Industry News: What’s happening around Technology updates: the Technology that suits you
  5. 5. What we achieved: Media partners / Circulated more than Readers From All Across The Globe
  6. 6. Our Reach: 20% 12% 10% 14% 22% 3% 10% 9% Product Manufacturers Forestry & Logging Millworks Machinery mfg/suppliers Furniture and component mfg/raw-materials suppliers/store fixture Associations/Govt. bodies MDF/PB/OSB Laminate manufacturers Consultancies/architects/design houses Readership by industry 36% 17% 30% 5% 12% Europe Asia North and South America Middle east Others Readership by Continent 85% readers of Digital online magazines pay more attention to advertisements 24% 25%26% 25% Readership by Job-functions Operational Management Production Management Engineering and Design Purchasing, Marketing and Sales
  7. 7. Demographics: Unique monthly visitors to the website: 44,819 Distribution in Europe through fairs: 45,000 Distribution in Africa through fairs: 6,000 Average monthly readers : 30,000 Twitter followers: 3,000 Facebook followers: 8,000 Newsletter subscription: 100,000
  8. 8. Our advertising options: Advertise through Website Viral Marketing E Newsletter
  9. 9. Our advertising options: MagazineSocial Media EDM Advertise through
  10. 10. Experience Wood and panel website and the e-zing along with the iPad and Android accessibility, delve into the unique flip-book Format, which is free to download and readable online.  Exclusive EDM Services  SEO-friendly, hence more visibility on search engines  Direct link to advertiser’s page. Why will you choose us? Easy Usability
  11. 11. Why will you choose us? Saves Money Cost Effective Saves PaperSaves Time (comparison with print)
  12. 12. Why will you choose us? Our eminent presence in the social media market helps you to effectively communicate and interact with people and businesses around the globe across all digital media platforms. Social media presence
  13. 13. S-303 Ideal Plaza, 11/1 Sarat Bose Road Kolkata 700020, INDIA Phone: + 91 33 3058, 3350/3354 Fax: + 91 33 2280 4729 Email: info@woodandpanel.com