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Precision Processing Equipment Kolkata

Precision Processing Equipment Kolkata






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    Precision Processing Equipment Kolkata Precision Processing Equipment Kolkata Presentation Transcript

    • Precision Processing Equipment With over three decades of manufacturing experience, we have delivered quality products to our customers time and again and have built lasting relationships with them. PREPEC offers you the widest range of Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators, Electro-Mechanical Rotary Actuators, Butterfly Dampers, Fire Dampers, Single Flap or Multi Louvre Dampers, Guillotine Dampers, Lifting Jacks, Winches, Grabs, Material Handling Equipments like Conveying Systems, Rack and Pinion gates, Slide Gates, Flap Gates, Telescopic Chutes, Belt Feeder Gates, Diverter Gates and Sector gates.
    • Motion Control Equipment PREPEC has craved a niche for itself as premier manufacturers of Motion Control Equipments. The PREPEC range is adaptable into virtually any setup, with equipment that can be custom built to customer specifications and can be found in most well known industrial setups today. PREPEC manufactures the following Motion Control Equipments Electro Mechanical Linear Actuators Electro Mechanical Rotary Actuators Butterfly Dampers Fire Dampers Single Flap Multi Louvre Dampers Guillotine Dampers
    • Hoisting Machinery PREPEC, with three decades of manufacturing and design experience have established itself as a leader in hoisting equipments. Our hoisting machinery can be designed and manufactured based on your specifiactions and are a vital asset to your operations. PREPEC range of Hoisting Equipment include various types of Lifting Jacks Winches Grabs
    • Material Handling Material Handling Equipments manufactured by PREPEC are widely used in the transportation, manufacturing and packaging industries of some of the big names in business in India. Conveying Systems Conveyer - Belt, Chain, Spiral. Roller Overhead Cableways Gates Rack and Pinion, Slide, Flap, Belt Feeder, Sector, Diverter Telescopic Chutes
    • Electro Mechanical Linear Actuators Electro Mechanical Linear Actuators are compact and versatile units for transmission of rotary motion into linear movement through an overload safety system. To operate signal systems, open blast furnace covers, position conveyer gates, loading funnels, couplings, guide cranes, tighten rail clamps and monorail systems are all possible with the mechanism of Electro Mechanical Linear Actuators. It renders superfluousness flow in both the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It has a rigid construction, is capable of withstanding different environmental conditions and are capable of operating optimally even in the most extreme of conditions.
    • Electro Mechanical Rotary Actuators A device that uses the conventional motor power to supply rotational energy in order to actuate and transmit rotary movement. An unbeatable combination at highest torque, compact design , low breakdown and economic price are the few characteristics, which speaks the success story of PREPEC Electro-Mechanical Rotary Actuators. Extensive testing and quality control programs resulted in unparalleled reliability also in closed looped system. It is used for regulating the flow of fluids through all types of valves, dampers, gates etc.
    • Butterfly Dampers Butterfly Dampers are used to control and regulate air or gas at high temperatures and can also be used as a shut off, regulator and isolating damper. PREPEC Single Flap Butterfly Damper model PDB is compact and self contained device design and fabricated for dependable and long operational life. It is designed to be operated either manually or by pneumatic or electric actuators and can also be used with open or closed loop circuits. These unique dampers are virtually leak proof and uses a rotating disc principle. They are used when the throttle of the air, gas, steam, liquids or fluids needs to be controlled with a permissible leakage of 0.002% to 3% of total flow. These dampers can absorb piping stresses and misalignment better and is comparatively lighter in weight and has better mechanical and structural properties.
    • Fire Dampers PREPEC Fire Dampers have been designed and developed to operate in the hazardous application areas , which are vulnerable to fire outbreak. It has edge over the conventional Fire Damper , which do not close completely , endangering the environment . The flap of the Damper is generally kept open with the Torsion Arm connected to a fuse link. This fuse link melts when the air temperature exceeds the temperature rating. This breaks the supports between the Torsion Arm and the flap and the spring contracts. The Damper can be reset by installing new fuse link.
    • Single Flap Multi Louvre Dampers An ideally designed and developed custom built device for Heat ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems with proportional controls. These are perfectly suited for regulating the flow of air or gas in both moist and dry environmental conditions. The flap of the Damper, usually in a closed situation, opens up as soon as the temperature rises above the stipulated rate. The fabrication is done to suit perfectly with the process requirement. The PREPEC range of Louver Damper Models are compact, self contained units and have are highly dependable with a long operational life. The louvers are fabricated from structural steel in airo foil design with reinforced inside to minimize the resistance of air. It comes with two blade arrangements, parallel or opposed blade types.
    • Guillotine Dampers A most efficient and reliable leakproof guillotine damper designed by PREPEC used in flue and duct systems, where positive shut-off isolation is absolutely necessary. Also used for the purpose of gas cleaning and process equipment isolation in many industries. PREPEC make Guillotine Dampers have a special pin-rack, screw nut and damper-drive system, so probability of bladedropping and consequent danger is very low, have no seat cavity, thus no chances of entrapment of flux.
    • Lifting Jacks Lifting Jacks are used to lift loads through a short distance. The modular system and its standardized components makes it most suitable for easy installation and maintenance. The self-sustained type of thread and locking system allows the load to be fixed as desired and holds it in its position without creep for indefinite period. PREPEC has to its distinction of producing various range of Jacks a) Screw Jacks b) Worm Geared Jacks.
    • Winches A specialty device among hoisting machinery, winches are used not only to life weights but to also haul or erect them. They are widely used in various erection and repair jobs as well as the construction of lifts. PREPEC Winches are mainly classed according to these parameters. Means of Traction Employed - Rope Winches and Chain Winches Method of Mounting - Stationary Winches and Mobile Winches Type of Drum Used - Grooved Drum Winches, Smooth Drum Winches and Whelped Drum Winches
    • Grabs Crane Grabs are widely used in transportation, logistics and packaging scenarios. These specialized devices are used to lift and shift loads and material. When unit loads of given shape and size has to be handled, considerable amount of time and labour can be reduced by employing PREPEC Grabs suspended from the crane hook which grasp and release the load at almost no time. Varying grabs are constructed to he reliable , compact , lightweight , convenient and safe. PREPEC manufactures these types of cranes : a) Orange peel grabs b) Coil Handling grabs c) Chain-driven clamshell grabs d) Rope-driven clamshell grabs e) hydraulic/electric clamshell/orange peel grabs.
    •  Address: Shed No - Z -59; Howrah Industrial Estate, Balitikuri, Howrah – 711402 Phone Number: +9133 2653 0708 Sales Office: 14, Chandney Chowk Street, Kolkata – 700072 Phone Numbers: +9133 2212 7208 / 2212 6001 Fax: +9133 2212 7257