Block making machines & hollow core slabs machinery by Prensoland


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Prensoland manufactures block making machines and hollow core slabs machinery since 1959. Over the years, the company has developed its technology to fulfil market demands and the needs of customers. More info to

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Block making machines & hollow core slabs machinery by Prensoland

  1. 1. Leading technology for manufacturing precast concrete
  2. 2. With half a century of history, Prensoland is a leading edge technology company which develope machinery for manufacturing precast and prestressed concrete. Their machines incorporate the latest technology and are characterized by their tough construction, excellent production quality, minimum maintenance, versatility and very high efficiency. All Prensoland’s machines are exported to over 80 countries around the world, and they are adapted to trends and architectural needs of the moment, providing solutions with a wide range of possibilities. Let’s get to know the history of our company and our machine TENSYLAND, which has been perfectly adapted to the continuous demands of the market.
  3. 3. 1959 Prensoland was founded in Sant Martí de Centelles, a town located to 50 km from Barcelona, in a region with a deep textile and metallurgical tradition. The company comes from a small workshop that was commissioned to develop three presses to manufacture precast concrete products, in order to be used in construction. That’s how Prensoland designed the first press’ prototype, exceeding all technique expectations. It was such a big success that its creators decided to jump right into the field of precast concrete. The first press manufactured was the G2-25, a very manual model that required two people to be managed. It was marketed until 1970, mainly exported to America.
  4. 4. 1970 After a decade of activity, Prensoland began to develop the installations for the production of prestressed beams and hollow core slabs. The company acquired the patent of Tensyland molding, which optimized very soon to manufacture six beams instead of two. Also, Prensoland incorporated the revolutionary finishing mould change system. With the later model S-77, the finishing mould is incorporated in the machine, the monorail crane system on the roof and wire tensioning, getting more speed. Different versions and special models of S-77 were manufactured (producing up to twelve beams). In 1970, the presses to manufacture blocks Compacta 600 and laying machines came. Later on, in 1977, the press Compacta 2000 Sprint came.
  5. 5. 1980 The Serie 80 model was a great evolution for Tensyland molding. The dosing overhead hopper was incorporated to feed, which provided an increase in molding quality and a compacter final result. The height of the machine was also increased, the mold was extended to 9 beams and was equipped with a winder for the power cable. Upon entering into the French market, automation was incorporated to make the exposed wires system and crantage technique (top or side marking), which provides a relief to the beam, suitable in the production of beams for seismic zones.
  6. 6. 1990 Tensyland Series 90 appeared with its main innovation in the vibration system, to be located at the rear of the machine, allowing to achieve a greater compaction of the concrete and considerable savings in cement. Controlling plasticity according to Abrams’ cone system, concrete’s settlement went from 5-7 cm to 0-2 cm. Using less cement we obtained more strength. This technological breakthrough brought higher quality, specially in the manufacture of hollow core slabs. The model was a great success, exported to England, France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. In 1991 the first Compact 3000 press also appeared.
  7. 7. 2000 EV-5 appears with important innovations, such as increasing the height of the chassis, facilitating cleaning and maintenance of the machine. The mobile overhead hooper and its vibration system, the system guides’ protection of the the wires and lateral closing system of the molds are also optimized. Likewise, there are improvements in the automatic safety system and the protection of the electrical panel is reinforced to improve accessibility. The EV-5 model manufactures hollow core slabs up to 50 cm high and beams up to 30 cm. In 1999 Prensoland also developed the Eurocompacta new press, fully automated and equipped with the latest technology to get high production with minimum maintenance.
  8. 8. 2013 The EV-6 model has modified some aspects of the machine to meet the current needs of the growing markets such as Russia. The most important change is the expansion of the machine to manufacture slabs up to 1 meter and a half of width, and increasing production and versatility of the products. Also, the cable traction method is complemented by an own traction system. All these innovations are the result of a relentless spirit of improvement and research. Moreover, they are the key to Prensoland’s success, a company that is perfectly suited to market needs and technological environment. Currently, the R & D is working on new models of Tensyland molding machine and Compacta presses.
  9. 9. C/ industria, 5-9 08592 Sant Martí de Centelles Barcelona - Spain T 0034 93 844 01 25